Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello! How are you?

I know I haven't posted much. It just seems like such an effort sometimes.

What have we been up to?

PRISON BREAK! Holy Cowsers? Have you seen this? Clay and I are addicted. Michael Scofield is da bomb. This show is pretty crazy and creepy though! It's definitely not one for the easily scared/obsessive compulsive/anxiety prone people (hint know who you are). But Clay and I literally just lay in bed and watch like 3 episodes in a row. It's fantastic.

BIRTHDAY! I'm 23 now! Pretty cool pretty cool. I got some great gifts and have some play money, so I am happy. Patty made me this scrumtious Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake. And let me tell you- it's even better than it sounds! She did a great job.

WEATHER! I am sick of this bi-polar personality of Idaho weather. One day it's spring, next day winter. Decide already! I just want summer. Everyday of my life, please.

WORK! Busy...but soon over. Tax season, anyway. Which means I will switch to the whole...only working every 3rd Friday dealio. YES! This makes life so much better. Having an extra day in the weekend really brings joy to my life :)

PANTS! I altered these pants and I got like...lots of compliments on them! Yippee! I barely ever get compliments ever anymore, so this made me feel great. Then I come home and Clay says he likes my outfit, but isn't quite sure on the pants. Oh dear. I'll put on pictures later...

LYME DISEASE! Clay and I are truckin on with our hundreds of pills (literally). I take over 400 pills a week! Meaning almost 2000 a month. That's pretty impressive. Clay and I have been talking and we both feel like we are getting better. So that's always good news. However, it's still such a slow process. I'm feeling very motivated right now to get better. I want to have a baby so bad and in order to get there, we both have to get a LOT better.

BIKE! I think I want a bike. I used to have one and I loved it sooo much. I think it'd be good for me too! So if anyone in the area knows of a good bike for free or cheap, let me know! You know what I really want though? A cruiser. Yum. Those bikes are just beautiful! I was thinking I could possibly ride my bike to work once it's officially nice outside. I'd have to ride on some pretty busy streets though...which isn't too fun...but I would always ride on the sidewalks. And be careful.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I will try to be better. Sorry there's no pictures.



haha- love your posts. Ok- it really sucks, because Mike and i want to get rid of our bikes! So you could have mine for free! Everythign here is hills, so we definetly won't be riding bikes here. I'm so sorry about the weather. But it won't be that way forever, because eventually you are going to be my neighbor. That's so greay ou have play money- it's so nice to have free money. I'm so glad you are going to get your friday's off- that will make life so much better. I'm so glad you think you are getting better. Can't wait for you to have a baby! hahah=- loved your hint hint on the prison break- hahah. oh and I loved the clay and pants story- hahaha- such a guy thing- they just dont' know fashion. so annoying! love you!

smitters said...

Everything you do fascinates me. Does that make me weird? I hope not. Lets see those pants! I need to stop making blankets all the time and start making some fun clothes already. Happy late Birthday!


katy said...

Wow...first off, 400 PILLS A WEEK IS A LOT. I can't even believe that. You guys are so cool. I have to take one a day and I forget sometimes. I don't know how you would remember all of those pills. I am so happy you are feeling like you are getting better. You guys seem so strong and have such good attitude I bet you will both get to 100%. I know what you mean about the weather. Utah is kinda that way too. Hot one day freezing the next. I kinda like it though. Good job on your pants. I want to sew like you and your sisters. You guys are awesome. I think a bike sounds like fun. I can picture you biking around.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

That is sooooo many pills! I am so glad you are both feeling better. I need to call you and talk about your food and when you are going to need more. I can see you on a cruiser! I think everyone is sick of winter, it seems to never want to go away around here!! love and miss you!!!

Aliese the Writer said...

Oh my gosh, that is a lot of pills! But I am so glad to here that you feel like you are getting better. I hope your weather gets better. It seems like being in the cold makes everything worse. We'll get a taste of it soon. We are going Idaho and Utah this week, which brings me to say or ask... if you have any time to see us at all! We will be going to Idaho the 21 and going back to Utah the 23. So, get back to me on that. I'll email you about it, too. I love you! Hope to see you soon! :)