Sunday, November 30, 2008


All these pics are from Lizzie's blog- we didn't take pictures because we don't have a camera, so anything on our blog will be from Lizzie or Patty. So, sorry if these are repeats for you!

Well...sadly, we are home again. We woke up, left at 7am- it was 60 degrees outside, and when I got inside my home, it was 46 degrees. Then this morning it was definitely 30's outside. What a change. I think we were more cold in church today simply because we've been in warm weather all week!

Where to start. It was wonderful! The kids loved Clay's family and both Tanner and Kate were OBSESSED with Clay. Saturday morning, Tanner was hanging out with us while we were getting ready to leave and I said, "I'm going to miss you Tanner!" and he pointed at Clay and said, "I'm going to miss Clay". Oh dear.

It was so great to just relax, shop, hot-tub, bake, and spend time with Lizzie and her family. Clay's parents were great- we didn't have to pay for a thing and they totally spoiled us. They were so nice and it was so fun to spend the week with them as well. We saw twilight and I will give my! I really really liked it. I really really want to see it again- I think I had mixed expectations, and for me- the first time I see a movie that I have been waiting to see forever, is always a little dissappointing. This wasn't nearly as much as the Harry Potter's, but I am so excited to see it again because I can tell I will love it, now that I see all that was left out and stuff. There were a few things I thought were absolutely perfect:

1)The Cullens. I LOVED THEM! A few points:
  • When I saw pics of Jasper before the movie was out, I thought- ech. Couldn't they have improved on that one? But his acting was AWESOME! He was perfectly serious and torn by feeling all the emotions of everyone around them.
  • Alice was amazing- I think my favorite part of the entire movie was when she was pitching in the baseball game. Who else would do a perfect high kick every pitch other than Alice Cullen? And she was so cute, of course. I can't wait to see more from her in the upcoming sequels.
  • Carlisle? Hello- perfect moment when he walked in Bella's hospital room. I loved it.
  • Esme- so motherly- so loving, I loved her in the scene where Bella first met the family at their home- she was so happy, so true to the book.
  • Rosalie- so many people thought- oh she wasn't pretty enought, but I thought she was great! I'm guessing it was hard to find drop dead gorgeous models to play in this small upcoming film. She was dead on with the character. I loved, loved, LOVED her scene when Bella came to the house and wasn't hungry. Perfect.
  • Emmet- there wasn't much of him so I dont' know completely. But what I did see, I liked.
  • Overall- Cullens couldn't have been better in my opinion. LOVED THEM!
2) Edward and Bella. Edward was way cool, so was bella. Because they were the main characters, of course I was more nitpicky, but I still really like them and will soon love them I'm sure. I thougth Edward's opening scene where he first talked to bella with a simple, "hello"- was perfect. So old-fashioned, so edward.
3) Random actors like Jessica, Mike, Charlie- you know, the human ones, were all way cool. Played their parts perfectly in my opinion.
4) Overall, great film. So excited for New Moon (which has been comfirmed to be made).

Well back to California. If you read my sister, Lizzie's blog, you'll know this- but if not, you should know- we were at the local Zoo and just so happened to run into Kate Hudson and her kid! And some random other people who were probably her family or whatever, but she was standing right next to us! I saw her, thought she looked just like Kate Hudson, then she spoke, and she has a very distinct voice, so I turned to Makayla and at the very same instant we were like- it's Kate Hudson!!! Then I told Lizzie, so of course she told Kate, "You are so cute," and Kate said, "Thank you!" and Lizzie said, "Have a nice weekend!", kate:"You too"...end scene. Then Patty was further behind us, so didn't see any of that- and she is standing two feet from Kate, finally realizes who it is, and stares wide eyed and jaw dropped. It was so funny- us girls were absolute dorks. Anyway- you should also know, my sophisticated husband...while this was all going on, kept turning me around, AWAY from Kate Hudson, to point out to me the big penus a zebra had. Nice. He kept saying, "Hun, look at that zebras thing, it's huge!" I never saw it because I kept saying, stop it! Kate Hudson is right there! He was embarrassed of us I think. Anyway- it was way cool. She was way nice, seemed way down to earth and cool. Blended well. She looked nothing like the pic above. She had a ponytail, big sunglasses that covered half her face, boots, a huge shirt...if you even care...

Anyway, thanksgiving was a blast. Lizzie had the table decorated so beautiful. The food was wonderful and we just had a ball.

Now that I'm home, I have a ton of stuff to do. I really did no homework over the break and I will pay for it this week! Why am I blogging? I am a professional procrastinator.

We're back, and cold, and ready to be done with school in two weeks! Love you all!!!!!!!!


Sharon/mom said...

so fun!!! everything! I loved the movie, I am going to blog about it also. Not as many details as you though. I wish I could have been a fly on the cactus watching all of you at the living desert. I am so glad they love Clay, except, they won't want to have anything to do with me unless maybe when I cook with them! Oh well, I will just have to get all my loves in before you guys get here!! I love you!!!!

Lizzie said...

We miss you guys already. Love you both!

Emily said...

I loved Rosalie too! I couldn't believe so many people didn't like her, I thought she was awesome.

I'm glad you guys had so much fun!


Oh I'm so happy for you but really jealous! It looked like you had so much fun! And the Kate Hudson thing- so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you about it over the phone. All the pictures are so cute! I'm so glad you got to go and had such a good time. I love hwo teh kids loved Clay and Paul so much. So cute. That is so funny what he said about missing Clay- so typical= that honest answer. I miss you!!!!!! I can't wait to see you! I lvoe you- oh and i loved Twilight.

Megan and Greg said...

Thanksgiving sounds great! I'm glad! Good luck with school. Ok. Twilight. I want to see it again, too. I was SO DISAPPOINTED with the cullens! I immediately thought everyone looked Makeup-y and no wone was good looking enough and the girls weren't skinny enough. But after awhile, they grew on me,and looked less fake and more pretty. After the movie I remembered that there are no vampires and they had to use humans- who will never be as beautiful as vampires- so I got over it. Greg loved it too. I loved some parts and was really bored through some parts. But yes- when they meet and the meet the family scenes- those were my favorites too.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I haven't seen the MOVIE and probably won't for awhile. I loved that you saw Kate H. What a neat thing. She is supposed to be pretty normal for a star. I really like her a lot. I think Tanner and Kate are sooooo cute, and it is wonderful that they loved Clay so much. Not unusual for a boy to really relate to guys. I love you

Jenni said...

OH HOW FUN! I'm so jealous of the warm weather!! I forget what it feels like! YOu look so great in the pictures. You and clay are SO CUTE!!! And lizzie's kids are so dang adorable.

I loved Twilight!!!!! I thought they did a great job with the short amount of time a movie has. Bella and Edward were perfect. and I totally loved Rosalie!

I got your message! I'll call you back as soon as I can. Honestly- the next 2 weeks SUCK SUCK SUCK! but next week looks better than this week and I'd love to see you! I'm glad you called :)