Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, that's embarrassing...

So I have been having horrendous allergies. HORRENDOUS! I tell you. The worst.

I have been taking Zyrtec. Let me tell you what- NOT WORKING!

So I go to Zumba tonight, and my eyes are pouring out waterfalls basically throughout the entire thing. So I'm rubbing and wiping, but nothing feels unusual.

I get home and look in the mirror and BAM! I look like an alien! Not joking! My nose/eye area is SWOLLEN and I am DEFORMED looking. Oh my. How embarrassing! I'm just glad that I complained about my allergies to my friends. That way they probably made the connection but were kind enough to just pretend I looked normal.

Wanna know something else that is embarrassing? This note:
Yep, stickin to our door when I got home from work.

You'd think I'd be embarrassed for myself. But no. I'm not. The fact is, we are on great terms with our neighbors to the right. Neighbors to the left, not so much. We wave, they pretend they didn't see us. They park their truck in-front of our mailbox, things like that. Whatever, we don't really care...there's just no actual relationship problem. But the point is, our backyard DOESN'T stink (Clay even just went outside and smelled it), and we "pick up" Dante's poop in a perfectly proper and timely basis, EVERY week. If they HAPPENED to be outside when Dante actually let poop freshly fall to the earth, then yeah...they may have smelt it. But this is life in suburbia. People have dogs, who poop in the privacy of their OWN BACKYARD! It's not in the front! My goodness. Do they expect me to follow my dog outside every time he goes out there with a baggie in hand? No thanks. And I love how they tried to keep anonymous when it's very clear who it is. Especially when looking at the spelling errors. Sorry. But it's true...our other neighbors wouldn't misspell those words. I decided we probably shouldn't pick up the "po" for a few days. I know, I still live in junior high world.

But...Clay is at a whole other level. He said, "If they say one more word about this I am going to take this note, wrap it around Dante's poop, and put it on their doorstep. And then I'm going to put 'NO TRESPASSING' signs all along our fence ONLY facing their house".

And as he let Dante outside, he said, "Go poop Dante!"

I seem to talk a lot about dog poop these days. I'll try to keep it at a minimum from here on out.

One last thing- they have dogs on all 3 corners of their yard. Meaning...they might be smelling someone elses dogs poop! Especially since the neighbors behind us completely neglect their dogs...leaving them outside for HOURS and HOURS. They bark incessantly.


Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

hahahaha, Oh my! first the face, I'm sure they understood. second, so sad about the neighbors. I don't know why people have to be that way. It's sad. Best to ignore the neighbors otherwise eventually you will regret it. The thing that really catches those kind of people off guard is to be nice to them and act like nothing happened. First it shocks them then eventually they cave because they feel stupid or repentant. At least that has been my experience. love you!!

Megan and Greg said...

This post made me laugh a LOT. So funny. I love you.

Kristi M. said...

Oh boy. You were probably an easy target because I bet you have the biggest dog. I love the spelling errors. Neighbors are great, aren't they.

Kayleen said...

haha. I'm so glad to see that we don't have to have grown up responses to silly things like this just because we are. You make me laugh. i hope your allergies get better quickly.

katy said...

They are so lame. If you are going to write a nasty note to somebody, you really should check the spelling. Sorry you have to go through that. Nasty neighbors suck. We had a neighbor one time that would come over and talk to us about Jesus, while holding a bottle of jack daniels. They should read your blog. It's proof you pick up to poop. You have documented it. Haha...I love it.


PAHAHAHHAHA oh man this was hilarious. I loved Clay's reaction and suggestion to the whole matter- taking the note wrapping it with dog poop. hahahha and the signs. Clay and I seem to be more on the same page. ha. Oh man- so funny. You never mentioned that your other neighbors have dogs too! Oh my gosh! it could totally be other people! and they park infront of your mail box! oh my gosh! the alien face- haha oh my gosh- yeah thankgoodness you mentioned allergies. poor thing. love you.

The Conger's said...

Oh man, crazy neighbors, well I never really take anything too serious from people who can't spell.

HeidiT said...

Oh my gosh that is so ridiculous it is hilarious. How in the world would they know it was from your yard and why wouldn't they just come and discuss it with you instead of being all sneaky about it? Not to mention that they can't control the way the air smells so they should probably just get over it.
Clay's response is SO something that Ren would say, ha!

Lizzie said...

i laughed aloud at Clay's reaction. I love it. so sorry about your eyes. anything in your eyes is sooo annoying and all consuming. sorry!

i love your poster print and apron. i'm gonna buy a poster print right now from you. = ) love you!