Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold...cold....cold...cold...COLD! is currently 11 degrees. A few days ago it was 8 degrees. My fingers are just barely thawing and I've been indoors for around...20 minutes. Also, the freezing process occured from being outside for just over 1 minute. Walking from one building to another. And I froze enough that I needed to thaw. It is just too darn cold. This morning, I drove to school, right? Right. Well- I'm wearing my big boots. The ones that are fluffy and you wear over jeans? toes still felt like they were going to fall off. EVEN WHEN I WAS WEARING HUGE BOOTS! I drove to school without Clay...lucky duck, he got to sleep in. But the whole way to school, literally at least a minute long- I was screaming at the top of my lungs "IT'S SO COLD! I'M SO COLD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I'm not exaggerating. This is actually what I did. Don't ask why. I'm guessing it was just my bodily instinct to try and distract myself from the wretched death cold I was experiencing.

On that light note, school is basically done. I have one more test to take, and then all I have to do is show up for classes. Oh yes, and I need to make crepes for lunch. Yes- that is an assignment from my cooking class. I love assignments like that.

So I know everything I'm getting for christmas pretty much, and I am so stinking excited I can hardly wait! I just want it to come now.

Speaking of Christmas. I'm soooo excited to go home. Firstly, to see my family. Secondly, to relax, eat good food, and watch lots of movies. Thirdly, to get OUT OF THE COLD! Yeah yeah, you Oregon folks may think you have it bad with your 30-40 degree weather...well, let me tell you...that sounds like hawaii to me. Seriously, yesterday I was thinking- hmmm it's not that cold today. It was like 37 or something.

This is what you get for living in Rexburg, all you can think about is the weather. So boring...I know.

Welllllllllll....I suppose that'll be all. Till next time. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Megan and Greg said...

I'm so glad you love you hair. I have to see it!!! I'm so glad you have Stephanie. \ok. It's December. How could it be REXBURG'S 1'st snow? I thought it snows like 9 months of the year there! Man, I would not do well in that part of the country. Brrr . . . . just thinking about it! That's cool you went to the Christmas Message. I didn't even realize I missed it! How sad. I guess, probably because I was asleep when it was happening. I think they're showing it this saturday. I didn't realize you've never been there. I have atleast once, but it feels like more for some reason. Maybe 'cause I've been to temple square lots. Yeah, I went there at Christmas time to see the lights when I lived in Utah. It was fun. I love yoU!!!

Carina & Dan said...

oh I love the cold!!! I wish it was colder here & snowed more. That was one of the things I loved about my time in Yellowstone. We were cross country skiing one day & it was -12 outside! Then we went to an outdoor hot springs to swim & it was -4. It was awesome, such a rush! Although maybe it would get old if it was like that every day, hard to say :)

Chad and Jessica said...

Oi yoi yoi! That's sounds like torture! How can people live in Idaho, except for when they're going to school...why would anyone want to stay there? EEEWWWWW!!! As for yelling, "I'm so cold, I'm so cold" I would totally do that. When I'm sick, I keep saying out loud, "I'm gonna die," even though I know I'm not...I suppose I like being melodramatic when I'm sick.
Have fun with crepe making...oh la la, so French!

Lizzie said...

11 degrees? 8 degrees? They should cancel school. It sounds out right dangerous to me!

Do you know what Tanner says all the time now? "Oh dear". I wonder if he got it from you while you were here?

By the way, he is extremely excited to see Clay next week.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love you so very much and I HATE the cold and it is supposed to get colder here this week-end than it has for 5 years, and snow and ice everything. I will pray for it to stop before you come. It is in the lows right now and supposed to be ll degrees this Sat. I hope it doesn't stay cold too long. We had lots of snow in the mission and I truly was cold all of the time and I know what you mean about thawing. Looking forward to seeing you.


haha- I remember last year you writing blogs like this- about teh weather. i am so sorry- I can't believe you can get cold so fast! Thath woudl be awful!!! I am so excited for you to come, I wish it were sooner than later! I'm so glad you're done with your semester basically,a nd that you did well and can relax now! Sucha wonderful feeling! What are you getting for christmas? I'm thinking about asking for an american idol wii game- it's so awesome- you sing in microphones adn simon paula and randy judge you- and then i'll bring it tot eh coast!!! love you-

Sharon/mom said...

I'm so glad today is your last day!!! We're supposed to have 16 degree weather this weekend! I hope it doesn't happen, but can you believe it! I hope it is wrong! Do you have wool socks? Jake says they make a big difference. You should talk to him about it when he comes. He dresses a certain way in the winter. Well, it is getting closer I am soooo excited!! love you!