Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Happy New Year!

Today has been awesome.

I literally didn't roll out of bed until 1pm! Yikes! I haven't slept that long in forever. We stayed up till probably around 2am.

We played games, watched a movie (which I napped through), danced (dance central), and ate!

Today, I started taking down Christmas, but then Clay was like...do you wanna watch some Office? And that sounded a LOT better than taking down Christmas and I said, "As long as you don't care when the Christmas stuff comes down..." and he said he didn't and so we went and watched like...probably 3 hours or so of The Office. It's been great.

I kinda decided that this is the last lazy day I'll have for months and so I shall embrace it!

This weekend we have a Seattle appointment. I'm a bit on the anxious side about it. I have been feeling loads better and even when I'm cheating on my diet I still rarely have symptoms...so I think I am going to tell the doc that I want to go back to just herbs and see how I do. Lyme is very wearing...but it's okay. Right this second, I have acceptance that it's just part of my life...but the great thing is...I have SO much more good in my life and as long as I keep trying and doing my best...all will be well. I truly believe that.

Life has felt very sweet lately...and for that I am glad.

On another note- the Idaho air is VERY ICE COLD these days. I keep telling Clay that it's colder than it was last year and he tells me I'm crazy. I got some winter boots from Sam's Club the other day because I realized...okay. My toes are constantly cold when I go outside. I live in a VERY cold climate. What is the point in being so miserable, when it's so easily fixed by a $20 expenditure? There is really NO point. So I went ahead and spent my money and oh boy. It's worth it. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Danielle, you've lived there 7 years now...why has it taken you this long to get winter boots?" Well....I used to have winter boots but then the ol Dog chewed them up about 3 years ago when he was a wee pup. He doesn't do that anymore. But for whatever reason I didn't feel the need to replace them until now. Which again proves my point that it's colder now than it has been the past couple winters. I'm sticking to my guns on this one. My toes are colder! Anywho- the boots are cute and warm. It's exciting.

Well, I am off. Happy New Year!


Jenni said...

That sounds like a fantastic New Years Eve! I seriously love nothing more than being lazy and watching some good TV with my husband! It rocks! Glad you guys had fun!

Chad and Jessica said...

awesomeness! That sounds like perfection! Danielle, you have seriously given me so much inspiration for a long time. You have helped me to set goals, and get excited about holidays, and I just love hearing your outlook on things. Thanks so much for blogging! : )


love you love you. glad you got boots! ha. we watched office yesterday too! it was so fun! i hadn't seen it in such a long time- we were laughing our heads off! love you!-