Thursday, July 21, 2011

The latest

The other day I made fresh squeezed clementine/orange juice and it was FANTASTIC! I decided I pretty much want to do that every single day of my life from here on out. We'll see how that goes.

I'm soaking in the rays. As much as I can anyway. Meaning...I pretty much don't use air conditioning and roll my window down cause believe it or not, I love feeling hot! It makes me happy. And anytime I might for a milisecond think, "wow, it's sure getting hot" I immediately have flashbacks of snow and cold bones and I'm instantly happy because I don't feel that way!

I take my next exam a week from today- so please keep me in your prayers! I seriously need it. I am lacking motivation. I'm still studying everyday, but it's so hard for me for some reason...and I just really hope I pass. I'm pretty nervous about it.

I am in the process of making new pillows for my couch. Meaning, I've made one about a week ago and haven't really continued on to the other 3 pillows. I'm only using fabric that I currently have in my you know, it's not going to be primal, but it will be a HECKA lot better than the current situation. You'll see. Eventually.

I feel like I'm constantly reminded about how I don't truly know how much someone's been through till I talk to them. Or something. I guess I'm reminded that I never have a right to judge someone, cause you never know what they've been through. Someone I visit taught this week was telling us about how when she was 18, her mom died of cancer and she had 5 younger brothers/sisters and had to take care of them. Then later she had breast cancer herself, and her sister wouldn't go with her to the treatments cause it reminded her of her mom, AND- she worked during chemo! I was shocked and she just said, "You do what you have to- that's all" and then it somehow also came up about how her little brother died when he was 10 or something. It was so crazy. It just seemed like this lady had been through so much in her life. You'd never know though! And the weird thing is, it's not like she was just going on to get attention...these conversations just randomly came up. Cause she was the opposite of feeling bad for herself.

Which is opposite of me! Sometimes. Especially times like now when I don't want to study but have to. I feel pretty sorry for myself.

I never did say- but I FREAKING LOVED HARRY POTTER! Oh my. I blubbered my way through most of it. I seriously SERIOUSLY loved it. The whole scene with the snape flashbacks....oh my. He deserves an oscar, I swear. I felt like all the emotional parts, they were spot on. Which are the most important parts for me. There were some differences here and there from the book, but not enough to make me upset! If you haven't seen it- go see it! You wont regret it.

Well, time to study. I have tomorrow off, which is fantastic. But you know...that just means more studying and cleaning. WAHOO! Oh and by the way- when I got my IV's on Saturday it was successful! I just went as slowly as I could (put the drip very very slow) and no blowing veins. I WAS the longest person there basically...poor Clay only takes 1 hour to get his (the same iv's as me) and I take over 4 hours. Oh well. My veins are just puny and his are quite big.




So I skipped the HP paragraph, just incase you gave anything away, so I can't comment on that. I'm so glad you are enjoying the sunshine! That's fun that you're making new pillows. I am the same with my nursery right now, I just can't seem to finish the rest of it! I find if I just do a little here and there it all adds up. That's nice that you're using fabric you already have. Takes alot of discipline! It's so hard to use fab. you already have, when you'd love to just go out and buy new. And to think that the "old" fabric once was something new that you couldn't live with out- ha. But- I know you're going to make awesome pillows because you are so creative, fashionable and so good at making pillows! It is pretty crazy what people have been through. And it is hard to not judge others when we don't know their life story. We will pray for your test and studying. You are almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

AMEN to the Harry Potter comments. I loved,loved, loved it and blubbered my way through also, wanted to cry more but held it back. you will do great on your test! Your dad said (and I agree) that he can't imagine you doing bad. How fun to be making new pillows. I am glad you have tomorrow off. I think Heavenly Father places people in our lives like that when things are hard so we will realize it could always be worse. And you don't talk about yourself and your problems hardly ever!!! love and miss you!

Megan and Greg said...

Crazy vein stories. Sorry life is hard. Just keep thinking- you're on the path. You are so funny about being hot! It makes me laugh. I love hearing about it. I love you. Hang in there. Know we all love you and pray for you. Call anyone of us, anytime.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yeah- HP WAS AWESOME!!!!!! I just watched it on Tuesday. It was the BEST. I loved it. The last ones were so intense and scary (as they were supposed to be) so I just wasn't looking forward to it because I thought it would be too. But I totally handled it. And the parts I remembered (I forgot most of it) were just as I imagined and made me SOOOO Happy. I was so satisfied with Ron and Hermoine's kiss and the ending. I loved it.

Jenni said...

Snape is the greatest Character of all books and movies ever. Seriously-- BEST CHARACTER. Good luck on your test!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I know you will do well on the test, you are always so focused and prepared. Haven't seen HP yet as I haven't been to any movies for awhile. I am so sorry about the veins and maybe a port would be the answer. I didn't realize it, but it sounds like you do it yourself???? I have puny veins also, and it takes foreeeever for them to just get the iv in and they usually do it 3 to 4 times ugh! When you are getting it done, try to visulize something really pleasant, and fun and maybe the time will go faster. I wish I could do something to make the pain better. The snocone sounds like the ones we used to have in TX. they were really yummy too. love you so much and pray for you every day and if I haven't told you lately you are awesome and I think you're most special and I am sorry you had to go through all of this Lyme stuff. Hugs and kisses