Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A very Merry Christmas, Indeed

Well Christmas here has been great. It's been nice and lazy. I am sitting my new jammies and eating lots of bread and sweets! They great thing is, I'm not suffering much from it at all except for the occasional stomach ache. But I figure I'd have that no matter what...even if I didn't have Lyme! :)

One thing I've realized for sure is....candy making, cookie making, the NEED to make way too much...runs in my blood. I've seen it in my Grandma, and who knows how much further back it goes. I made way too much and the truth is...I've eaten most of it. Clay ate the next most. And Clay's family barely ate any of it! I don't understand. I mean I can say this with absolute certainty- it is ALL DELICIOUS! Except the caramels didn't turn out great this year. Too hard. But everything else is divine. I think it must just be that second stomach I have always assumed I have. The one dedicated for sweets.

Anywho- besides all that...we have played lots of games...watched some good movies...which reminds me. Clay has turned quite the corner this year! Usually, he is quite grinchy. He doesn't really like anything about Christmas traditions. He never wanted to watch Christmas movies or turn on the Christmas lights...well...though he didn't show interest in every Christmasy thing I wanted to do this year...he DID turn on the Christmas lights most nights for me before I got home from work, and he DID watch Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with me! Not bad...not bad at all! I'm telling you- it's been a great turn for the good and made me one happy happy girl.

Tomorrow my sissy Lizzie and her family will come to stay with us for a few days! I'm so excited! And the ground is spread with lots of white hopefully we'll get some fun sledding in or something. It'll be fun.

I got lots of new clothes for Christmas which makes me really happy because can I be honest here? I haven't gotten new clothes in ages. What a treat. I was starting to feel really out of style and now I feel a bit perked up.

I also got new dishes from my mom and dad and I am SO pumped about that. Call me crazy, but having pretty new dishes gets me more motivated to make meals and put more effort in. And I can ALWAYS use more motivation in that area.

Well...I have a couple more weeks of not too much business and then BAM. Tax season. My life will feel a bit more busy for a few months. Oh well...I wont be studying for the CPA exam...I wont be taking classes...and I am really almost done with being treated...and my body feels so much this tax season should be a cinch! Right? ha...ha...I have a feeling I'll still feel stressed at times :)

I have been chuggin away thinking about what I want most for my resolutions in 2013. I have already made lists...and already crossed some off that I realized aren't as important as the others and don't need to be there...and I've been trying to really narrow down what is most important. I think I've got it pretty close to where I want it. Again, I just have a feeling of hope that 2013 will be our lucky year! We shall see.

2012 wasn't too shabby. It's been a lot of just trying to get by. Trying to keep up with treatments....trying not to have a bad attitude...and all of that wasn't bad at all. We have been very blessed. I am happy today for many things...and I plan on getting even happier next year!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I will most likely not be posting till the New Year. Have a good week!

PS- Did I tell you I am pretty positive I have a bone fracture in the top of my left foot? It has been hurting for over a month now. It started that everytime after Zumba the next day the top of my foot would hurt everytime I walked on it. I, whatever. Cause it always went away after that next day. Well...after a few weeks of that it started hurting EVERY day. That's when I took note and thought, hmmm....something is wrong here. So I did the good ol' google "What does it mean when the top of my foot hurts after I work out?" and what do you know? I saw a bunch of results saying that I most likely had a stress fracture that is caused by high impact activity (like maybe jumping, twisting, lunging, etc in Zumba?) and the only way to get better is to stay off it. So...I haven't been to Zumba in weeks and it STILL hurts. Clay told me he can tell I'm not favoring it and not giving it much thought and that is why it's not getting better. He told me I need to favor it and if that means limping, then I need to limp. And it's just so hard cause I don't NEED to limp in order to has to be a conscious effort to limp. And it's just such a drag. I'm trying. I really am. Cause I'm SICK of not being able to work out and I'm SICK of it hurting all the time! Nothing like this has ever happened to me. All my friends have these random injuries all the time and I never got it. NOW I do. It's awful. you know that story. Cya!



so awesome about yoru clothes!!! I'm so excited to see your fox shirt. i want to hear your goals. i'm so sorry about your foot! that's awful! i have to go- but i love you and good post. so glad you had a great christmas

Megan and Greg said...

hmm, i winder if i have a stress fracture in my knee???? i love the comment about 2 stomachs. such a wonderful saying. i've always said there's always more room for sweets. I've never been too full to eat them. you can be to full for water or food, but you can always eat more cheesecake. it's just fact. i never understood it until this second stomach for sweets comment. it makes complete sense now :)

your post was so upbeat. i hope this is the year for you as well. that makes me happy to hear you've been eating things without feeling the effects. i keep waiting for scarlet to get there. we were just talking about trying her out on some homemade wheat bread and then i decided against it. but then your comment made me question it. glad clay got into christmas this year. can't wait to hear your goals. LOVE YOU!!! Have fun with the Lamms!

Cami said...

Whoop whoop sounds like a blast at your place! Have fun being with your family!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so glad you are so good about carring on the tradition of making too many SWEETS and the part of having a second stomach price!!! less Love It. I miss seeing you and Lizzie and all of you girls. Isn't living so far apart for the birds. I am glad Lizzie and fam are visiting you and the kids will love the snow. Love the pic of Dante he is so very cute. So happy for you that you got new clothes, that is always so wonderful even if you have a closet full YOU can NEVER have too MANY right. Glad you had a good Christmas Love you Hugs and Kisses