Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fa la la la laaaaaa

So, I have come upon some great holiday music lately. And I wanted to I think I might just share one song that I am loving in particular each day :) It'll get me on here to post!

Today's song...Sleigh Ride by FUN! So, I fell inlove with the band Fun when they came out with "We are Young"...and then of course I love Some Nights, and then I don't really know how I found this song but when I heard it I was like, HOLLA! And was severely disappointed when I realized they only have this ONE holiday song. I think they need to come out with a whole christmas album. Whose with me?

It's just a real fun adaptation for that song I think :)

Anywho...tonight is our Relief Society's Christmas party...which is a favorite things party! Woot woot! We are all supposed to bring three of our favorite thing. They encouraged homemade items so I made three twisty headbands (tutorial here) except this time I wasn't lazy and I made it so there were NO exposed seams. Much more quality! So anyhow, I will end up with three things by the end of the night so it sounds pretty fantastic!

Idaho has been really mild and we pretty much haven't gotten a real snow yet. It's odd. But the past few days have been really wet and chilly and my bones don't like it. Oh well. The REALLY odd thing is...I want it to snow! I think it's because the Christmas season feels a bit off without it! Eyeyeyeee...what am I thinking?

I have been thinking of the resolutions I want to make for 2013...I'm thinkin up some good ones! We shall see...I want them to be really good ones that are right for me.

Well, that will have to be all for now.

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you're so good about resolutions. you are so silly- you hate the snow- what are you thinking!!! fun song. i love that band too. i watched little house and it was a christmas episode, I'm going to go through all of them- i'm telling you cause it was fun- and i think yhou'd like it too! it really got me in the christmas mood! love you