Thursday, March 3, 2011


I realize I haven't posted for almost a month! Here's what we've been up to...

Beginning of February- I experienced pain like none other in my stomach and soon realized a smidgen of what Clay had been going through for months...while on pills. To give you an idea...I got through the entire first season of Gilmore Girls in less than a week...basically because I got home from work, ate, and laid in bed till sometimes past midnight cause I couldn't fall asleep cause it hurt so bad! Lyme Disease ROCKS.

We went to our Doc appt around Feb 18th or something...and great news! We have Parvo! Or some sort of parasite. At least that's what we are thinking. Cause we shouldn't be feeling like death, and we were both on an anti-parasitic pill that you would think would get rid of the parasite, but no- it just angers it! So she took us both off that pill, and we are doing just dandy! Woopee!!!

I basically watch a LOT of tv. It's pretty annoying cause I feel like I have no life...but it's kinda all I can muster up the motivation to do.

It's March, which is basically great because that means it's BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yessss! That always makes me happy. I will be turning 23. On March 30th. Feel free to send me gifts or something :)

One thing that basically changed my life, was the non-cheat no bake cookie! Holla! This has been saving my never-ending cravings for chocolate.

Sugar free, gluten free no bake cookies :)

Other than all that exciting business (sarcasm), I've been working. Rah rah rah. Soooooooo fun.

See? This is why I haven't written in almost a month.

One thing also that we started was this chiropractor office in Pocatello that does intravenous vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, glutathione, and ozone. It's basically to help get our immune system up. Clay has already seen improvement! (He's been more times than me). So that's good. They treat lots of Lyme patients...but we feel like we need our Seattle Doc to fully kill off this thing.

I'm finding that being a sunbeams teacher is probably the hardest calling I've ever had. I've taught 3 different ages in primary, and this is by far the most emotional age group I've experienced. It's insane! One kid is like an escape artist. And I just really love how when I'm in high heels and this kid is bookin it down the hall in church, multiple people from the ward see him, giggle and smile at me. Oh, don't worry- it wouldn't help me at ALL if you grabbed him. Instead, I'll just chase him down until he runs into the PRIESTHOOD room where all the men are. No, I didn't go inside. I waited at the door and after like 5 minutes, some genius finally realized it'd be nice to grab him and bring him to me. Like I was going to chase around a 3 year old boy that is barely potty trained infront of a bunch of men. No thanks. Anyway- then there's the fact that like...2 of the kids for some reason decide that I'm not a very cool person and refuse to look at me or let me do anything for them. And occasionally glare at me. It's weird ya know? Last week they are fine with me, this week...nope? I tell ya, the most DRAMATIC age group I've ever taught. But you's pretty funny when they pray without help. One girl kept trying to bless Thomas and Carl (dunno who they are) and a boy in the class kept interupting her and saying, "No, it's Thomas S MONSON" and she would say, "No it's Thomas and CARL" and they would go back and forth in the middle of her prayer. And last week one of the boys kissed another girl. On the lips, yep. My goodness.

Well...that's about it. Cya.


Jenni said...

I've been wondering where you have been! I am so glad you guys are feeling a little better. Improvement at all is great I'm sure! You are SO STRONG for living without gluten and sugar. Seriously- PROPS! And I LOVE the stories about your class!! I'm sorry that you have to deal with it, but it really makes for some kinda funny stories :)

Kristi M. said...

Sunbeams just crack me up. Wait until you have a 3 year old of your own and you will really understand how crazy they are. Threes were the hardest for me so far. Crazy age. The cookies actually look pretty good. Hopefully spring will brighten your spirits.

Kayleen said...

good to hear from you. I've been waiting for your bachelor updates. I'm sorry you've been feeling so sick. Happy early birthday too!!


that was great! Amy and I laughed and laughed! I wonder do any of those people think he's your son? (the runaway) You'd still think they would help!!! I am so glad you guys are feeling better! The no bakes look good. We have some sugar free candy at the candy store, Amy and I were going to research and see if it is truly ok. Well let you know. She gave us a sample and it was really good. Someday you will feel great and be able to do whatever you want! But for now you are doing the best you can! I love and miss you!!!

Lizzie said...

your sunbeam class sounds hilarious. really funny. BUT a LONG 2 hours. Sorry. Is it just you or is clay in there with you?

are the no bakes out of the agave book? they look really yummy. i kind of want to make them. right now.

love you.

Richard and Allison said...

What chiropractor? Maybe some time when you guys come we can get together?

Megan and Greg said...

OH MY GOSH DAN!!!! I am laughing SO HARD!!!! I had sunbeams and it was SOOOOOO HARD! Everything you said! Them running away, crazy prayers. Kids are INSANE at that age! Someone always ended up crying, and one of them took out his penis in a flash before I could stop him! It is such a hard calling. When they are running and you see people I would just say, "Grab him!" Or ask "oh, can you grab him?" and then maybe they will. I can totally envision it. People just don't think. Nobakes are the best. I'm glad you found them and you don't have to feel guilty. Too much tv, I'd say I know how you feel, but I probably don't. I watch a lot when I feed Scarlet. I'll have to think of shows you may not have seen. Have you seen Prison Break? It is SCARY but AWESOME at the same time. The first 4 or so seasons were on netflix instant play, but I couldn't handle it anymore after the first. It made me afraid. Do you ever watch Man vs Wild? Colbert Report? It's a really funny political show (It's liberal, but I think you would like it. Greg and I love it, it's hilarious). I love Hell's Kitchen, Greg hates it. Shudder . . . Kitchen Nightmares. I'll keep thinking. Oooo, there are so many good documentaries on Netflix instant play. Though, they're not very uplifting. Freakonomics wasgood, especialy if you haven't read the book. But you see a girl in a thong for a bit, if you end up watching it with Clay. Well, I love you. I hope you're feeling better.

katy said...

How sad you have been so sick. I can't imagine having stomach pain like that. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Those cookies look so good. Are those oats? I feel bad for you with that calling. Little kids in bulk are hard. I hope I never get that calling or nursery. I helped in nursery one day and was almost crying by the end. To think of you feeling sick having to chase kids. What a bummer. Cool you there is a doctor kinda by you to help you immune systems. Well, you are still in my prayers. Hope you get feeling WAY better soon.

The Conger's said...

Where to start? Well first off a sympathy message for all freaking pain. I am so sorry you are going through that. And I am sure with all that going on you didn't quite think about all of us selfish stay at home moms that depend on your whitty blog remarks to keep us going, it's no wonder that you didn't relize it had been a month since you last wrote but, over here in PA we have been check this little blog nearly every day hoping for some new material to read. Haha. The Sunbeam story was a big pick-me-up, thanks. Seriously thought I really do hope you two can feel improvment soon. We do pray for you and wish you the best. I'll be looking forward to the next post.


MOm read this outloud to me when i was at the coast- and we were laughing so much over the sunbeam stories- haha. love it. It does sound exhuasting though, and your coment on the people near by just watching you runa fter a kid- hahaha, I can imagine the whole thing. I'm so glad that your stomach is feeling better, and I'm so glad taht you found a treat that you can eat- I love you-

Aliese the Writer said...

Holy cow, the sun beams are funny. That is really funny that some of them kissed! That wasn't very nice of all those people just looking at you and not helping at all!

Those no bake cookies look so good! Do they taste the same as normal ones? Oh well. I love you! :)