Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hush Hush

Okay- this book was crazy intense! I haven't read a book like this in a long time. It kinda reminded me of twilight ONLY because there is a lot of know- how like in the first twilight Bella is so confused because Edward is so different, and she knows something's up...but quite can't put her finger on it until SHE KNOWS. This book is a lot like that!

The basic premise is...Nora becomes biology partners with Patch. (Okay...this is sounding even more like twilight now...they start as biology partners? Hello...familiar) He seems kinda dark, and dangerous. She doesn't like him at all...except there's something about him that is just really hott and awesome and she wants him. He seems to show up everywhere and could he be stalking her?! Could he be trying to...KILL her? Or maybe he just wants her too? Who knows?

This book is a MAJOR page turner. I read it in like two days. And there are a few twists at the end that I really didn't expect! It IS a little on the dark side...sometimes I was like, 'hold up, what?! That's freaky!' I do feel the need to caution those who may be feint at heart. AND I do gotta say, sometimes Nora, the main girl...was so FOOLISH. I'd be like- what are you thinking? Don't you know some bad guy could be over there about to kill you? Yeesh. Overall, pretty stinking good book and I'm super excited for Crescendo, the next one to be available at the library!

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Ainsley said...

yay, i'm putting this on my list. i get so excited when people share great books!!!!!