Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So it was 83 degrees today. HEAVEN! There's nothing quite like blasting country music with my window rolled down, wearin my sunglasses, looking at blue skies. I love it! For some reason I don't listen to country much in the winter time. Its just this weird thing...I associate it with summer time. Hm.

Well, I PASSED BEC! The exam I took last time...I found out I passed. SO HAPPY! Oh my. So relieved. Now I just need to pass the next two tests and I'll be REALLY happy.

So I got this really great idea from my friend Lori. She had these adorable candle sticks and I complimented them, and she said she MADE THEM! So she told me how and I did it and I love em! They are definitely a little rusty and coulda been done better...but whatevs. I am NOT too picky.

Wanna know how to make them? EASY.

1. Get a bunch of candle sticks. If you tell people you're looking for candle sticks, they just might give some to you for free!

2. Mess with them to see which ones look best ontop of eachother. (You will need to mess with right side up...upside down...etc. Just play around with it and see all your options)
3. Glue them together.

4. Spray paint. I didn't even prime them.

Pretty easy! Since I already had all the spray paint from leftover projects, and half the candle sticks were given to me...the whole project cost me $2.18. Not bad...not bad at all. Some of them are a little funky...but I kinda like it that way! It took me long enough to do this. I saw the candle sticks at Lori's house probably like...a YEAR ago. Been meaning to do it since. I've had the candle sticks for months! Just haven't gotten around to it. Finally did it last week. YIPPEE!!!

Well...as always, my life basically consists of Lyme treatments and studying to become a CPA. SO exciting :) I'm pretty much freaking out about my next test, in 3 weeks. I wish I had another week to study, but the testing center doesn't have any room...as of now. Oh well. I'll just have to work super hard. Which is hard. Especially when it's so nice and hot and I feel lazy. And tired.

OH YEAH- I finally gained the courage to give myself the B12 shot! I have to give it to myself twice a week. I was so nervous. But I finally did it, and it wasn't so bad! And I honestly feel like I can already tell a difference. So hopefully soon I'll have more energy. I can't really describe what it's like. Before I found out I had lyme I always thought something was wrong with me cause I couldn't do things like my sisters could, or my mother in law, or mom or really lots of women. They seemed to be able to do SO MUCH no sweat. But I just honestly couldn't. Still can't. But now I realize it's because of LYME. Not cause I'm lazy or I'm not good enough or whatever. What a relief. And I don't mean to say like...I expect to be superwoman when I'm through with this. I just mean...I can make dinner and clean it up without feeling completely spent afterwards. Or...clean the bathroom and do something else too.

Anyway- all that to say, I feel like these B12 shots are gonna help lots. Thank goodness!

Well, I'm off. Till next time.



OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID IT!!!!! AHHHHH My whole body got quesy when I read you did the shot- did clay watch? Did it freak him out? oh my gosh!!!!! You truly are amazing. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad it's making a difference though- that is wonderful. I'm so glad that this part of your life is going to be over soon (the cpa testing). It will be so wonderful to check that off the list. All the more closer to your dreams. That is so awesome it got up to 80's!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you because I know how much you love the sun. I LOVE the candle stick holders! I wish I had an area to put stuff- I don't have any shelving areas in this apt, I have no where to put stuff like that. I love the candles! love you!

Emily said...

Oh man for some reason these are screaming my name. I LOVE them Danielle, so cute! I have to copy!

Giving yourself a shot sounds freaky, but good job!! And congrats on your test, you are a smarty pants. You'll pass the others, no prob. Way to go!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

So, so, cute!!! what a great idea! I love them. I am so glad things are going better! You will be like us someday. I know it!! I'm so glad you are doing your shots and that it isn't as bad as you thought it would be. Glad summer is here for you, still debatable here! And I already congratulated you I am so happy for you about the exam!!1 CPA license here you come!!

Megan and Greg said...

Where do you give yourself the shot? In your arm? Bum? Tummy? I'm curious. Sorry, that would get annoying. Those candlesticks are cool. Do you just bring them out when in use, or are they displayed? I'd like to see them displayed if you have them out on a shelf or table somewhere. Glad about your test. And Amy said the same thing about her cancer. You will have sooooooo much more energy when this is over. I'm glad the shots are working. Hopefully that makes it easier to do. Love you!!!

Lori Killian said...

Very nice! I have been meaning to make a few more for myself... I have like a bajillion projects on my list. I don't know if I will every get them all done. We should have project nights or Saturdays or something... I need a little motivation.

Michael said...

Congrats on the test! im excited for you, you will have to give me some pointers when your all done!

best of luck!