Sunday, June 13, 2010

Entertainment Center, flowers in backyard, aaaaaaaaand more!

So a long time ago, my deary ol husband convinced me to get a big 32" tv to use as a computer screen. Well, when we did that we realized we needed a new entertainment center/computer desk. I had a complete vision in my head of what I wanted, and so I told Clay to build it. Now, Clay isn't the handiest of men. Not to say he's not handy just not really of those guys that LOVES to go out and build something. Ya know? Not too much experience. WELL- I completely designed this desk and gave him the "blue prints" and he, with his dad, interpreted my sloppy design skills and built me an amazing piece of furniture!

He first built this.
Then we painted it and brought it into our house and it looked like THIS for a loooong time.
And now finally it looks like THIS! What I'd been imagining all along:)

We've had it for a couple months, but he just put the molding up top this weekend. I told him from the beginning- you have to put the molding on before I take pictures! So finally he did it and it totally completed it. We had a deal that if he could get the tv I could get baskets. HA! Quite the bad deal huh? Baskets aren't nearly the same price tag...hahaha. But I have to admit- this tv for computer deal is AWESOME! I really love it.
I still have some things to do with it though. The bottom shelves need some serious TLC...I think I'm gonna make fabric baskets or something cause that stuff is just TACKY!

The other day I made myself this apron.

I love it! If you look closely, it says- "I promise to keep the trees healthy and beautiful". It reminds me of my know...where I come from:) (Hippyville, Oregon) The thing is I have made lots of aprons as gifts...but never for myself. I made one once a LONG time ago for myself that was NOT quality made cause I didn't have much sewing experience. So it's basically in shambles. This one is just me anyway!

Yesterday I made more bread than I ever have. I made a batch big enough for 4 WHOLE LOVES! Yikes! My bosch was like...overflowing! I only have 3 bread pans so I decided to make one of the loaves into scones! Got the inspiration from my dear sister Lizzie. I rolled them in cinnamon sugar and if you're wondering if that's considered a treat, it's not:) Whole wheat cinnamon scones? Yeah right! But honestly, my tummy could only handle like two of them! So I really didn't eat much. But we shared with Clay's family today and they were a big hit! I didn't think they would be just know- most people aren't the biggest fan of whole wheat treats. But I gotta say, they were tasty!

I've been wanting to wait until the weather's nice to take a pic of our pretty bushes in our backyard...but I've given up hope on any nice weather in the future. Aren't they nice though?
Dante has started to just lay down's pretty cute.

I made chicken fajitas the other night. They were pretty tasty as well.
Well, I've got lotsa projects coming I'll be busy busy! I'll probably have pics of the chair up I'm pretty excited about that! Till next time:)



OH MY GOSH DANIELLE!!!! I love everything. Wow, you did an amazing job designing the desk, and clay did an amazing job building it! That is so cool that you have the computer and tv in one..... we might have to adopt that idea. But what do you do when you want to watch a movie, and clay wants to game? teh scones look soooooo good. Don't you love it when people love what you make? I can't wait to see your chair. oh yeah- i love the baskets in the entertainment center- it looks just like lizzie's set up, love it. I love your apron, you're making me want to get busy. You are going to love my mirror and table!!!!! I painted them green, I just need to glaze them now. you're gonna love it! love you!- oh yeah- and the yard is so pretty, so big! and dante looks cute in the backyard just laying around. love you!


and I liked seeing you in the pic. your pretty.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

The apron is cute!!12 and the E. ctr is amazing. The scones look yumo! I love the dog and the backyard. Love you

Courtenay Beth said...

Alright! Well doen with the design!!! Custom made furniture is SO nice!!! I love the baskets, I think they complete the whole look :) SO cute! AND I love the Apron :) I think I've seen/ fell in love with that fabric before! SO cute! Can't wait to see your chair! AND, I do love your backyard, it looks nice and big to play on, and the flowery bushes, so nice!!!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh Dan, what have you done to me. So I went to check out your feature on All things thrifty and now I totally want to tackle every room in the house!!! I want to, and you all get me inspired, but everytime I've gotten this feeling, it always pans out that it was more $ than I wanted and I'm not even satisfied with the end result. ARGH!!! But it makes me WANT to!!! Especially because I totally have the time right now, and I'm not feeling quite as broke as I was a month ago. Or even 2 weeks ago. Hmm . . . wish you were here to help me do all this!

Kristi M. said...

Awesome job on the build from scratch. I totally love the apron. I think I have seen the fabric before and loved it then but wasn't sure what I could make from it. totally cute. Are those lilacs in your backyard? They are so pretty. If they are you should cut some of the blooms and bring them inside. They will make your house smell so good.

katy said...

You are seriously the craftiest person I have ever came across and most of the people I know are crafty so that is huge. Good for you. Every thing you make looks so perfect and I can't believe you are blog famous.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I can tell that my genes run through my daughters, the first thing I was going to say was "Oh my gosh Danielle that was an awesome blog". Look at Amy's comment! Ha! anyway I loved it all the pics look so professional! I wanted to eat the scones! I have cravings for those ever since I made them all day long at Lizzie's when elle was born. love and miss you!!!