Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

Well, it's that time. Time to round up 2012 and welcome the new year.

It's still a BIT mind boggling that it's going to be 2013. That sounds so futuristic for some reason...haha.

Well this year didn't really seem like much. I can only really think of one thing and that's that Clay and I just kept getting better. Which sounds like not much- but it really is a lot!

I'm trying to think of any big things that happened but nothing much really. We traveled to visit some people a bit, had some visitors, but nothing extraordinary. Oops! HELLO?! We had some huge ones I'm totally forgetting! YIKES. What am I thinking. Seriously. Let's bullet point this out.

  • Clay and I got better.
  • Clay quit his job and started his own business.
  • I became a Certified Public Accountant
  • I started food storage
  • I've kept trying really really hard. 

That's all I can really round up for 2012 but I'd say that's a fantastic list!

2013 will be a good one. Even though 2012 wasn't as good as I hoped (I am still in treatment), I still have high hopes for the future. Here is basically what I've come up with for what I want to accomplish and work on in 2013:

  • Pay off MY student loan (it's very small but BLAH- it's there. time to get rid of it)
  • 6 months food storage, organized (I started out with the goal of a year...but decided that's a bit much for me right now. I will shoot for 6 and if I get there easily we'll go from there)
  • 72 hour kits
  • successfully budget once a week
  • exercise once a day 6 days a week 
  • be more spiritual
  • read jane austen
  • get better at sight reading on the piano

So I am really determined about these. There's lots but I feel strongly about all of them. Here is how I've determined I'm going to accomplish these things:

  • Exercise minimum 10 minutes. That's all I'm requiring of myself each day.
  • Spiritual 20 minutes. This is probably going to be the HARDEST of them all. Our young women did a "beauty project" where they talked about inner beauty and stuff. One of the challenges was to spend as much time getting ready on the inside as you do getting ready on the outside. That REALLY hit home with me and I thought- wow how much time do I spend on so many pointless things? And I barely get in any spirituality in my day. Time to try and change that. 
  • Read recreationally 10 minutes in the evening. I figure I'll get some Jane Austen in that way. 
  • Do my treatments twice a day- and all of the treatment (we've been slacking on our supplements)
  • Sight read 10 minutes after dinner while Clay does dishes with the primary children's song book or the hymn book. (Have I told you how crappy I am at sight reading? This will help immensely)
  • Have family home evening every Monday night
  • Budget every monday night after FHE
  • Fast with a purpose each month
  • Assess budget once a month for any extra we could put towards my student loan.
  • Wash face each night
  • Drink lots and lots of water

The last two aren't like OFFICIAL but they are new resolutions as well. So if you look at all those bullet points it looks like I have a lot of goals. But that's really misleading. I have about 9 resolutions and lots of ways to help myself incorporate them. I know...I know. I should probably just pick one. But I can't really help it. I even made myself a daily resolutions chart where I will check off if I've done something each day...dorky, I know. But I know it will help.

I guess I just am at a point where my life feels really dead and pointless in a I feel like making some changes would help. We shall see. I certainly wont be perfect! But I will keep trying.

This last weekend we had Lizzie's family over for a few days. It was so fun! I loved having them around. I didn't take any pictures though! Woops! We basically hung around a lot- we went sledding one day for probably a half hour or so- and it was SO fun. Tanner loved it, the girls not so much. They got cold fast. We baked and made homemade yogurt, which was great. We went out to eat and played was lots of fun!

Well...I am hoping to take a nap today in order to be able to stay up late and not be miserable tonight. We will be playing games and eating good food. I think I will make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and french bread and artichoke dip. One last hoorah before the new year....since I will be renewing the whole, no sugar/gluten unless it's a holiday thing.

Happy New Year! Lets hope 2013 brings lots of happiness for lots of people. And lets hope that we can spread more happiness too. I just want everyone to be happy. I suppose if I were to pick an underlying word that I would like the theme of this year to'd be HAPPY. Happy me, happy people. Be happy- share happy- give happy. Everything happy. Ready for a tangent? Okay- cause I have one. I think that if you are determined to be happy- you can get there. There are literally so many people I have come in contact with where it is so clear they DON'T want to be happy! There is a lady in my ward who EVERY time I ask her how she is, she says, "Well...ya know...I'm workin on it" or, "Hangin in there", or, "I'll get there". And...I just don't get it. I know people have bad days...but to ALWAYS be having that attitude? I also know people that have REALLY hard lives and they try so hard to be cheerful and happy despite everything. So yeah. I prefer to be the latter person. Being cheerful and happy no matter my circumstances. I want to be a person that people walk away from feeling happier, not sad. I don't know where I am at right now...but I'm sure I can always go up!

Wow. Long post. Happy New year.


Anna said...

Sounds great! You look so pretty in that picture too. Love and miss you!
Happy New year!!!

Kristi M. said...

72 hour kits are always in our minds and we just need to pull stuff together too. The annoying part is that we have most of it, we just need to take the time to get it all out and in their backpacks. I've noticed that it is so much easier in some ways to have FHE when you have kids around Gunnar's age that remind you that you need to do it (same with prayer and scriptures). Not that they are good and perfect during these times but they love the family time and can get into routines/habits so quickly that it has helped us routinely do it. I don't think Jeff and I held it regularly so good for you! I need to get my ducks in a row for the new year too...

Cami said...

k I love your posts. They fill me with joy and gladness. I wish we lived closer so your ambition would rub off on me more!!

Megan and Greg said...

I was feeling EXACTLY the same way about our year. Blah at first, and then I realized we had some MAJOR events happen too. I hope it's a good year for you and us (and everybody), but mostly you guys and Scarlet. You alays have so many goals. I never have more than one. And there always more like THEMES, not SO specific. It works so much better for me. Alright. I feel sick, I'm going to go. But HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I love you. I'm glad for you and your goals. They're good ones. Luv u.


You are so inspirational and motivated. Your goals are really great and I hope you accomplish them. I felt the same way about our year, like- this year wasn't that special or eventful- but now that I think about it- we bought a house! ha! And when you said yours wasn't eventful, the first thing I thought was- CLAY QUIT HIS JOB AND STARTED HIS OWN BUSINESS! YOU GOT YOUR CPA LISENCE! Big stuff. love you! talk to you next year!

Jenni said...

I love your resolutions!!! You've inspired me! I had to laugh because I totally used the same word "futuristic" about 2013. It's crazy!

I think your goals sound like things you can TOTALLY accomplish and I'm going to join you on some of them. Like the spirituality. That's a great one!