Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Mornings

I LOVE! Oh dear. I think that's the single positive thing about working for me (besides the whole money thing), is it makes Saturday mornings sooo blissful.

I can be lazy and take my time, I can make breakfast, I can gather my nice little thoughts (cause Clay sleeps in WAY past me), I open the blinds and let the natural light come through (even though it's cloudy and I would much rather have sunshiney)'s just nice.

Normally we have our IV treatments in Pocatello....but what do you know? Somehow it was forgotten to make an appointment. Normally, we have to wake up at 6:30 AM and be ready to go as soon as possible, to get down to Pocatello as soon as possible, so we can get our 3ish hour long treatment done as soon as possible, and get home by 1:30 if we are lucky. It makes having lazy mornings pretty impossible. So, though I'm kinda upset we didn't get our IV treatments (since they help a LOT with my energy level), I'm happy to have my Saturday morning.

I have thought about some goals I want to accomplish. My life has kinda become deadish since the whole Lyme disease thing. I feel like I wake up, rush to work, warm up dinner, and collapse on the couch/bed watching tv shows. What a lifeless life right? I used to have a lot more hobbies it seemed. So here are the goals I want to work on starting NOW:

1. Work on being a better people picture taker. I LOVE my camera. I LOVE taking pictures of inanimate objects. Like...pillows and food. ha. When they don't move, or have life...I seem to do okay. Whenever I try to take pictures of people, or anyone that is moving? I seem to have problems. I would REALLY like to get better before I have little kiddos running around. And I like taking pictures, so it'd be nice to work on something specific. Hopefully I can non-awkwardly find random people to take pictures of :) Cause Clay isn't the most willing participant! Unless I want angry looking faces in every pic. No thanks.

2. I pretty much am fearless in the home-decor sewing biz. I in no way think I'm the's just that it's gotten to the point that I see something I like, and I figure out a way to make it. I mess up a lot, but I just dive in and don't care, I've become fearless. One thing I am NOT fearless fact I'm completely a SCAREDY cat- is the clothing arena. I want to become fearless with clothes. So, I want to work on making clothes/altering clothes, etc. I feel like if I just take the leap, and try a few things...pretty soon I'll be fearless at that too. Hopefully :)

3. Reading. I used to read ALL-THE-TIME. Some of my friends that knew the old Danielle who read a lot, always ask "Read anything good lately?" and...unless I want to embarrass myself and say..."uh...yeah,", there's NADA. Seriously- that's the extent of my reading these days. Celebrity gossip! I miss reading. I used to LOVE it, and get so into the story and it just felt a lot better than tv. I hope to start reading more. You know those kindle commercials? They are good. I always say to myself, "I need one of those" after I see one. I am sooo not one of those people who think, "I love the feel of books and highlighting things". Nope. Don't care! I fully love just reading good stories. I don't really care if it's on the computer, hardback, paperback, phone, or anything. As long as I don't want to put it down, I like it. The only thing about the kindle though, anyone know if there's a library connection? Like, you can connect to your local library and rent books or whatever? I need to look into that.

4. My hair. This is something I've never been good at. But I am so sick of just the same ol straight every stinkin day. I have different things I could do with it...I just need to do it. That is another goal I want to work on. Doing different things with my hair.

Well, my Saturday morning is officially spoiled. It's snowing! Maybe another goal I could have is to convince Clay's company he works for to move to California.

Being that I AM limited in the things I do lately...I know I'm not gonna master these things immediately. That's why I said goals I'm going to WORK on. Slow and steady.

Alrighty..till next time!

PS- If you are gluten-free, look on my blog for a gluten-free german pancake recipe. It's purty good.


Megan and Greg said...

I'm so glad you're finding recipes! It makes me wonder if it's your taste buds changing or you've just really found the golden recipes. Do you have those IV things EVERY saturday??? Eck! But I guess it's a good thing. Goals are always good. As for finding picture people, I don't think that will be a problem. You could even put it on Craigslist and just offer a free shoot, and explain your practicing so they don't expect too much. But it's free! So who wouldn't want that? I sure would. Or just spread the word at church if craigslist seems to wierd. I didn't know you were afraid of clothes. You'll get really good at it now. Books . . . I am reading These is my Words and I think it's gonna be really good. There is a second long rape though, that really surprised me, not in a good way. But it's SERIOUSLY quick. I would've handled it better knowing in advance. 3 Cups of Tea was really good, a little heavy, but a good read. I can't think of anything else, right now. Hair, I am in the same boat with ya. My life story, except for 5 years. Have you ever thought of getting a perm? Soak up all the Saturdays you can, 'cause once the baby comes, sleeping in is OVER.

