Friday, May 20, 2011

The Exam

So I took the BEC (Business Environment and Concepts) portion of the CPA exam yesterday. Just so you know, I think I forgot to say this part, I wont find out my score till the end of June. Pretty stinky. But anyway, so I don't know how I did! I can tell you that I felt okay about it. Not great, not bad...I dunno. I'm just so scared to say anything in case I didn't pass.

I am now on to studying for my next section. I am going to schedule it for July 8th I think. This topic is "Regulation" or REG. It covers tax, and law....generally speaking. Which HOPEFULLY will be to my advantage since this is my Who knows. I'm still studying it like I would any other section. I am starting studying today. Thought about breaking for a couple days...but I just want to get this sucker over with. AND- I am going to California in a couple weeks (YAY!) and if I stick to the schedule I mapped out, I can totally go to California without studying. Meaning basically a week break! Hoorah! Huzzah! So I am fine with hittin the books now and not stressing and studying while in sunny California.

Today I don't have work, so I have a ton of stuff to do. Dishes (been neglected for quite some time...), sort pills into pill boxes, health food store, study 2 hours, I SHOULD vacuum but really...i dunno if that will happen. I really really want I'll probably make those :) I guess I should get started!

I'm so tired. SO excited for California. A week of laying by the pool. With my sisters and mom. And adorable nieces and nephew. And not worrying about the CPA exam. Okay- I will probably worry about it...but not have to study. That will be fabulous.

Alright- have a good weekend! I hope you have better weather than cloudy gloom (again, so excited for California).



I'm so glad the test is over with, and I really think you passed it. You are wizzing through these so quickly, you are going to be done before we know it! I'm so excited to see you in CA! And I'm glad you won't have to study. LOVE YOU- oh yeah- we never talked about haley getting kicked off?

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

I'm glad you have one more done. I envy how organized you are with your life. You are so much like your grandma Arnold in that way.I am glad you get a week off! I am excited too! love you!!!

Aliese the Writer said...

I'm glad you feel good about the test. I'm sure you did great.

I'm so excited to see you when you come to California! I can't wait to see you! And then we are going to our dad's soon after that when we go to Idaho. I'll get back to you on that so we can plan to get together (hopefully)! I love you! :)

Jenni said...

End of Juneee?!! That is ludacris! How rude of them! I am pretty much 100% positive that you did awesome, because you always do, Danielle you are So SMART! I'm so proud of you!

That week in cali sounds pretty fabulous right about now and is just what you need and deserve!

Love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so happy you are done with that part of the exam, and I have been praying for you to retain the things you have studied about. I am sure you did well and it is rude of them to make you wait for the results so long. What a let down. I think you are so lucky to get to go to CA and be with everyone there so fun. We will probably miss it, as we really need to watch our pennies for now. I love you and I am so happy that you are my granddaughter. Hugs and kisses think of me when you are at the poolside.