Saturday, January 17, 2009

A visit with the Leslies

The girls are SO CUTE! Here are some pictures:)

Rebecca said that Gracie is really into leatards and tights right now. She was sooo cute in them.
Gracie is such a mommas girl. She was constantly whining to sit on her lap.
This was so funny. Darin was coulking something under there and I walked over and saw this. I was so glad I had my camera. Gracie just had to know what was going on I guess!
Well, Rebecca and I decided it was time for a Chicken Pot Pie day. For those of you who don't know- the recipe we make for homemade chicken pot pie is TO DIE FOR! Delicious! Wonderful! Heavenly! I could go on and on. Anyhow, we made enough for me to go home with 5 pies for myself and Clay. YES! Also, for those of you who don't know- making chicken pot pie is pretty much an all day event. We make it from whole chickens and everything is very made from scratch. So you basically work all day in the kitchen...dirty it up to the point that there are barely any clean dishes left...and are left with irresistable chicken pot pies. You put them in the freezer, and then when you are too tired, too lazy, or your favorite show is on so you don't have time to cook dinner, you take them out and put them straight in the oven! No thawing, no nothing. SO wonderful.

Well, I totally brought my camera so I could take a pic of us with our final results of 8 pies (Rebecca doubled one of her pies to make a big pie for that night for all of us to eat, then had two other pies...I think...)- but I forgot! But I still was excited to take pics of the girls. It's so hard not to- they are so pretty and so cute. I know there are a lot of Gracie, but she is just so darn cute and she was always wanting me to snap a pic of her and show her- she was talking up a storm! I couldn't believe it. That girl proves that kids just take their time when it comes to talking. I really think no one should judge in that area. My mom always said that Jake and I didn't talk for a long time and especially Jake didn't talk at all past the normal talking age, and all of a sudden he started talking in full length sentences like he'd been storing it all up until he could fully say it how he wanted or something. Gracie totally- like two months ago wasn't saying too much...talking, but not a ton- and today she was saying everything just like me! She was sooo cute. She told us 3 or 4 stories at the dinner table, prayed and thanked for the yummy meal and prayed that she could read a yummy story. So funny.

Aliese and Anna were wonderful as always. Aliese is such a good big sister and such a good helper. The whole time she was constantly trying to make things easier for us. "Would you like me to unload the dishwasher now, or later? I don't want to be in the way." Things like that. Seriously. Then as you saw in the pics, Anna started out in pajamas and later came down with rosy cheeks and pink eyelids! She got play makeup for Christmas.

Rebecca had those adorable pictures that Lizzie took of them when they went to California last and she had this awesome collage-frame that she needed to use so we started planning out where to put each picture and once we had it figured out Rebecca just about had a panic attack with how to put it together because the pictures were too small for the frames and it was just too difficult. I don't stress over those things so I suggested she peel my baby onions (which I hate doing) while I put the pictures and frame together. She didn't even answer, she just walked away from the frame with a big worked out great.

Well, I start work on Monday (yes, Martin Luther King Day). Happy happy joy joy. It'll be good, I'm just not SUPER excited. At least I'm not freaking out like last year. Now I know what to expect!

Love you all!!!!!


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Oh Danielle the pictures are so good and the girls are so cute!!! You are lucky to be close to all of them so you can all be together. The pot pies sound wonderful, maybe you should send me the receipe. I miss you and thanks for posting. Good luck with the job. I know you'll do great. I love you


Oh my gosh! Thankyou so much for posting pictures of the girls, becaues we never get to see them!!!! I loved them, and the pictures looked so good! You can tell you have a nice camera. You're really good at taking pictures! The girls are so cute adn pretty! I love that Anna started out in pajamas and ended in makeup- ha. I want to learn how to make this pot pie you're talking about. Man, I'd love to live by you or Rebecca and have cook days, i just don't know how to do those kind of things- i've never cooked a whole chicken! yowsa! That sounds so yummy! I loved Gracie's prayer about reading a yummy story- ha. Thankyou so much for updating us on their family, since someone else (cough cough) doesn't.....:) I love you!

Emily said...

Okay you can't just go on and on about how great the chicken pot pie is, leave my mouth watering and then NOT post the recipe!

It's so cool that you guys live close enough to visit them...those girls are adorable and getting so big!

Lizzie said...

I am sooooo glad you posted all these pictures! I loved hearing stories about them and seeing their pictures. I am jealous you live by them.

I really love Chicken pot pies, but they take soooooo long! I can't believe you have 5 in the freezer.

Sharon/mom said...

Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!! I am so glad you got your camera and therefore are motivated to take pics! For a minute I was thinking I was on Rebeccas site and was thinking wow! Rebecca finally took some pics, then I remembered I was on yours. They are beautiful pics of beautiful girls! That is cool Rebecca did her pic thing and that you were there to help her. I am so jealous you two got to make pies together. I hated/loved cook days. It's funny, now all I feel is how much I loved them. It's funny how the pain of work often diminishes over time and the good results is all that stays. That pic of Gracie and Darin is funny. Well, love you!!!

Jenni said...

Holy Moly Danielle those girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! They are Arnolds, so that was a given, but seriously- they're so pretty!! I'm so glad you had fun with your sister! You are working again, huh? It's a crazy and school. I don't know how you do it and have a husband all at once! You're superwoman!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, I hope everything continues to go well with Clay's Dad's tests. We'll keep praying. That pic of you and Clay is FUNNY!!! I'm so glad you have a web cam. Hopefully we'll have internet TODAY!!!!! Thanks for the pics of the girls. I can't believe how they're getting older! Especially Gracie and Anna!! They looked different! And thanks for posting about them! I LOVE YOU!!!! Glad school is better!!!

Megan and Greg said...

What is your skype name?

Patty said...

The pictures of the girls are great. They are so cute. I also had my mouth watering thinking about the chicken pot pies, which is one of my favorite foods. I would love to have the recipe if you do not mind sharing. Have a great week. bye now.

Jake and Cassie said...

I'm glad I found your blog. It is so cute! Don't forget to look for mine: Sounds like you started work this week; how's it going so far? The roads have probably been bearable, right? I also love your recipe website, I'm going to try your crepes for my husband Saturday morning, mmmm.