Kristi M. said...

I was also going to suggest just asking your friends at church if you can photograph their kids or even their families. I would totally jump on that. One of my friends at church did our family and then my siblings pictures for practice. Check out my friends photography business blog: for inspiration or ideas on people pictures. She is amazing in things she thinks up. I too want to get back into reading. Right now I am reading The Alchemist. Pretty interesting so far.

Ainsley said...

i love my kindle. i don't know if it connects to the library? that would be cool... i kinda don't think it does. there are a bunch of free books though. i alternate between reading a free one and reading a purchased one (they are only like $6.) i try to read a book a week... but normally i only get to 3 month... so maybe i buy 2 books a month... that is only $12 a month to support my reading obsession. that is pretty affordable in my mind. plus i never have to get off the sofa to read any book i want.

sorry i never emailed you about the crocheting thing. hope it is going well. i also learned in YW and i also just tie a knot! haha... it works. good luck.


I was at jacob's this weekend,a nd he made gluten free waffles, adn they were like some of hte best waffles I'd ever had! It was crazy! Cause usually I'm not a waffle person. I'm glad you were ablet o just sleep in and do what you wanted for a change. Your goals: once you find a good pattern for a skirt, shirt, dress, you will be ona roll, cause then it's just a matter of changing them slightly to get a different look. You are so talented, so gifted in sewing, you NEED to make clothes. The clothes you made in your classes were SO BEAUTIFUL. If you jsut bite teh bullet, you will be pleasantly surprised. Ofcourse- I have had my share of shirts that I tried to make and then thrown in teh garbage! ha. Teh hair- if only we coudl have that same motivation to look good that we had in highschool :) Yeah I struggle in that department too- only mike is boring- he doesn't like creative stuff- he just likes my hair "fixed". When I try somethign different he thinks it's wierd- ha. Yes, you do need to convince clay's company to move to california. Coudl you imagine? ahhh. I'm so glad you are finding recipes that are working for you. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Aliese the Writer said...

I am glad you got your Saturday morning. I so like to just be lazy sometimes, but I always regret it because I just waste the day away. I don't like it.

Those goals are great. I am working on the same reading goal and am doing really well. After I finished the Harry Potter books I sorta stopped cause everything seemed dull and boring compared to them. But now I am reading Little Women and am half way through. I am very proud of myself.

Okay, when I say this I'm not trying to sound like an expert because I don't really know much, but I am taking this from personal experience and from Lizzie's example. When taking pictures of people it is best to do it outside where there is color. Even outside there when it seems dull, in the right picture the brown trees will really stand out. I have taken pictures inside and they look so dull and depressing. Also, Lizzie takes pictures at an angle a lot.

I love you so much! :)

Penny Cluff said...

I like your hair. I was sad to hear what your Saturdays are like with your treatments. They must seem like a time robber. By the way, Casey is my favorite on Idol also. I could not believe he was in the bottom three and got saved by the judges last week. Is America crazy? He has more talent than anyone on there. Walt does't watch it so I record it and watch it when he is at bishopric. One time a couple of my grandboys came over to hang out while I watched Idol. They loved that I was into it and nobody even knew.

Lizzie said...

your ipad is like a kindle isn't it? i'm pretty sure it can be both.

i am so sick of my hair lately. i feel like unless i curl it, i look like one of those moms who "let herself go" which is oftenish.

pictures....practice taking them of dante! he's cute and moves around.

i love how you are brave and try anything home decor/sewing wise. i love it. i have so many projects i want to do at the new house. hopefully i actually do them. that's aNOTHER reason for you to move here. i can be your home decor partner and we could do it TOGETHER.

i love you so much.

Megan and Greg said...

2 weeks Dan???? We need a little something! Love . . .

Amy said...

I know I'm a little late reading this post but you should join it's where I have been getting most of my book ideas. Hope you are well. :)

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

yea for you that you found a good German pancake recipe!! Loved the blog. The way to become fearless with clothes is to make them. I know what a suggestion, but true! :-) The hair thing, I am the same way, I think I am scared to try different things, how ridiculus is that!! I had stopped reading too until yesterday. I borrowed a book from Lizzie. I totally agree, reading is more fulfilling than TV. Not ready for the kindle yet. Only when I am on a plane do I want one. Maybe go to the park and ask some mom if you can practice taking pics of her kids? I'm glad your Saturdays are good, and that you will soon be getting most of your Fridays off! love you!!