Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hair and Skirt

Here is my new hair done by Stephanie Mitchell. I LOVE IT!
I can leave them all to the front like above, or kind of sway them to the side like below...

Here is my skirt that I made in my sewing class. I LOVE IT!

I wore it with the belt to church- this is without the belt.

This is what Clayton likes to do...he is kind of funny- the headset is to talk to his friends online while they are playing. A lot of times I here, "OH MAN! WOW! GOOD ONE MAN! OH DUDE- DID YOU SEE THAT?!" Other times he is simply having an everyday conversation while shooting robots repeatedly until they die. I actually tried playing with him- HALO- it's like the most famous video game in the entire world...anyway- I was better than I thought I'd be. Don't get me wrong- completely AWFUL- but better than anticipated. I could only take like 10 minutes worth. I don't like killing...even if it is a robot that is taking over the world:)

Here is our Christmas Tree. Again, I LOVE IT!

This is below our tree. It is so a dvd christmas. I'm not even going to fake it. I could've "hidden" or fooled Clay with wrapping, but he already knows basically everything that's under there... so why put in the effort? It was amazing, every movie that Clay loves had AMAZING deals the past 2 months. So amazing I was able to get him 5 dvd's for under 35 dollars. Crazy cool.

Well, since I've posted...Idaho has been snowed on excessively. Serious blizzard-like snow. Serious freezing temperatures. This morning when we came home from church, it was 8 degrees. Guess what I said to Clay, "Well it's doubled in temperature since this morning". Yep, that's right- it was 4 degrees when we left to GO to church. It was a little scary because I went this morning to start the car...about 20 minutes before church...and when I opened the door (which by the way took me a minute to get open- it was frozen shut) my hands got wet from the snow. When I went to touch our screen door to get back in the house, my hands started to freeze to the door. I quickly took them off the door before it actually happened, but it made me jump a bit! Needless to say, it's cold.

I keep thinking I should take a pic of the outside of our house..but everytime I think that, I just don't want to go outside. So maybe you'll see it in the spring.

Sorry it took so long to get pics and I never have pics lately. We don't have a camera. We took all these pics with Patty's camera. BUT, we will soon have a camera...wait no- I will have a camera soon and there will be lots of pictures! Yay!

Merry Christmas! I love the Savior and I love this time of year when more people are giving and trying to love each other. I hope we can all be even more loving and kind to each other than usual. I love you!!!



Danielle I love your hair so much!!!!!!! And I love the color! it looks soooo good! You are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love your skirt! It is so great I love it! You look so good! I cannot believe your weather that is so awful! -your hands and the frozen door! I'm so sorry! You guys better drive safe when you're coming here. I love you!- OH- and the head set thing when Clay's playing games- Mike does that too! It' srealy funny.

Collin and Tiffany said...

I love your hair!!! I've been wanting to change my hair in some way, but I'm a chicken. I wish I was handy with sewing. You did an amazing job with that skirt!! I love it!!

Lizzie said...

I love your hair! Especially with the bangs down. If Shad would EVER get used to it, I would totally wear my bangs down again. Your skirt is beautiful.

Sorry it's so cold. Sounds horrible.

I love the way you wrapped your presents. Very cute.

Chad and Jessica said...

Your hair is SOOOOO beautiful!!! It's shiny and the color is PERFECT!!! It's such a warm color, but still very natural. And your skirt looks really looks like Ann Taylor Loft stuff. And the DVD's are hilarious! LOL!!! Love it! And I'm sorry about the freezingness!!!! YUCKY!

Megan and Greg said...

LOVE THE HAIR!!! I knew I would. I really like the bangs down. Of course, it looks great the other way too. And the color looks great! Very pretty. I LOVE YOUR SKIRT!!! IT is awesome! Good job! And I LOVE the belt! I've never done that (the big belt with a high waist) but have wanted to for like 2 years now. But every time I try it, I feel like it doesn't look good. You look so grown up in the pics. I always think you're 19 (I guess you're only 20), but it's like I forget you've been married just as long as me and all grown up. It just happened so fast for you- I think that's why I always forget! I loved that pic of Clay playing games. I don't know it just makes me laugh. Such a guy thing. Greg doesn't do HALO but he loves playing games. That's cool for him he can talk to people! I knew people could do that, but I've never thought about it, or get how it works. Holy cow I can't believe your hand was freezing to an object! That is SCARY!!!! You have all these ADVENTURES with ice! Every post, something new. White outs, frozen windows from the inside, frozen bugers- all these things I've never even imagined, let alone experienced. It's WILD!!! I can't believe it's the norm for you!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh your tree is SO PRETTY!!!! Ours back home is so thrown together with old ornaments. Yours is decorated and matches and is just GORGEOUS!!! It puts mine to shame! I'm thinking I should just splurge next year when we're back home and have a beautiful tree.

Alisha and Braeden said...

I love your hair! You look so good with dark hair! How are you guys? We moved to St. George already and are just getting ready to start school. Hope you guys have a great Christmas! Come visit us if it's to cold!