Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are the judges deaf?

My fav's:

ABSOLUTELY my number one fav is CASEY!
Seriously love this guy. I have loved every performance. Clay and I were rockin out to his Nirvana performance tonight. LOVE him. And I love that he's goofy! I feel like we'd be friends if we went to the same high school.

Next fav, PAUL!
His voice is SO awesome. And I love the way he smiles and moves while he sings. I know a lot of people DON'T like the way he moves on stage...but I love it! He is super cool and laid back but so good. Clay's thoughts? "I hate his shoes. And his pants. I hate the way he walks around. He sounds the same every time. He's stupid." hah. Oh well. Good thing he doesn't vote!

These next ones are pretty much all even for me...
Haley- i LOVE her. She is so cool too. I felt so embarrassed when I saw her lipstick on her face...but she just laughed it off! I personally LOVE that she does totally random songs that aren't in the same genre. I love all the things she does with her voice. She's got pipes. This is one where I feel like the judges are way off on. She rocks.

James...well, the thing is- I love his personality and I think he's a really sweet guy! And he sings good...but sometimes he sings bad...and sometimes he screeches. He just....really aint no Adam. That's all I'll say about THAT.

Scotty- I think this is the one guy that could be on the radio TODAY and no one would think he came from Idol. He is so good. I love closing my eyes when he sings cause he sounds like a 40 year old country singer...then I open my eyes and he's this awkward teen that leans. LEANS. Have you noticed that? If not, pay attention and he LEANS to the side SO MUCH. Holy smokes it's one of those things where I'm like holding my breath waiting for him to straighten up.

The obvious:
She's just freakin good. But nothing too exciting or anything...

Lauren is good- obviously. I agree with everything the judges say on her...but her personality is a little too much for me! She is always trying to be funny...and she simply...isn't!

As for the others...

-Stefano is way too intense when he sings. I feel like he's in pain and FORCING so much. I find myself feeling really really tense while I watch him.

-Jacob Lusk...I seriously don't get. He always does some horrible note in the middle, and he too- is way too intense and OUT OF CONTROL!

-Speaking of OUT OF CONTROL- Naima is seriously seriously SERIOUSLY crazyspice out of control. And not good. I'm sorry...she's just not.

-Karen...aka Selena worshiper- in Clay's wise words..."It's American Idol..not spanish Idol" the sad thing is...she's a really beautiful singer, she just simply doesn't have the strength. Her voice is too weak, and too normal to go too far.

-Thia Megia- really i LOVE her. She seriously sounds like Michael Jackson to me...and she seems sweet. But she's starting to get boring. I want her to stay though, and prove me wrong.

That's basically it. Loving this season though. Steven Tyler ROCKS. He is like my favorite part of the show. Even though he was wearing an outfit tonight that I could totally see on Paula...


Megan and Greg said...

That last line was FUNNY. I haven't watched IDOL in years. Uh, Steven Tyler, I keep hearing good things about him. He reminds me of Micheal Jackson in that he LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN, but not in a good way. I guess, IS there a good way for a man to cross dress? The answer is no, so they just shouldn't. Well you've got me all curious now. About the show.

Lori Killian said...

I HATE Naima!!! She bugs me soooo bad! I literally cringe sometimes. I love Casey too!! I have a huge crush on the guy!

HeidiT said...

I'm still pretty undecided about this years singers. I think I like one better and than the next week it changes. I do know that Jacob drives me crazy, why do they think he sounds so good, uggg?!
That's so funny about Steven Tyler's outfit because I thought the same thing!

Kristi M. said...

Paul and James are probably my two favorites. Paul is so different. The way he moves the way he sounds. For the girls, Pia is really good. She is the same from week to week but so consistently good. Scotty totally sounds like a 40 year old and then I squint my eyes and stare at him remembering that he is so young with such an old voice. Jeff and I had to chuckle at the decade songs. Every time they would announce a year, we would say how old we were at the time. Their song choices were totally dating us. Jeff always comments on Steven Tyler's lips. Always does. It makes me laugh and I have to remind him that his daughter has the same ones.

Emily D said...

I agree with your review! My favorites keep changing depending on the week! I think this competition is so intense because they are all equally good! I do hope Jacob and Naima leave soon and I hope Thia starts singing something interesting.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Well, that was interesting. I love, love, love, Jacob, he is by far one of the best singers I have heard on idol. I get goose bumps every time he sings. I love him. Next or the same I love Scotty! I felt the same way about the leaning, he seems to be better though, I think he noticed or someone said something. I think James is awesome, I like that he can be soft as well as crazy. I feel about the same way as you with the others. We were so glad Karen got kicked off last week! We agreed big time with Clay. Your dad and I LOVE Steven Tyler!!!! He is so humble and kind. And out of all of the judges he is the most likely to be arrogant, and there is not an arrogant bone in his body. I liked him before, and now even more. We definitely do not like Haley, she drives us crazy. We loved last night. It was so fun and I wish Amy could have seen it!! love and miss you!!!!