Friday, July 1, 2011

Blondes beware, you are at risk for being a terrorist target.

Or so my friend at the post office says.

Let me set the scene...

I'm at the post office and get out of my truck. You know how when you are a girl and you're wearing a tight shirt with an undershirt you kinda have to pull it down whenever you get up from sitting? Well, that's what I did. All of a sudden I hear behind me,

"You're never going to be able to cover that up"


"You've got the same thing as me and my son. There's no covering it now. And you chose it."


"You might want to consider changing that hair style"

Oh. My hair....huh?

"My son and I were at the fair and there was a helicopter filming from above for the news station and our heads were so shiny it you could point us out from thousands. We were even shinier than the hubcaps. And yeah, it was funny. But on the news that night they were very serious because if you think about it, if that were a terrorist, we would be the first ones they'd go after. And so you might want to reconsider that hair style. And they thought we had wigs on. But we didn't, I said, 'this is real! this is my hair!' and they just were so surprised because you could pinpoint us from up in the sky and that's pretty scary if you think about it"

Yeah, it's real scary here in Idaho. That's my number one fear that I'll get sniped by a terrorist in a helicopter in Idaho...since Idaho is such a target. But...all I could think to say was,
"That's interesting"

"And I mean, I can't do anything about mine. It's natural the way it is and I can't change it. I mean you should be grateful you can look like a woman and so you should really think about your hair style because walking around you never know if a terrorist will be flying above you."

Wait what? What about me looking like a woman? Again, all I could think to say was,
"That's interesting"

Now I have to interject this story and tell you that we are now in the post office standing in line. I can only imagine the expression on my face...but anyway, we are still standing in line and no one has moved and she then says,

"Alright well you have a good day then, Goodbye"

We are still standing in line, the same spot. Both of us. And she just said goodbye to me. The best word to describe this is...awkward. And slightly scary, I might add. I'm not gonna lie, I basically sped walked back to my truck after my transaction was done because I could see her transaction was finishing up too...and this lady was kinda scaring me!

But, you know...I'm a blessed woman. I got away and drove off with no more interactions with her. All I could keep thinking was, "This is something that would happen to Amy". If you don't know my sister Amy, she seriously has things like this happen to her ALL. THE. TIME. Just crazy stories and crazy people. Anyway. My mind is still boggled. I had NO IDEA what to say in response to these comments. Seriously, just try and imagine if you were in my shoes...what would you have said? And this recount of the story doesn't even do it justice. I know that she said way more than I can remember...cause half of what she said sounded like complete nonsense. I had no idea what she was trying to say half the time. But those few sentences I shared...I could understand and remember. Thinking back I should've said- well do you think you were the only blondes at the fair? Maybe your hair is just super special and shiny for some reason. Oh well. She didn't make too much of an impression on me. It's not like I'm gonna go die my hair black now.

The funny thing is, her hair didn't look one bit shiny to me at all.

Oh- btw, I have recently gotten highlights in my hair and look like this (i just realized i don't think i ever mentioned that or put a pic up)
yes, i am aware it's blurry, but I just took it real quick myself and when I finally took a clear picture...i didn't like it cause my humongo zits were way more noticeable. but, you get the picture of how my hair looks...THAT is the point.



hahahah. I told mike about it- haha. love it. It's too bad we couldn't be warned that these things are going to happen to us, because then we could really have some fun with it. love you and thank for sharing- haha

Chad and Jessica said...

LOL! Man, she was so crazy! Thanks for sharing, I love hearing about that type of stuff. I wish my hair were your color....well maybe not, then I might be shot.

I remember a guy in the library going off about how people kept stealing all the books about mushrooms...I loved it.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am still laughing. Great story!!! And you're right Amy seems to attract those kind of people. The part besides the main jist of her messae was that she said goodbye to you while you were still standing there! Oh my, that was great! I needed a good laugh!
love you!!

Kayleen said...

bahahaha! I can't believe that really happened to you! SOOO weird! Her poor shiny-haired-terrorist-attracting son. So funny.


cute picture! You are so pretty!

Megan and Greg said...

Now that is a great story. I just can't get enough of those. Quite a gem you have there. That is just CRAZY!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how CRAZY some people are! Did you say she had a kid? Can you believe some kids are raised by these nonsense believers? I mean, kids are RAISED with these ideas! Anyway, I'm so glad you shared. That is a good one. Oh man, I just looked at it again, the goodbye. That story couldn't be more perfect.

Jenni said...

baaaahahahaha nooo wayyyy!! How did you keep a straight face?! I would have FOR SURE laughed!!! That lady seems to be suffering from some serious paranoia!!!! poor thing! I think your hair looks fab and you shouldn't be scared of terrorists a bit :)

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Funny HA! I can't stop laughing! Oh how crazy some people are. The point being is where do they come from, are they raised by aliens??? I sometimes wonder. Great blog I love you I just read your blog about your putting your exam off and I think that is good for you at this time. It is good to get things settled with your health and I love that scripture you quoted, it is perfect for all of us at times in our lives especially when we are having a hard time keeping our limits in perspective. hugs and kisses

Not quite the Bradys said...

"We were even shinier than the hubcaps.":
I would have said, "Wow! Hubcaps! Maybe you should wash your hair less often." (in a really helpful tone of voice)

"And I mean, I can't do anything about mine. It's natural the way it is and I can't change it.":
I would have said, "You know, you should really go red. Yeah! It would look great on you. Totally!" (in a girlfriend confidante tone of voice) Then add, "If I can choose mine you can change yours." :P