Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life Update

This is Dante's usual routine these days. We let him out in our backyard and ye darts STRAIGHT for the fence...that spot specifically, and sometimes for hours, be peeping through the cracks at his doggie friends across the fence. I think there's some sort of relationship going on, cause if those dogs are out in their backyard, you can be sure to have Dante at that exact spot looking through the cracks! He's not creepy...I think he just likes to have friends :)

So last night I tried this new recipe, that I had to adjust cause I didn't have all the ingredients, and oh my goodness me, they seriously are DELICIOUS! They are mint chocolate chip cookies. And they are...GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE (besides choc chips..there are recipes for home made ones but i just haven't gone there yet), DAIRY FREE, EGG FREE...seriously- they are sounding disgusting right? But somehow, with magic- they are delicious! It's still hard for me to believe. I will share the recipe soon I'm sure.

This Thursday is my next exam. If I pass this, I'll be half way there! I'm pretty fuuureakin nervous. I don't feel ready, to be COMPLETELY honest with you- but I'm pretty good at cramming like crazy and then brain dumping. It's pretty much how I got through college! I dunno...we'll see. Please if you remember, keep my stressed brain in your prayers this week that I will pass and remember everything!

Today I'm hoping that when Clay wakes up, he'll still want to do what he said he would a few days ago. I want to go to "Mesa Falls"...they are an hour or so from here, and is supposed to be a REALLY easy walk. The pictures show pavement and everything. So anyway- I really think it'd just be fantastic. I'm not gonna lie, I woke up this morning and my ankles felt stiff and not the best...but I'm so dang sick of staying IN THIS HOUSE. We need to get out more. Especially since it's like 70's today!

Last but not least, have you seen "Under Our Skin"?
This movie is about Lyme Disease. It's VERY informative and gives a way better picture than we are capable of giving you about what patients and doctors go through that are involved with Lyme Disease. Clay, me, and Clay's parents went to this presentation by a Lyme specialist that tours the states, and we watched this movie first then he answered questions and stuff. This movie is on Netflix Instant Play- so SERIOUSLY, if you have should watch it! I just want everyone to watch it so that they are aware of this HORRIBLE disease and what it can do to people. Please watch it. It would mean a lot to me and Clay. Oh, and when you watch it- they talk about Dr Jones, who is still being prosecuted today...anyway- our doctor worked with him for 7 years. You can actually see her in the background of one of the scenes at one of his trials, but it's way too hard for me to describe. I will warn you- this is a pretty depressing movie! I cried a LOT at one point. But the point's just so important. And I feel like I need to say this since it's becoming hiking/camping season:

1. If you get a bulls-eye rash, this means you GUARANTEE have contracted Lyme Disease. Go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY and you MUST get treated with 4-6 weeks of antibiotics. If you do this, it will go away and you will be fine! DO NOT WAIT!

2. If you find a tick on you, and you don't have a bulls-eye rash...this does NOT MEAN you're safe. If within a month of finding that tick you have any of these symtoms, you probably contracted Lyme:
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Joint Pain
  • Fogginess of brain
  • Basically, you will just feel "different"
3. DON'T BE STUPID. Please check yourself, and all your kids for ticks! And if you think your state is "safe"- it's not. If you find ANY TICKS, seriously you need to just be so aware of what's going on with you or your kids bodies until you know for sure that you are fine. you all want to go camping now?! haha...sorry if I'm scaring anyone- but seriously, this stuff should be known. I just wish there was a way I could reach more people about this.

Well, it's time for me to study...BOOOO. It'll all be worth it. I will soon be a CPA! A Certified Public Accountant! That's pretty cool. Aight...cya!

OH yeah- one more thing. I'm kinda thinking of combining all three blogs. I'm so annoyed of updating each one...or whatever. I dunno. It's just annoying- and I bet it's annoying for any of you who follow each of them. Why not just have them all on one?! Sounds good to me.


Brittany Flint said...

awesome we will have to check out that movie! i totally didnt even think about the tick problem that happens in the summer, we will be for sure checking all the time! we really need to get together especially now that it is nice. Good luck on your test!! we know you can do it!!!

Megan and Greg said...

