Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh.

I think I just died about 500 times in a row from that Bachelorette episode. I'm pretty sure it was the best episode in bachelorette history. Lets recap the whole episode cause lets face it- every part was amazing.

Kasey's date.

I google imaged Kasey & Ali Bachelorette and that photo came up! Couldn't resist:) Oh Kasey. Oh my. Seriously? Seriously. I just...I don't even know what to say. I guess....first off, it's really a shame that he wasn't on the Lion King date, cause it's pretty clear he thinks he lives in a musical. When he burst into song (both times), I really had to hold back from covering my eyes. I was SO embarrassed. But at the same time, so grateful that I was able to witness the most awkward date known to man. What is he thinking? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd....he was spot on when he said, "pretty intense stuff"....yep! But in whooooooooooole different way than you're thinkin bud.

Lion King.

Ummmmmmmmm was anyone else feeling really awkward the entire time the boys were in those biker shorts shaking their hips around? Yeah.........awkward. I really really HATE when the guys get so jealous. It's kinda just annoying. Gotta give props to Kirk when he made Ali go to bed. Good move man, GOOD MOVE!

Ummmmmmm lets see. Birthday boy- what's his name? Dunno. But he is totally winning me over. I just think they have great chemistry and I thought he'd be an IDIOT if he didn't bring her soup- but apparently he one upped me and brought magic soup, so he's good.

Here's where it gets good. The TATOO- oh. my. gosh. I love it. He says, "I was trying to just go big and show her how much I cared, but I realized I need to just calm down a bit and show her I'm really genuine. Instead of making these big proclamations, just chill" so many words he said that. So, what better way to take it down a notch by getting a TATTOO!??!?!! Oh Kasey. I really really love that he didn't show her even- NOT! I really can't comprehend how she kept him after all the things he did on the date...lets list them off:

  • Sang spontaneously as if in a musical- twice.
  • Barked like a gorilla.
  • Said, "I am here to guard and protect your heart" approximately 49583 times.
  • Told her that he knows she would make him happy and all this crap that couldn't be true cause he's never spent alone time with her until now.
How did this happen!!!?!? AH!

I think one of my favorite moments of the night was when Justin (Rated R) and Kasey were sitting by each other, duke it out in words, and then Kasey stares down Justin with DEATH EYES! And Justin says, "Is there a reason you're still staring at me?" HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! I said to Clay, "This is good tv". And I meant it.

Deary me. This was amazing. Random hi-lights:
  • Justin. I just love that guy. So relieved he's staying. He totally rises above all the jabs that MORON Craig throws his way. Classy.
  • Weatherman trying to serenade Ali on the guitar. HAHAHA! Oh awkward. Especially when he says, "After that, I really will be surprised if I don't get a rose". Poor guy.
  • Seeing the guys reactions to Kasey's tattoo.
  • Hearing Kasey saying in all seriousness that he's never said anything bad about Justin (WHAT?!). He's psycho...just a tad.
  • Chris N. Just found out his name. Heard him talk for the FIRST TIME since the first night. What?! Who is he? What's his story? Has he ever met Ali?
Till next week.



OH MY GOSH DANIELLE, I LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF ON THIS ENTIRE BLOG! Ok, I was just going to post on teh the bachelor- but you said it all so perfectly, I dont' know if I can do any better- you just really hit it perfectly- this post, needs to be published, it was just perfect! Right on the nail or head or whatever the saying is! MAn! This was the best epsidoe in bachelor history- ok that's it- I have to post about it- i have too much adreniline going- I dont' know how I will sleep tonight!

Ainsley said...

soooo, you don't know me. i live by lizzie.... but we used to go to byui... so i feel like we should be friends.

anyways, my family is asleep in our bedroom and i just woke them up laughing at this post. crazy out loud hysterical laughter. you're really really funny.

seriously we had the exact same comments as we watched this episode. what does 'guard and protect your heart' even mean???? i hate him... and he talks weird.

i agree, it really is good tv.

Patty said...

I do not watch the show but you made me laugh out loud at your makes me want to check it out..have a great you..bye now

Kristi M. said...

Jeff HATES the show so I never watch it unless it is the next day on the computer. They were having a squirt gun fight last night so I watched bits and pieces and about died it was hilarious. Now I really need to watch the entire thing. You had me laughing.

Megan and Greg said...

I know, why is that guy still there?! I was thinking EVERYTHING you just wrote and laughed so hard reliving it all. What a great night. I'm glad you like the wrestler, I LOVE him. I hope he sticks around a long time, though I doubt he'll win. So funny. Greatest show on earth.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yes. I'll miss the weatherman. He didn't stand a chance but he gave us so many smiles.

Suzy1131 said...

oh man... you were totally right! who is that mystery man?! Chris I guess is his name but Neal and I crack up every time they show his face because he just always looks serious and never talks! how can she be giving roses to people she doesn't EVER talk to?! it was just like that one girl on the bachelor who looked like Minnie Mouse...i don't even know her name...wait Jessie I think. she never talked to Jake until she told him about Vienna. it's the same situation going on here! and Casey... give me a break. i thought Ali was for sure going to keep Jesse and send the weatherman and Casey home. SO WEIRD. maybe she just wants to keep things interesting! but i also liked the weatherman because he was HILARIOUS without trying. hahahaha. i'll miss him. my prediction for final three is this: Roberto, Kirk, and Chris L. I like them all, but I think I want Roberto to win. This is long, sorry! good post!