Thursday, June 17, 2010

So I'm a big news junkie....

...and I feel it's really important to keep up on current events. So naturally, I want to just share some of the things I found particularly important this past week.

Apparently, Jake is staring in 8 Mile: The Sequel.

I always kinda thought that he was the gangster type, but he was always too insecure to succumb to his true self. Looks like Vienna has helped him out a bit:) ***Yeah. For those who didn't catch my sarcasm...He's not really staring in 8 Mile the sequel, if there is such a thing. This is just the picture they showed of him when announcing he's gonna be on another tv show.

Uhhhhhhhh Miley Cyrus thinks she's Britney Spears.
Have you heard her new song "Can't be Tamed"? I honestly thought it was a Britney Spears song at first. Oh Miley. Can you NOT see your future? I'll give you a hint- it rhymes with litney beers and imsey fohan. Annnnnnnd....she said that she doesnt "get" glee. As in, she doesn't like it. And she doesn't like musicals. Which basically makes her a wierdie pants and a snob cause she acts like she's above it! YOU'RE NOT!

I don't like the current Rihanna.
She sings about rude boys and really nasty things. Do you guys remember Riahnna from like 3 years ago?
She sang about SOS's and Umbrellas and really it was quite nice. What happened?!??!! I blame Chris Brown.

Apparently the Harry Potter cast went to the magical world in FL (Jealous) and I can't help but think when I see this picture- this type of thing probably makes people stray from the series.
Doesn't it look like their doing some creepy chant with their wands? Yeah. I dunno. But I still wish I was there.

One thing I haven't stayed current on is........who the heck are the Kardashian sisters? Every morning on Z103's Celebrity Dirt segment...there is SOMETHING about at least one of them. And about some husband that cheated on his celebrity wife about 5 zillion times...but that's besides the point. I don't get it. Who are they? What are they famous for? And who's Kendra Wilkinson and like...five hundred other big busted hollywood women? It's like all of a sudden theyve shown up out of no where and everyone talks about them. Are they MTV reality stars or something? Who knows.

I sometimes worry that I care too much about celebrities lives....and I think- maybe I'll just stop reading all these articles and looking at all these silly pictures. Buuuut...I usually decide against it. Cause I's pretty important stuff.




hahaha- OK- I was just reading about Miley Sirus yesterday! The whole Tamed song, totally brittney, I watched her video, and I feel like Britney was probably jealous they hadn't thought of the song first, becaues it is so britney. AND then teh whole Perez Hilton thing posting a pic of her, child pornography possibile assaults- good stuff. I hope he goes to jail! And I don't understand what Jake is doing in a movie, and 8 Mile on top of that? he is starved for fame!

*Stephanie Lance* said...

Hahahah you crack me up! I really enjoyed this post! First- JAKE in Eight Mile? For real! I don't feel right about that. My thoughts are POSER for sure! Just kind of weird! But whatev! Miley-oh my gosh FOR SURE the next Brit! SICK NASTY BARF! That picture was pretty nasty! And I realllllllly want to go to the HP world!! Like realllly bad!!! I saw it on the news this morning about the opening and all! UGH! really want to go! love you!

Danielle said...

Oh dear. I guess I didn't make my fine print clear enough before...Jake is NOT starring in 8 Mile the Sequel (if that even exists!)- I was totally joking. He just looks exactly like he should be in 8 was all just a joke. Obviously not a good one:)

Megan and Greg said...

Ok, this is embarrassing to know but The Kardashians are like Paris Hiltion, they're just famous because their Dad is super rich and they walk around thinking they're super hot. Now they have some diet pill they're selling. Also, they have or had their own reality show called something "kardashians". I think that's when the fame hit. Not all she is, is a busty walking bikini. Drives me nuts. It's just another Paris Hilton. Speaking of, where did she go?

Ok, Kendra, I can't believe I know this either. She used to live in the Playboy mansion. She MAY have even been one of the top 3 (he lives, or sleeps, or has 3 very particular girlfriends- always, and like if one goes away, he gets another one. But it's always 3). Then she left and got married and had her own reality show. Then she had a baby. That's all I know about her.

Who is this Jake person? I've never seen him in my life. I had no idea Rihanna was ever so sweet looking. Her big song IS really dirty right now. Whenever I hear songs like that I think, "I would be so embarrassed to sing these lerics on stage, thinking I'm awesome." Anyway.

I've forgot all about HP, when's the next one?

Jenni said...

oh man danielle i can TOTALLY relate here. I keep up on my celebs BIG TIME! I totally agree about miley. I always thought she was so cute and her music was catchy, but she's going down hill fast.

and also- i TOTALLY plan on going to harry potter world. That place cannot exist and me not be there!!!

katy said...

You should do stand up or something. I so needed your blog tonight. You are so funny. I totally agree with everything you said. Where do you find these funny pictures. I love the kardashians though. I will watch almost anything where the sisters are close.

Mindy said...

Ok I am like Katy... I actually love watching the Kardashians. They seem like a close family with a very normal step dad and crazy work driven mom. Kendra I think was one of hugh heffners top girls that would sleep with hugh (so gross) but then she married a football star, again I think, and somehow got her own show.
That miley cyrus picture is a great trashy pic. Love it! She is definitely the next Brittney. Doesn't get any more obvious.

Sharon/mom said...

that pic of Miley, makes me sick and sad! I wondered about her when I saw her a couple of years ago on idol, I thought oh no she's on her way. Then when she was a mentor on idol this year I was so impressed with her. Fame does crazy things!! Jake is really taking advantage of his experience on the Bachelor. I don't know how he and that girl will ever get married, I think he just wants to be famous, and I guess there's nothing wrong with that! Love you!!

Sharon/mom said...

I just read your comment about Jake, Oh well!

The Conger's said...

That picture of Miley Cirus is seriously so scary.