Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I finished Graceling a few days ago. I've heard from lotsa people that it's really good! This is basically what it's about:

In a time of kings, lords, lady's, swords, and bow and arrows...there are certain people born with a "grace". If you have a grace, it basically means you are better than everyone else at this thing. The main character's grace is KILLING. This isn't normal at ALL! There are people who are graced with painting, swimming, sword fighting, cooking, etc. Anyway, it's a book that is filled with action, mystery, and romance.

I really really liked it and I read it within a few days. It was quite the page turner! BUT- there was one major theme that was pretty annoying. The author CLEARLY doesn't believe in marriage.'s definitely not enough to make me not enjoy the book!

It was really interesting because there were times I couldn't STAND the heroine, Katsa. Then there were other times when I just thought she was awesome.

If you're looking for a fun interesting read, I recommend this book! I think there may be a second one, but I'm not positive.

Now I am reading "Matched". Has anyone read this book? I'm half-way through and it is BORING as heck! But since I've invested my time to read HALF of the book...I want to finish it. But seriously I have no desire to ever pick it up. Does it stay so boring? Yikes.

After Matched, I'm reading "Beastly". I saw the movie about a month ago and I really liked the I'm excited to read the book and get the detailed story :)

Any good books I should put on my library list? Keep in mind I'm not interested in non-fiction, and I have to be entertained and it has to be a gripping story that keeps me wanting more. I read for entertainment. As of right now anyway.



what is beastly about? glad you found a found book to read. So sorry about the boring one. I hated reading boring books in college. When I had to read them I'd think, "are you kidding me? I could write a boring book and get paid. Who published this? Who likes this?!" love you.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Looks like you have been reading some good books. I just read a really good book called The Help that has been made into a movie. It is set in the fifties and in Jackson MI. I really loved the book and it is a first book for this author. Well written and thoughtful. I love you hugs and kisses

Amy said...

I've read Matched. I have read a lot of young adult dystopian books lately. Matched for me was fun but not great. Ally Condie is LDS so I know a lot of people like it because of that. Have you read These is my words? It's pretty good. Or if you want a YA book Anna and the French Kiss was cute too!

Lizzie said...

thanks for the suggestion. i pretty much read any book you suggest. i just finished up the girl with the dragon tatoo. don't read it. it haunted me for days. a page turner, but seriously, i think it was sort of evil (to me at least...i have tons of friends who loved it though). anyhow, i'm gonna order graceling right now. and i have "these is my words" but haven't read it yet. i should. oh and i'm reading "battle hymn of the tiger mother" interesting. very easy read.

Megan and Greg said...

I wish I had a recommendation for you! I heard The Help was really good. From 2 different girls. These Is My words was . . . I don't know. Good and wierd at the same time. But I didn't finish it. Guess it wasn't THAT good. It was just different.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I am loving Graceling!!! I am about 3/4 done! I'm so glad you told me about it!love you!!