Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life's little lessons

So, I decided to reschedule my exam for July 28th. I was originally planning on taking it July 8th, but I was just kidding myself. I realized as I was going through practice tests and getting in the 50-60% range...I wasn't ready to take this test next week! I kept saying- no if I just study EXTRA hard I can make it. But the truth is, I'm not very good at studying EXTRA hard. I kinda have a normal study amount my brain can take per day before it feels full and maxed out. I have always been the kind of person that thinks she can do anything...I still feel that way to an extent...but the scripture Mosiah 4:27 comes to mind,

27And see that all these things are done in wisdom and aorder; for it is not requisite that a man should run bfaster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.

Man oh man. How many times have I had to relearn this lesson? A lot. I'm learning it right now. I know to most of you this seems like no big deal. Your like, so what? You're taking it a month biggie. For some reason it gives me a ton of guilt or something. I mean, not tons...but it took major convincing of myself to feel like I'm not being lazy or something by doing this. But, the truth is- I probably would've failed had I taken the test next week. Who knows- maybe I could've done it, but I would've been freaking out and felt so unprepared. I want to go in to the test feeling so confident and ready.

So I'll probably not take my Auditing test till the beginning of October (cause I can't test in September...and August is study time). Which is fine, I will probably need the two months to study Audit...since I only took one Auditing class in college and learned nothing (no joke).

On to other things- the weather is fantastic! It's like 80's everyday! I rode my bike two days in a row and I can already see I'm getting tanner. Everyone in Idaho whines so much about the heat...when we've only felt it for like 2 days. What the heck?! I say, "It's better than cold!" and then the classic statement, "You can always get warmer, but you can't always get cooler!" To that I say baloney. Go jump in the river. Turn the AC on. Drink ice cold water. Whatever. I don't care. AND- I can't always get warmer. Anyway- I seriously love it. It just makes for a happier time in life.

Clay and I are revving up for Harry Potter in a couple weeks. We have watched Harry Potter 1, and started 2. It was my brilliant idea to watch all of them before the next movie. And seriously- I haven't seen 1-5 in like, years. Especially 1-3. The first one was SO FREAKING CUTE! It was so innocent and fun. You kinda forget about those times in the last ones, cause they are so dark. But it just made me fall inlove with Harry Potter all over again. If you haven't read the books (cough*AMY*cough) you're crazy. They are marvelous. The most brilliant series I've ever come upon.

Well, I suppose that's all. Oh yeah- I'm feeling so much better by the way. The treatments I'm on are doing wonders. I am now a firm supporter of B12 injections (which I give myself), Vit C IV's, and Hydrogen Peroxide IV's (yep). What a difference it makes!

I'm feeling very blessed right now. I hope this feeling sticks:) I know I'm blessed always, I just don't always realize it. Call me crazy, but when the suns out, I can ride a bike, study for the CPA exam, get to work ontime, and watch movies with my's pretty hard not to feel happy. Of course there's plenty things I still want...but whatev. I am satisfied for right now. Things I want will come in due time. I feel like Heavenly Father is completely aware of everything. I know good things are in store for me and Clay...and that as long as we ride out this wave with faith and hope, we'll come out on top. I know that sounds so cheesy...but it's just how I feel. Today I said the words, "Life is what you make it"...I wont go into why I was saying it or to who, but I really do believe that. I have so many reasons I could just lay in bed and be sad and sorry for myself...and people probably wouldn't even blame me for it! And believe me, I have my fair share of days where I do just that. But it never...NEVER makes me feel better, and it NEVER comforts me. I only feel better or good when I force myself to get up and live my life. So, that's pretty much what I'm trying to do.

The fourth is coming up, and I'm so excited. BBQ's, fireworks, and USA pride. 3 of my very favorite things! I am definitely proud to be an American. We are so rich and blessed here. I just wish more people could see that. I guess...I love my country, not necessarily all the people in it :) Anywho, I should end this now before I just keep ranting on about all my life lessons and stuff.

Love you all. Happy 4th. Eat a few smores for me. I will eat a few myself I'm sure.


Amy said...

Woo-hoo for Harry Potter! It feels like not long ago we were getting our books together! Glad to hear you are feel a little better. Stay positive!