We almost watched that on netflix the other night, but it was too late! I'm glad you mentioned it again, or I may have forgotten. I was really wanting to watch it. That is so funny about Dante. It just reminded me of little kids and funny things they do. Glad you're finding goodies to eat! It makes life so much better! I'm glad there's a good outdoor place for you guys to enjoy! I'm always thinking/doing fun hikes/walks/geocache stuff and then I think, "So sad! Danielle and Clay can't do it!" Well, down the road. I love when you blog. I like to know what's going on in your life! Good luck on your test. Just think, in 3 weeks, we'll be suntanning at the pool with your fatelicious, smiley niece. Love you!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the tick reminder. I've been freaking out about it when I walk with Scarlet, and Greg made this big to-do about how our state is risk free or something. So I'm glad you're saying to be cautious, because that's how I want to be. Especially if I SHOULD BE!!!! I'm pretty sure I'll watch this movie in a few days! Love you! Have fun at the falls!

HeidiT said...

The movie sounds interesting! We went to Mesa Falls a couple of times while I was in school and from what I remember the walk wasn't bad at all. I hope you guys can get out and enjoy the nice weather. Good luck in your test!


danyelli, your ankles hurt? uhhh. that makes me sad, I'm sorry you have any pain. I hope you were able to get out on that trail hike. We will defintely watch that movie, maybe we will do it for family home evening- ha. I think mike will support that idea, (easy planning :) i'm glad you posted the symptoms, because we don't know what they are. Dante is so funny, just like a child. I'm so glad you guys have him. I'm so happy you found another recipe to use!! That is so exciting, you need all the treats you can get! ha. i love you so much- can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we'll keep you in our prayers for the test.

Kristi M. said...

Dante looks like a lion to me from the view for some reason. Dogs are pretty funny. I just reserved that movie at our library. It was already checked out. It sounds really interesting and I figure the more educated I am about anything the better. Good luck on your test. What an awesome accomplishment when it is all over.

Aliese the Writer said...

That thing that Dante sounds so funny. That movie sounds really cool. I'll have to watch it, maybe. I love you! :)

The Conger's said...

Too bad we didn't see this earlier today we would have watched the movie immediately, but tomorrow, we probably will, haha our lives aren't too busy these days. Oh about I am Number Four, I didn't read your post entirely, but as soon as I saw that you put a book review up that you liked I just went to my library web site and reserved it, that was right around May 6th and still no call yet, must be pretty popular. Good luck on your test!

Jenni said...

Combining all 3 blogs is a great idea because I totally follow all of them and I would love that :) Your recipes save us all the time, so thank you!

I am totally fascinated by that documentary. I'm going to watch it.

Good luck on the exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you, and I know you're going to SMOKE IT! We were in IF last weekend and I wanted to stop by it was just the crazy busiest 2 days. Sorry :( Love you!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

combine the blogs that will make life easier! We watched the movie today. It was sobering but comforting in other ways. I am grateful to know that your doc has worked with that sweet man. I'm grateful that Seattle has left her alone! I hope they continue to leave her alone. I'm so grateful you found her. We pray for her and you two all the time. It sounds like soooooo many peopld have Lyme. It makes me sad that there are such evil people on the earth. I told your dad that probably the reason aids and hiv het so much funding and attention is because they have to do with Gays. I hope this movie becomes more popular and that more and more people become aware. That is so cool about the cookies! And i love the Dante pic. He probably is fascinated by the other dogs, especially if they are smaller than him. Oh I put your necklace on a blouse on a hanger and it looked really cool. I am going to finish a skirt I started years ago this week and wear it on Sunday. I would wear it to WW's but we are doing a 5K for the meeting this week. Will blog it! I am so excited to have a camera again! love and miss you!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am going to watch the movie, and I hope everyone does and they become more aware of the reality of Lyme's. I am so happy you found a great goodie recipe, everyone needs a treat now and then. I think Dante is so funny and he is just curious, as he probably thinks he is a people as he hasn't been around very many dogs. I am so glad you have him, as it gives you something to care for and that loves you completly and unconditionly. What a blessing. Hugs and lots of love and I will be praying for you as always.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that first picture is great :) haha