Monday, June 27, 2011

11 things bachelorette

1. FINALLY! FREE AT LAST! I finally realized why I loved Ashley the first couple episodes then hated her. One word: BENTLEY. Blah. So glad that's DONE. And I'm glad she had her little *bleep* you moment.

2. Dentist is gone- FINALLY. I'm so freaking sick of hearing so much WHINING about RYAN! It's obvious that when the only thing you can talk about is another guy, you don't have too much of a connection with the lady.

3. Did everyone else LOVE Constantine and Ben on the group date? They were seriously cracking me up. And I think my favorite part of the group date was that Dentist and Ryan were paired. BAHAH. Or the moment in the elevator with Ames. Teehehe- I totally giggled during that. And I loved when the door opened on them. Ames is so awkward I love it.

4. Ryan shouldn't sport the bearded look. It doesn't suit him well.

5. I was so happy she picked JP for the one-on-one date. He is totally awesome. AND he reacted so well to the Bentley thing. And I think he's good looking- but not the most handsome man I've ever seen?!?!?! Did you think that was a little bit of an extreme description of him?

7. The other guys DIDN'T react well. I really wish she would've handed out the roses and then said, "And Lucas, you need to go home. CYA". But no, she still hasn't gotten all her smarts yet. I seriously think that if they had real feelings for her, they wouldn't be so stupid.

8. Why did Ashley feel like it'd be this great thing to tell them? Of course they'll feel second best. Like...why would they feel happy about it? I dunno. Kinda silly. I get both perspectives though...

9. I think this was the first episode where Ashley didn't say "PerFACT". You know what I'm sayin? Oh dear. I thought if I heard that one more time my head might explode. Kinda like the feeling I get when I hear the name Bentley come out of her mouth.

10. Ashley loves baggy see-through shirts where her bra can be seen ever so slightly. They are cute sometimes, I really do think so- but like...every time? Shake it up a bit...wear a form fitter. Or a solid color.

11. Favorites: JP, Ben, Ames. In that order.

Did you see the preview for the rest of the season?!?! Holy cowsers this is gonna be good.

On a side note- I biked 7 miles today. WOAH! Talk about amazing. I'm gonna do it again tomorrow. Woot woot!


Megan and Greg said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! THat preview made me so MAD!!!! I am so SICK of all this stupidness! I think she's the WORST bachelorette EVER. She's bringing someone back AGAIN! Are you SERIOUS?!?!?! I'm feelin' the same on the guys with you. And she DOES say perfect that way and it IS annoying. Good job on working out! I'm happy for you!

Lizzie said...

Oh my goodness. I haven't noticed the "PerFACT" thing, but can she seriously STOP mentioning Bently. He's gone now, stop talking about hin!

Lucas....why would you keep ANYone who got divorced because they "fell out of love" but still claims he "never gives up on anything." Maybe there's a deeper reason for the divorce and it's just too private to share on tv. But then, the way he reacted to Ashley's honesty?

love jp


hahha- totally agree with everything. And the perfact was driving me crazy too. I had lucas with a passion. I love JP. It looks like she sends him home and then he comes back again? I'm really confused about that, why in the world would she ever send him home? I'm so sick of her saying "now that bently is out of ht eway"... "now that I"m over bently" "now that....bently" OH MY GOSH IF YOU"RE OVER HIM STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. so annoying! love you! And I can't believe all this biking! you are aamzing!- love you!

HeidiT said...

Dido on everything!
Love JP, the clothes were cute a couple of times but now she needs to quite showing us her bras and Ames is SO awkward I just don't know what to think of him.

Ainsley said...

JP is going to win. really there is no one else.

is it bad i really don't like anything about ashley? everytime i watch i think 'i miss ali.'

Suzy1131 said...

Your posts seriously crack me up because you sound just like me. I like JP, Ben, and Ames also, and can't stand Lucas or the Dentist. Constantine doesn't seem into her at all, and he needs to go home. Ryan annoys the crap out of me with all that energy, but Blake was more annoying complaining about him! It was so funny that you mentioned the "perFACT" thing... That annoys me so much. Seriously, I just can't wait til The Bachelor. Sometimes it is just so much more entertaining! Loved the post!