Wonderful blog. Mike and I are also going to go through all the Harry Potters in order to get ready for the last one. And I want to try to read the books again, I've just been lazy about it. Right now I'm reading pregnancy books. I am so glad you are doing these injections and IV's, I'm so glad they are workign! And I'm glad the sun is shining. It seriously makes such a difference in life! That is so amazing yoiu have been riding your bike, truly inspiring. I'm excited for the 4th too! I don't know what we're doing, but I'm gonna make sure there are fireworks and smores! love you! OH- and the test- I don't think it's bad or crazy at all to post pone it, I think it's SMART. You have been wizzing through these tests!!!!!!!! I have never thought of you as lazy or slow or any other kind of words like that. You are very smart, and diligent, and wise. I love you!

Jenni said...

It all sounds like GOOD THINGS!! Riding your bike, studying, watching HP... life sounds pretty fabulous! I'm so happy to hear that. AMY HASN'T READ HP???????? SHE'S NUTS!!! Best books ever! :) I read them thanks to you :)

Don't sweat it sister, take your time on the test and you'll do awesome!

Chad and Jessica said...

You should be really proud of yourself for rescheduling that test. Way to go! I can understand feeling guilty about it....I'm similar in that way. I feel guilty if I sleep too much cuz I feel lazy.

HP!!! I'm so happy and sad. Happy the movie is coming, sad it will come to a close, in a way. I didn't start reading the books until the 7th one almost came out...amy has gotta read 'em!

You're a stud!

Megan and Greg said...

I'm glad you recheduled your test and don't you dare feel guilty. Put us in your shoes and judge us- you wouldn't think we deserved any guilt, would you? Silly Danielle. Really. I would never feel guilty. But I'm pretty good at not feeling guilty about things- unless it's really bad. I should probably feel more guilty sometimes. Or alot of times :) You've got a lot on your plate, it's ok to slow it down in ONE area of your life. The first HP is soooo cute. They all are. I just love it. I tend to watch it once a year or so. But I've only seen the newer ones once! I can't believe it! They just keep coming! The last one. Pretty exciting. I'm almost scared to see it. They're getting so scary. I remember I couldn't read the last book at night, because Greg was out of town for two weeks and I was too scared. I'm glad the shots and IVs are working. The IVs sound so crazy. I clean with Hydrogen Peroxide. So it makes me feel like it's cleaning your blood. I mean, maybe it is, but that would be wierd. Obviously, I don't know anything. I'm just so glad it's working. You're so right about life is what you make it. I have nothing to whine about, and yet I do and then I decide- I deserve to sit and watch tv and eat chocolate all day long. And then I do and feel worse than when I started the day. I relearn this lesson regularly. I love you. I'm glad you're doing so well! And YEA for being happy about being American. I'm so sick of all the whiners out there. Our country is AWESOME and AMAZING. Love you.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

What a great blog! You are so amazing!!! I am so grateful for you! You have always taught me so many things in life and about life. I am grateful you are my daughter and an eternal part of my life. I am so happy you are still able to ride your bike, glad you rescheduled your test, reminded us all of not running faster than we have strength (one of my favorite scriptures)glad that you are doing your treatments and shots so now your antibiotics and supplements can do their job, that we live in America, the reminder-life is what you make it and that their are writers like JK Rowling. I love you sooooooo much!!! Thank you for being you!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

oh, and like Megan said, guilt-yuk! I have more than my share, but it never helps, it only makes me feel worse about myself, Satan is the king of guilt, Heavenly Father is the King of love, and peace. Guilt is for the big stuff so we will change. But once the recognition comes that we need to change guilt serves no purpose and then becomes Satan's tool. I wish I was a master at what I believe!!! love you!

Ainsley said...

glad you are feeling better. i swear summer in Idaho is what i imagine heaven being like. i want to move back every day of my life (well in the summer at least).

i'm so glad you like Veronica Mars. okay, everyone thinks we are so retarded for watching it, but seriously best-show-ever... just sad there wasn't a fourth season.

btw, i wish i could have met you while you were down here! next time you come visit we should go to lunch or something.