Thursday, January 10, 2013

Number of thoughts

1. Clay and I have gotten in a rut of just kinda watching tv and that's it. We've made a goal to DO more stuff together. Play games, adventures, spending time with friends, etc. We are young! No kids! Finally feeling a bit better! Time to live.

2. Clay's liver and kidney's are struggling a lot. He's been on a LOT of antibiotics for over 2 years and it seems to have finally caught up with him. We will be doing things to try and help detoxify and help boost them back up but in the meantime, if you are willing to pray for'd be great! He's actually suffering quite a bit with some pain because of it and is unable to take his pills until he's feeling better. So please pray for my husbands liver and kidneys!

3. My sister showed me how to make yogurt, and I made yogurt again, and I'm obsessed. I love it.

4. I've read/heard the President is likely to use his executive power to ban assault rifles and high volume clips among other things. I used to think a lot like many people and though, "GOOD! We don't need those guns! There's no reason!" But then after reading, talking, hearing more thoughts from lots of different people...I thought a lot about it and decided...actually? There was a reason the forefathers made an amendment specifically for the right to bear arms. The government has SO much power. It's getting more each and every day. It's important that we have the ability to protect ourselves from the government. Even though an assault rifle probably wouldn't stand a chance next to all the machinery the government has in its hands. Point is, guns don't kill people and commit crimes. People do. Bottom line. If we take away guns we may as well take away cars, alcohol, knifes, fire, water, hands, poison, and everything else in this life. If someone wants to commit a crime, they will find a way. I also just feel that the PEOPLE should have every right that the GOVERNMENT has. There are too many things happening these days that are taking away rights from the people, and building up the strength of the government. It's not good.

5. Despite lots of craziness, and stresses, life is good. House, food, cars, clothes, water, family, God, Christ, Holy Ghost. What more do you really need?

6. I have basically not done my goals at all. It's okay. I am still hoping to be doing them. But I am definitely re-evaluating what's most important.

7. I made 100% quinoa flour waffles yesterday. They were great! The recipe claimed you can freeze them and then pop them in the toaster later. I'm excited to try it.

8. I am going to try and make more new recipes. I'm hopeful I could make a new recipe per week. But that sounds intimidating. We'll see.

That's all for now! I could also tell you about the time I said in Sunday school that I thought marijuana should be legalized...and how at the relief society activity last night I talked to my table all about the documentary, "The business of being born", and the controversies of epidural, hospitals, etc...but I'm afraid to make even more people think I'm a crazy Oregonian girl. Seriously, I often start talking...and then my brain is like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING- ABORT! ABORT MISSION!" cause I see the faces on those around me and see that they simply aren't interested and therefore think I'm a bit psycho. I can also get a bit passionate about's in my Arnold blood...and so that sometimes doesn't help the situation!

Ta ta!


Chad and Jessica said...

I'm sorry about Clay! I will definitely keep him in my prayers. You guys are so tough, great job! I would love to know how to make yogurt...that's awesome! I have researched it a little, but I worry about whose recipe is the best. Any tips?

Megan and Greg said...

I've never seen you hyped up. You're the most mellow Arnold of all of us. Ok, I HAVE to hear the marijuana story. I just HAVE to!!!! Sounds like a good one. That is really brave of you to say! I would say it among friends, but not in church! But let me resay- MEDICAL marijuana, not just marijuana. You might think- what's the difference, but there really is a difference in how that would affect communities and crime. I'm VERY interested in the quinoa waffles if you don't mind sending that my way. I hope I'm not a pain asking for you to just send me everything.

I'm so sorry about Clay. That would be stressing me out and I can't believe you're able to focus on other things! I'm in Scarlet's room and the kids were playing when I read it and just stopped and had Scarlet come pray with me. And she totally knew who he was. I was like, "You know how we pray for Clay and Danielle everynight?" And then she's like, "Clay and Dante!" and went off about dante sleeping with Clay. She totally remembered, it was great. Anyway. I'm so sorry and I hope it gets better super fast. I believe it can. I love you!!!!

Oh yeah, when I first read the president ban stuff I was thinking President MONSON and was like, "What?????" And then it all clicked. I think the world could do without some guns. Not ALL GUNS, but I don't know the specifics. Greg probably would, not that he's ever expressed desires for gun control, he just knows way more about guns than me. And YES, people kill people, not guns. But certain guns are capable of killing mass amounts of people so much easier. Like if you can only go "pop" "Pop" "pop" as fast as your finger can go, and run out in 8-15 shots. That's a lot less people dying than "popopopopopopopopopopopopopo!" until you run out of 100s of bullets and then quickly switch your magazine to do it all again. That's a lot more life that someone can take REALLY quickly and it makes it a LOT harder to take someone down while they're doing it. I definitely wish certain guns weren't made and were illegal to have, but then again- it can't be illegal to EVERYONE, like military. It's just a tough situation, like most things.

Oh yeah, and do things. Because seriously, once those kids come . . . you will never . . . do anything . . . again. Ha ha. I just wanted to sound dramatic. But for reals. It's even hard to watch tv sometimes! I love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

By all means do things at least the things you are able to do. I am so sorry about Clays liver and kidneys, what a bummer, so we will be praying for him. I hope you continue to try to be happy and grateful for what you have. About doing things, for sure there are some things you can't do when you are older, but when you are your mom and dads age you still can, so there is still time. I hope you do get to have fun together as that is the important thing. It is okay to be passionate about things Danielle, just be grateful you know the things you know, and everyone doesn't have to agree with you. That is what God gave us Agency for so we can all believe what we want to and we come to an understanding of the natural man and that is what Heavenly Father wants us to do. We all come to this understanding through prayer and study and teaching each other. We just need to over come the natural man or woman and that isn't easy. Guns are something we all need, the bad guys will always get them, legal or not. History is repeating itself at the present time. Go and read some books about Germany before World War Two. Then you will understand what is happening out there right now. I love you so much.

Michael Winegardner said...

Danielle- "abort! aBORT MISSION!" haha. I know. I keep going back and forth, going through phases of speaking my mind, and then I tell my self- amy stop! or you won't have any friends!" haha. that arnold blood is strong! ha. But you knwo what- rebecca and i have talkeda bout this- and who do you like better? someone who's not afraid to be themselves, someone who is different? or same old same old, that's just pc, and people pleaser? it's refreshing to have someone that's different. The guns- obviously we feel the same way. Mike and i have been saying- they made drugs illegal, but it hasnt' stopped anyone from using drugs, banning guns isn't going to change anything. I don't need to tell you anything, we've read the same things and feel the same way. It's really scary to think of how much control the government has over us, and how fast it is happening. good luck on all your goals. I love you. and- we are praying for clay. I'm so sorry i haven't been able to talk to you about this, I am just so sick and barely have a voice, but I am so sorry danielle and we will pray every day for him. love you.