Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hat and Door ditchers

First off, this is a hat I got in California when we were visiting Lizzie. It was only like $7 I think! Anyway, I've never worn hats like this before. I wear beenies often enough, but actual hats, not so much. But I LOVE IT! I know I look kind of silly in these pics but oh well.

Now for the Door ditchers. So we are just sitting at our couch, watching TV and eating Pizza, when someone knocks at the door. You have to know- we never have random guests. Usually we know if someone is coming. It is RARE for someone to come over that we aren't expecting. So we usually pause a second...look at each other with serious faces (like- how DARE someone come over to OUR place without letting US know!)...and then one of us opens the door to see who it is. Well...we open the door to see this on our doorstep.

At first we were like- oh my gosh...someone is really nice. We will have food for a month! Then we noticed the details of each box.
Why would we need a HUMONGO bag of potatoes and a TON of rolls?
If you zoom on the presents picture- you will see names such as...Jessica, Laura, Sarah, Melissa...hmmmm...yeah. If you forgot, those are NOT our names...and we do not have 4 daughters either. So suddenly we are realizing...okay, this is not for us. So we seriously start laughing...a lot...and then feeling awkward because we are like.. Great, someone went to do a good deed to a family that really needs it...and they messed up and put it on OUR doorstep. What do we do?! We were thinking- okay, if they realize they made a mistake they will feel really bad and probably wont want to come knock on our door and say..."uh...excuse me but we accidentally gave you a bunch of food and presents. Can we have it back?" And of course all the presents said they were from Santa, so of course we couldn't take them back to him. So we decided to call the Elders Quorum President....no answer...Relief Society President...no answer...Relief Society Secretary...no answer...counselor in the Bishopric...finally an answer! We read him the names on the presents, and he realizes it's one of the families in the ward and that it was someone's job to take these things to random families in the ward and they must've messed up. It was simply one of the trailers down the road...so we offered to take it. So we drove to find it, carefully sneaked the boxes on the doorstep...I got in the car and drove off while Clay would knock and run away. Well, I was waiting around the corner and it was taking a long time. I thought- I know he's not THAT slow of a runner. Well, I guess he had some problems. As soon as I drove away Clay turned around to the door shutting. He guessed they couldn't see him because he could hear their voices and they were saying things like "I thought someone was at the door....no one was there? huh..." But they didn't notice the boxes. So Clay was like....GREAT, that's the whole point. We have to do this right. So he creeped around the back, creeped back in front, shoved a box closer to the door so they'd see it, knocked, ran to the next trailer and hid so they couldn't see him, but he could see them. No answer for a while, then the man poked his head out, saw the boxes, looked around, and then took them inside. Whew! THEN, Clay ran back to the car. What a night!

Anyway, we still can't stop laughing about it. We didn't think we put off a "can't give my kids presents for Christmas" kind of vibe at church. hahah....Anyway, it made for a good night.


Emily said...

That is really funny. You guys are so nice to figure out who it really belonged to and take it over.
Cute hat!

Kristi M. said...

What a super cute hat! And the price was great!

Now you can say that you gave someone else Christmas this year without going through the work. So funny!


Oh my gosh that is hilarious! hahah- i can just imagine all of it. from the surprise of someone knocking on your door- to the excitement of lots of food and presents to the discovering it's not yours and giving it back and they don't even notice- haha. I love it. That is so funny. Well that was really good of you to figure out who it was for and deliver it. That is so funny. I love teh hat! I love hats like that- I only have one adn want more. I LOVE IT- it looks so great with your hair! And coloR! i love you! can't wait to see you! It's been snowing here, adn is icey..... it's going to take you like 30 hours to get here!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love the HAT!! Super cute. You look great as always and I love the new hair do. Funny story and what good guys to take it to the rightful place. Take it easy coming this way the roads are really icy, Amy was not kidding. Ii was ll degrees in Eugene last night and this morn it was 15 out here. So Portland is even colder and with more snow and ice. Be very careful, as others don't know what to do on it and you guys are used to it. We had lots and lots of road closures yesterday because of accidents and more today. People can't stop and they just keep applying brakes and they don't stop!! We love you and are looking forward to seeing you

Sharon/mom said...

Cute hat! crazy fun story!!!
love you!

Patty said...

The hat looks great on you. Great buy. I loved the story about the Christmas gift drop. thanks for the idea for the new game. It is so much fun to play and I am still laughing today about some of the answers that we came up with. have a great day. love you. bye now.

Megan and Greg said...

Ok, I read this post like a week ago. I think this keeps happening. Ill read a post in a hurry and then forget that I never commented! I LOVE your HAT!!! I feel like it's the cutest you've ever been!!! i LOVE IT!!! I can't BELIEVE that about the food on the doorstep!!! What a night!