Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quick Update

Work is good. I picked up on everything I learned really quick, I was surprised. I've already learned new things that I never learned last year. I am so so SO glad that I dropped all those wretched classes because I forgot how tired I am at the end of the day. I am sooo tired by the time I get home, there is no way I could do all my homework without feeling like I'm going to die. The roads have been great! Thank goodness. Have I updated you on Paul yet? I don't think so. I can't remember. But he has his bone marrow test tomorrow and we will find out the results from that on Tuesday.

Just watched LOST. The creators said that this season would be more of answering questions instead of creating them. YEAH FREAKING RIGHT! I have so many more questions. Anyway, it was good. 3 hours of LOST- who could ask for more?

This morning I woke up with like...4 scratches (visible, red scratches). One on my face (yeah- cute, I know), one on my chest, one on my arm, one on my back. Don't really understand it.

Well, that's all for now. Clay's joints have been hurting a bit...he thinks it's the cold. We are hoping they are still healing and that the pain will go away eventually.

Sorry this was so sporadic! It's late, time for bed- but I just thought I'd update a bit. Love you all!

Oh- PS- I will post the Chicken Pot Pie recipe here in a few days on my Chef Danielle blog.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so glad you decided to drop the classes as you get really tired when you do brain work. I pray all goes well with Pauls test. I miss you and I hope Clay is right and it is the cold. Tell him get plenty of rest and exercise. I love you so much. grandma


Um what the heck on those scratches! That is really hilarious- and crazy- That is just so mind boggling! I'm glad you dropped the classes also, I could not imagine working FULL TIME and going to school full time, yowsa. LOST- I had to write a paper tonight- because ofcourse I wait till the last minute- BUT- Mike and I are going to watch it tomorrow online- I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! After watching it, do I need to review on anything? Or will I be fine? I am so sorry about Clay, I hope it is just the cold, because that means if you move to Cali, then you'll be fine. I hope it's just the cold. Hey- you guys should invest in a heated blanket, Mike's mom has one, and it makes such a difference!!!!!, the one she has- is controlled on both sides- meaning- you coudl turn your side off, and he could turn his on as high as he wanted and you wouldn't feel it. When i'm on my period, I use a heating pad, (also from marie) and it makes such a difference for my cramps, and when my back killed, that was the only way I survived, was to lean against the couch with that on my back- it relieved so much pain, During this cold season- you should really look into that- the heating pad is on sale right now- if you want to get one- ask me about it. I love you!-

Megan and Greg said...

Man the scratches!!!! Yoiu must've had some wierd nightmare!!! I'm sorry Clay's joints are acting up. Glad work is good. I can't believe our schedules!!! We'll just have to call on the weekeds!!! Which are actually always the hardest because we'll go out!!! Oh well, we'll find a way.

Sharon/mom said...

amen to 3 hours of lost! I loved every minute and didn't get scared at all until I had to go outside and get in the car. That is too bad about the scratches. I
m surprised you didn't wake up when you were scratching yourself. I'm glad you dropped your classes. That is cool that it all came back, I figured it would, also it is cool that you are already learning things. Love you!!!