Monday, July 25, 2011

The President and Bachelorette

You know, there are few things in this life that truly truly anger me...but having the President cut into my time with the Bachelorette is definitely one of them.

Just kidding...kinda. If you wanna know what I thought of the President's speech, scroll down to my last fatty paragraph. Warning- I'm kinda a tax dork.

Anyway- did anyone else think Ryan was a complete fool? I just couldn't get over the fact that he didn't even go on ONE complete date and somehow thought she'd be more into him than these three guys that she's met their families and is seriously falling for? He's crazyspice. I just hope so bad he's not the next bachelor.

I swear I have never seen a season where the top two are so close. As far as like...connection with Ashley goes. But, my heart is with JP. So is Ashley's. I just hope she realizes it. I feel really bad for Ben, but at least he's like this big changed man or whatever. But EW- who in the HECK told him to wear that horrific white v-neck shirt? I have nothing against white shirts. I have nothing against v-neck shirts...but that v-neck was way too wide, and that shirt was way to meshy was just EW.

I think the highlight of the whole episode was the bachelor pad previews. Favorite part of previews "I hope she falls 3000 feet to her death" or something like that. Yikes! This is going to be one crazy season! Finally some entertainment. I swear this season with Ashley has been kinda....booooring.

I'm sorry, but President Obama's speech just sounded like a campaign speech to me. He had all these one liners that made NO SENSE. Absolute nonsense! "Everyone under 250,000 income will have no change in taxes" and then less than a minute later "Only millionares, and billionares, the rich will have increase in tax" hello? Are you forgetting about a large portion of Americans and employers and business owners who fit in the 250K-1M range? You know...the people who employ millions and the people who will probably affect the economy most? Yes, lets raise their taxes...the people who actually hire people, so that they have less disposable income, less money to pay employees, therefore...upping the unemployment. Then I loved how he put in there, "And I want to keep that payroll tax cut for you at home"...well, guess what? That wont help a thing! Nope! Because that payroll tax cut isn't saving employers any money. That money just goes to employees pockets, and the employers are paying the same amount. If they are really trying to help the unemployment rate, maybe give the employers a tax cut on THEIR share of payroll taxes. What I love is he said lots of things that would probably not make sense to the average person who doesn't understand taxes and the way it works. But it has never made more sense to me before- that he is talking politics, and he is talking campaign. NONE of his strategy technically made sense. It sounded good, sure...with the compromise talk and what not- but it's not really compromise. It's exactly what the House Rep said- he wants us to pay more so he can spend more. I know I'm opening a can of worms here and people may disagree with me, but seriously- I am annoyed. It's just common sense. Why is it such a bad idea to make cuts only anyway? Lets think about it...the majority- this is the truth- way beyond majority of Americans pay ZERO income tax. The beyond minority of America, the people over 250K pay around 50% income tax on their income. This isn't an exaggeration. Yeah, 50% isn't in the tax schedules, but when you add self employment tax, alternative minimum tax, state income tax, many people are paying 50% tax. When there are SO MANY that not only pay ZERO tax, they get these huge refunds each year! 5k-8k without paying a dime. And it has been my observation, that the majority of these people understand the system, and play it. Yeah, there's a rare person that works hard and gets these breaks or whatever...but I'm telling you, it's rare. And I think my favorite quote of the speech was, "It's not right for a President of a company to be in a lower tax bracket than his secretary" What? I'm sorry Mr. President, but when has that ever happened? Like I said, one liners that have power to sway people who don't know any better I guess. Not that I blame them...its just that I DO know better and it's annoying. Anywho...

Time to study. Woohoo!

PS- One thing I like about Michelle Bauchman is that she was educated in Tax Law. A president who actually understands taxes and the effects they have on the economy? Might be a nice change.


smitters said...

I love that you understand all that mumbo jumbo. Even though politicians say stuff that sounds "good" I know they are just trying to play me. Thanks for the break down, I knew he was screwing with me.


p.s loved that shirt redo post, Ryan even said to me "hey did you see Danielle's post about that shirt? that was really cool."

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love you and I loved this post, yes I would be annoyed if the pres. broke into my progrom, it used to make me angry when that happened. I also like how you talk about the taxes, yes some of us don't understand all the detail you do, but most of us aren't as stupid as they seem to think we peasants are. At least I know when I have no $ left in my checkbook it isn't smart to write a check and spend money I don't have, that is what the gov. is doing now and they think we don't know it. I have news for him most get it. He just wants to borrow more and grow the nat. debt bigger, along with the goverment. Oh well I hate getting on my soapbox sometimes, but more power to you sweetie I wish we would elect someone like M. Bauchman I think she does get it. Hugs and good luck on the test I am praying for you and I am hoping you continue to be energic.

Megan and Greg said...

That was interesting. I didn't even know he gave a speech. I never know. I doubt I would've known anything you said about his tax stuff not even being accurate or making sense. Is the majority of the US REALLY not paying taxes? REALLY? That just seems like a lot. I'm not saying you're wrong, I just didn't know that if it is true. That secretary line is pretty funny though. Oh my gosh, the v neck. Greg couldn't get over it either. I had to tell him to be quiet. This season HAS sucked. She is the WORST bachelorette EVER. I've only seen Allie's season, but it was SO much better. Better hope for the next Bachelorette. She's just been a dummy through the whole thing! I felt bad for Ryan. But it was a little much. I don't think he could be Bachelor.


Our Bachelorette wasn't interrupted. Maybe the time difference? Anyway, love the one liners, especially the secretary- hahahah. I really wonder, like does he truly believe this stuff? Or does he know it's a lie and he just is saying it because he knows the majority of our country will believe it? That's what I'd love to know, like- is he truly an idiot? or just evil? It is so wonderful to have another accountant in teh family who can explain things to us. I love you- oh and bachellorette- yeah- this season has been really boring, and she is such an idiot. I did feel bad for Ryan though, even though I was thinking "why the heck are you here to just be sent home again?" yeah ben dresses really bad. and constantine diving in the waterfalls with his shoes on? and ugly orange shorts. I really hope she picks JP but I'm worried that she and Ben have this goofy chemistry, did you see the outakes? she's never like that with JP. It's so confusing. love you

Suzy1131 said...

I usually agree with your posts so much, but I LOVE Ben! I hope she picks him. I think JP just seems like he might hurt her later, and Ben just seems so loyal and stable. I guess I just like that type of guy better, since that's how my husband is. Also, I disagree with the political stuff, but I won't get into that. Can't wait for Bachelor Pad!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Good for you posting about the pres. speech!!! I love you for that!! :-) I get so sick of people acting like we don't pay any taxes. It gets so frustrating. Not counting the stupid unemployment tax we have paid to all of our loser managers that were fired for cause, but the government takes money from us for some insane reason!!! The government totally protects the dishonest in this world and the lazy. I can't even say all that i would like to say! Love you and love your t-shirt!

The Conger's said...

Oh man Danielle you are just as bad as me, no posts for a week then three in one week. Haha I haven't check here in a bit and missed soo much. I love the shirt re-do, it looks cute. And I am happy you gave me some insight into the debt crisis, thanks. And I am so happy to hear that you have been having a lot more good days with your health.