Tuesday, January 27, 2009


WELL- great news! The test came back for Paul's bone marrow and it came back CLEAN! No cancer in his bones, so he will just have to have radiation on the spot on his head where it was found, which if I remember right- should only take a month! We are so grateful and so happy.

Well, this morning was -14 degrees. As in...NEGATIVE 14 DEGREES. No- not windchill, actual air degree. It's already hard enough to wake up for work each morning, but to walk out to a CRAZY-ICED car, feel nose hairs freeze, feel wet hair freeze, worry that your eyeballs are freezing.............is REALLY not welcoming. Really not a good start to the day. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is what I scream half the way to work each day.

Work is good. Busy. Everyday at 3:30 pm I get bored and think..I need chocolate or a sucker or something. Then they give me vegetables. Sorry, but that really just doesn't fill the desire.

Clay and I watch the Bachelor and True Beauty on Monday nights. That's right, we've given in. We were just bored one night, it was on...and that's all it took. We were hooked. All I can say...is True Beauty is one of the funniest things ever. For those of you who don't know...it's about these people who think they are on there because they are the most beautiful people in America, but they are being judged on their inner beauty. American reality at it's finest.

Clay has been talking endlessly about starting his own business. He gets mad at me because I am skeptical about everything being that...everyday I prepare tax returns of people who's business has a net loss of (12K-100K). Let me tell you, that is a sure way to make you NEVER want to start your own business. Clay of course, is different:) He will make it, it's simple. He knows what makes a good business. At least this is what he tells me. We'll see.

Alright. Love you all. Bye!


Kristi M. said...

Such good news for your father in law.

Okay so Jeff and I watched the Bachelor last night too and True Beauty which is a riot. That blonde annoying girl needs to go. I can't stand hearing her talk.


First of all- I'm so glad that Paul is clean! What a huge relief for the entire family. Second- ha- Bachelor- yes- I called you today to talk about teh Bachelor, but you weren't home yet, so I talked to clay about starting a business and then the phone died. Ok- I'm so glad that those 3 girls got kicked off. What a relief, It was so nice to just get them all kicked off, now it's narrowed down to a good selection, except what do you think of niomi? Wasn't nicki driving you crazy?!!! And what do you think of stephanie? I love her, I just dont' know what I think about her beign with jason. I am so sorry its freezing there. I coudl not imagine. I love you.

Emily said...

My favorite thing to do is to tell Jenni how warm it here here when it's super cold there...60 degrees here! But, one time I walked to an 8 0 clock class in Rexburg and it was 25 below...so I feel your pain.

I'm so glad about Clay's dad, that is such great news!!!

Megan and Greg said...

I am so glad. What a blessing. What a relief. i'm really happy for all of you. What a weight lifted! Clay's business? What kind of business? I didn't know that was in his head. . . as for the cold. Ugh. I'm just glad I don't live there. I can't believe you know how to drive in the snow. I don't. And that would be a bad way to start the day. Man, and I've been feeling annoyed of our 40 degrees. Now I feel really guilty for not enjoying it.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I hate cold, it was so cold in the Dakotas that I almost turned into an icicle. I am sorry you are in such cold weather. I truly can relate. Sometimes I used to feel like the wind was going to cut me in half and freeze my blood. What great news for Paul and all of you. You all are truly blessed. Clay in business??? He truly has to have self motivation and complete belief in what he is doing. I love him for his beliefs and his dreams, it's reality that makes the difference. I say go for it he is young. Love you both

Sharon/mom said...
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Sharon/mom said...
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Rebecca said...

So happy about Clay's dad.

Let Clay dream Danielle. Don't shoot all of his dreams down before he gets a chance to try.

Ah the cold.........May we survive.

Alisha and Braeden said...

hey guys this is Braeden. just bored at school and wanted to say hi. yeah i don't miss the cold so st. george is hecka nice. and i hear clay on the starting a business thing.