Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another tag...

So I started this tag like....over a week ago- but got sidetracked I think- then I got tagged AGAIN. So I figured I'd come back to it!

10 Years Ago....
  1. I was 10 years old! In 5th grade.
  2. I DESPISED my teacher. He totally made us late for the jog-a-thon and always made me stay inside for recess. Seriously.
  3. I was super excited for middle school. Steph and Jenni were in middle school and so....pretty much I was out of the loop!
  4. I thought my sisters and their friends were the coolest people in THE WORLD. Constantly listened quietly through their shut bedroom doors.
  5. Had a crush on a boy with a rat tail that was braided all the time. Yuck.

5 Things On Today's List Of Things To Do....

  1. Eat (yes, I have to put that on my to do...otherwise it sometimes doesn't happen)
  2. Clean room, bathroom, kitchen, sewing room, office....any will do
  3. Do my Teaching of the living prophets homework
  4. E-mail my English group...they still haven't emailed me their work like they were supposed to.........
  5. It's the end of the there really isn't much left to do...

5 Snacks....
  1. Saltines
  2. White bread (homemade)
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookie dough
  4. Frozen raspberries
  5. Top Ramen (uncooked)

5 Things I Would Do If I were A Millionaire...
  1. Buy or build a house
  2. Buy a second car
  3. Invest in real estate
  4. Go shopping- buy amazing shoes and wonderful dresses- and tights
  5. Buy Clayton a big screen TV and an even better sound system...and both of us blackberries because we think they are cool.

5 Places I've lived...

  1. Springfield, OR
  2. Yachats, OR
  3. Rexburg, ID
  4. That's it!

5 Jobs I have had...
  1. Insurance Examiner
  2. Tax Accountant
  3. Sales associate-Artco(I was so lucky- I sold Christmas Cards in July...let me tell you- so many people were happy to hear from me!.........................right.)
  4. Sales associate-Excel Drug
  5. Bookkeeper (I worked for my Dad on this one)

5 People I Am Tagging...

I've seen a lot of people do this tag before....sooooooooooooooooo whoever wants to can.


Megan and Greg said...

Frozen, raspberries? Yum! You sold christmas cards? That's funny. I haven't lived 5 places either, unless we're counting different appt. buildings. Is Top Ramen truly a snack? It's funny you mentioned the eating thing, because it's like 2:30 and I haven't really eaten lunch. Well, I suppose I had some fruit, but the box of cookies was the main part of the meal. It seems like once a week this happens. When I was younger it would happen everyday. I remember writing it down on every schedule. Not anymore, though.


ok, lizzie loves frozen rasberries too, did you get that from her? I've never heard of that. ok i was laughing so much in your blast to the past- rat tail crush! I LOVE IT! I'm so glad you thought I was cool when you were younger! that is awful about your teacher! and so funny that 10 years ago you were in 5th grade! I love you!!!!! I ca'n twait to see you at christmas! are ytou bringing your surger? or projects? when are you coming, for how long?

Lizzie said...

Was Mr. Craig your teacher?? I can't think of another boy teacher in 5th grade. It's funny you remember being late to the jog-a-thon. = )

A rat tail Danielle? Wow, I hope he had a great personality!

I love this tag. I forgot how much you love saltines and top ramon. Wow, you've loved those for YEARS!

Sharon/mom said...

I never knew you listened in while your sisters had their door's shut!! The secrets you must have known!!! The rest I knew. Love you!!!! Oh the ratail, I probably knew about him, but can't remember!