Saturday, January 3, 2009

What have we been up to?

Lots! Hehehhehe sorry Clay, I couldn't resist!

We just got back on Tuesday night. Well actually, Wednesday morning in reality:) We had a wonderful time in Oregon. My sister Lizzie and her family were there, so was Jacob, my brother's family, as well as Amy and Mike at certain points throughout the trip. It was SO FUN! I love family. Here are some pics of the ocean...I figured some who don't get to see the coast too often would like it.

Christmas was wonderful. We were spoiled as always. Clay got movies, as you can see...(look at Grandpa in the background..hehehe...he was trying to figure out what to do with himself once he realized he was in the picture)

I got beautiful shoes which I haven't taken a picture of yet.

Here's mom and dad opening our presents. We got them "Freedom Writers" and a painting that Clay did. It is the Nativity scene. Yay!
I know, not the best pic with her eyes closed. But I only took one...
I know it's kind of silly that they don't have it turned towards us. I guess I forgot to take a pic like that. But here is Clay's parents that he made. Mom and Dad's is basically the same except it has a more orangish background.

Mom and Dad got me two seasons of "The Road to Avonlea". At first I didn't know what to think because I kind of remembered them, but not much. We watched them when I was little as a family, and I sort of remember some of the characters, but not a ton. Anyway, I only have one episode of the second season left and then I'm done. Does that tell you what I think of them? I'm SO GLAD my mom got me them! I love them! I don't know what I'm going to do once it's finished. I looked it up and there are 7 seasons. At least I have a lot to look forward to!

Clay's parents got me a camera that is AWESOME! Be ready for picture overloads now because I'm just so excited! The camera is for my Christmas/Birthday present. I am so thankful. It is a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Pretty nice.

When we got home we basically spent the night in our bed and then later went to spend the night at Clay's parents house. They always celebrate for New Years. We went bowling, where I came in last place, played American Idol Encore 2-which by the way we played with Amy at the coast. It was so fun. I'm so glad I played with Amy because it made me way more confident in front of Clay's family. Then we ate lots of yummy food, kissed our loved one at midnight, and that's pretty much it. It was way fun. The next day Patty and Paul had a delicious ham dinner and Paul's dad came over to eat with us. Here's some pics from the couple days.

These are Amanda's kids (Clay's cousin). I should've taken a pic of their youngest that is a baby. She is so scrumptious.
This is Leif, Amanda's husband. He and Amanda are the ones that give us everything that they don't want anymore, but we find to be wonderful still. Couch, papasan chair, sound system, and my new camera is his old camera. Heheheh- Clay looks like he's on drugs don't you think?
Most hilarious game ever. We loved this. So many laughs.
Clay and Amanda getting ready for the game.

Patty and Paul with their neighbors and friends.
Clay and his Grandpa (Paul's dad)

Now that we've been home, I've made caramels...YUM!

I made this grocery bag and purse with some left over fabric.

This is the bag I made Makayla for Christmas. Isn't it cute? Makayla said that all her friends said that it was so cute and that they loved it, and she said, "I know". I'm so glad I made it.

This is our house.

This is a bunch of snow that got plowed. is cold.

This is my sewing room. It's GREAT!

This is Bruce.

Figured I'd just catch up on everything.

Here are some random pics that didn't really have to do with any stories.

Beauitufl Amy. I think that was early in the morning too. I just thought she looked really pretty.

This is Stetson. He is the newest member of the family really. He is one of the most annoying dogs ever, but also one of the most loveable. He is so cute. He always comes and lays his head on your lap and looks into your eyes. You want to yell at him to not get all his hair all over you, but can't because you can tell he is just so innocent and is trying to just love you. Anyway- the picture, if you look...his paw is under his people do when they sleep. Clay thought it was cute.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture...But my finger is pretty much dying from my ring. It ws just fine until about a year and a half ago, we got the double bands added. Well, I got this huge bump on the bottom of my finger...then on new years eve, it was squeezing even more. Can you see the line? Well...needless to say, I have taken the ring off and we will take it to the jewelers to get it sized one size bigger probably.

Self timer.

Clay and I wanted to play with my camera. So he started running.

Faster....Faster!!! Until....

He turned into a Ghost! You could barely see him!Hahhaha...we are dorks. But we had fun.

He's just cute.

This is me playing with my camera. This was taken in the dark...with my camera's night feature. I liked it.

Another random playing with camera. I know...boring. I've uploaded 40 pictures to this post.

I was thinking. This is going to be a great year. We are going to graduate, both of us. Hopefully Clay will get a real big adult-like job. Lost will start again in like less than 20 days. That's really all I can think about...but it sounds good.

Well, time to eat. Bye!


Chad and Jessica said...

What a wonderful post! I loved seeing all the pics, and knowing what everything looks like. Your house is totally cute!!! Seriously, it's a charmer. That painting that Clay did is awesome! Great present! And that pic of you two with the self-timer is SOOOO cute. I had forgotten that your hair looked like's so beautiful! And kudos to trying out artsy photos, I LOVE the piano one....the worn keys seem to go on forever : ) You're a natural!

Richard and Allison said...

Hey. Thank you so much for the pictures. It is fun to see. I esoecially liked the ones from the coast. It makes me really home sick and wish that we could get back to Oregon sooner. Glad you both are doing well.

Sharon/mom said...

that was awesome!!! I loved every sentence and every pic. I am such sucker for oceant pics, if I posted everyone I take people would say alright already that's enough! I think each pic is unique and cool in their own way. I never get bored of the ocean! I loved the dialogue. I am so happy for you, Amy and Lizzie for having such neat machines and sewing areas already at such a young age. Your house looks cute. Bruce looks like a turtle. Ha. I even enjoyed the people pics I don't know. You have the touch! I am glad you and Clay are silly, a much needed thing in a marriage! I love you and am so glad you have such a wonderful camrera already. Life is too short to not have great pics! Am fasting for Paul tonight also. Love you !oh the purses are soooo cute!!!

Sharon/mom said...

Oh and the carmels looked yummy!

Patty said...

Love the ocean photos. I am so glad that you are enjoying your camera so much. You are doing a great job of taking pictures. We loved having you spend New Years with us. I thought everyone had a great time. Cute purse. Have a great week. love you. bye now.


the carmels look so yummy!!!!!! I loved your post! And all the pics- I miss you guys! I loved the pic that Clay did for his parents, it will be so nice when you have money and he can buy huge canvases and decorate your whole house. Your camera is so nice, your pictures loks so good. You can tell you have a ncie camera. Guess what- you won't believe this: Clay and Mike skipped preisthood at the beach, they sat in the car, talked and ate, can you believe that?! Remember when Clay said, "well time to go," and you were like, "see I never know when he's joking," well- I think he was joking, because tehn Mike was like, "what are you doing, let's go!" uhhhh I can't believe him, and Clay said, "Danielle wouldn't want me to," and I said, "see how other husbands respect their wives? And he's like, "I'm trying to bring everyone to the dark side," o0hhhh brother. So you can blame my husband, but still- can you believe those two? I love you!- oh yea- I can't believe all that snow! The snow pile! yowsatious!


oh yeah, and I love your purses, so cute!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I loved all of the pictures and I love your sewing room. What a neat place to spend your time. I enjoyed the blog and thanks for posting and the turtle is so cute and I love your folks new dog. A b
Brandy dog and that is what she always did was to put her head on your lap so you would pet her. They become such wonderful pets, goldens do. I love you and miss you already.