Monday, May 23, 2011

Bachelorette: Episode 1

Well, it's that time again. And my goodness, I'm so happy!

First off: I am loving Ashley. I know she gets on people's nerves...but I just adore her! Plus I respect a woman who admits to her faults and mistakes. She is sooo cute and pretty and I think she's great. Of course except that she's another idiotic woman who falls inlove with the #1 scumbag...hello? We'll get to that later. Actually, no. Lets start with the big fatty elephant in the room:

Lets get the obvious out of the way. He's from Salt Lake City...divorced...meaning, the friend that called Ashley to warn her about him would be none other than: MICHELLE! Surprisingly...I would trust her! But it just frustrates me...I mean, what a FUREAKING jerk that isn't attracted to her, wishes it was Emily, but sticks around??!?! I hate him! How does she fall inlove with him? Seriously- why does this keep happening to all the bachelorettes? Gillian- Wes. Ali- Frank. Ashley- BENTLY. It's like an abusive family or just keeps going down through the generations. Will it ever stop?!?!?!

How bout ol Masky?
I get want her to know YOU. The real you...not your looks. But I's a little odd. I did however get some good laugh OUT LOUD moments when they showed him in places like the balcony...with intense music...or you know, ON THE TOILET. What the heck?! When have they EVER in bachelor-history shown someone takin a poo on the toilet?! No thanks. No....thanks.

How about this guy?
"and maybe when we are inside you could take a picture of me with Chris Harrison????"

What?! hah- this was SO AWKWARD for me. It was for Ashley too- I could tell. I seriously couldn't stop thinking how that is how I would act if I were on the set of Gilmore Girls or something. Like...I'm just so super stoked cause I'm a ginormous fan I want pictures of everything...but not really looking for love? Who knows.

Here are my front-runners:

I was actually really surprised this guy became one of my front-runners cause at first I was thinking...oh dear, he doesn't have a chance. He's a cell-phone salesman? We've got lawyers, finance guys, big honcho solar construction guy...blah balh. Well anyway- I just love his personality! He just seems so happy and full of life, perfect for Ashley.

He was just real sincere and sweet. I like him a lot. But I's like, he just almost seems TOO sweet. I think Ashley needs a little spunk in her man.

I also liked both the dark shaggy haired guys. But there isn't much to say about them yet.

Oh yeah- and I loved the end. Could we really have when an episode without a ridiculous moment of crying when there is absolutely no good reason for that person to cry? This GUY starts CRYING he gets kicked off after like 2 HOURS of meeting Ashley. At first I thought it was ridiculous- I still do- but at the same is ALMOST more of a rejection to get kicked off the first night than any other night. Cause it's like...out of 25 guys, I was the worst? YEESH! I must suck a lot. That definitely would hurt. But I'm sorry- that's a little humiliating to cry about it on national tv.

All I know is this is gonna be great! When is it not? Seriously. I always say it, and I will continue to say it I'm sure- this is good television. Bachelor writers/producers/whatever...brilliant. I mean...I'm already heartbroken for Ashley over Bently, and I haven't even seen it unfold! Sigh.........till next week!



HAHHAHAH oh man, after I read your post, I feel like I can't even write one because you word it so perfectly, I feel like I should just put a link to yours. Oh man. So funny- ok well there's too much to respond to- so I'll just write my own- hahah i've been looking forward to this post. love it. love you

Megan and Greg said...

Oh man, I missed that toilet shot. Was that in a preview? Oh yes, I couldn't agree more. Oh man, now i'm thinking of mask man with phantom of the opera music or whatever it was. SO FUNNY!!!! His mask is just so crazy in general! It's so bulky!!! And yeah, what is up with Ashley, "I just hope he's not really good looking." Like that takes care of everything bad? What the heck? He's a jerk, but cute, so it's ok? Lame. I can't help but wonder if they're just making it look that he's a jerk. Maybe it was all out of context, though it doesn't SEEM like it. But why would they put it ALL out there, unless they were playing with us??? They ALWAYS PLAY WITH US!!!! I can't wait!

Kayleen said...

so funny. we obviously love these posts, so keep em coming. Couldn't have said it better. Although, I won't lie, i slightly teared up watching that guy crying at the end. He just needed a hopeful hug.

You, are funny!

Neal said...

Oh man, okay I'm on Neal's account again but this is Susan. I love that you always post about the Bachelorette. So far my favorite of the guys is William. I love that he does impressions and makes all the other guys laugh. Plus he is really sincere in interviews, and I liked him when he and Ashley talked. I think they would be a good match (from what I've seen). I like the solar panel guy because he seems to really care about the environment and he seems really romantic. However, I totally understand what you mean about how he's TOO nice. That can be a bore. haha. I'm looking forward to this season. I can't help but think that they might script some of the things on the show about Bentley, or the masked man. And filming him on the toilet was SO WEIRD. Love the post, keep 'em comin'!