Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm sorry Brad...

But you made the biggest mistake of YOUR LIFE!

I never liked Emily. Yeah, she's pretty...yeah she's sweet...yeah she's that nice lil southern BELLE. Weeeeeeeeell. Sorry to break it to you, but THIS IS NEVER GOING TO LAST!

Aren't couples supposed to be in la la land when they are engaged? Oh, and wait- aren't couples supposed to KNOW if they are engaged?! Aren't couples supposed to know if the other person thinks they are engaged?

Brad had no idea if Emily even thought they were together. How does that happen? And how can he say he's the happiest he's ever been in his entire life...if he has those concerns?

Also- Correct me if I'm wrong Emily...but DID HE NOT SAY HE EXPECTS HIS WOMAN TO MOVE TO AUSTIN, AND IF SHE DOESN'T WANT TO, LEAVE?! And didn't you say you wanted to move to Austin, and you wanted to marry him? Well...it's a little interesting and manipulating that all of a sudden, nope! Don't want to do EITHER?! Here Chantal is saying she would marry him that very day if he wanted to...and Emily all of a sudden has cold feet? I'm sorry Em, but you are kinda supposed to decide if you can see yourself marrying him BEFORE you say yes...not after five minutes of babbling about issues and then hesitantly saying yes, you can see yourself married to him in the future. What?! That was supposed to be an easy answer. Is this not the bachelor?

Emily bugs. Bad. And I just love Chantal. Chantal and Brad actually KNEW eachother. They got along. They had fun. BY THE WAY EMILY- you didn't get fun dates? Need I remind you of the helicopter rides, elephant rides, sexy beaches, etc etc? You're dates were just as good you spoiled little belle.

Emily and Brad seriously don't know each other. I didn't think they did on the show, I DEFINITELY didn't think they did on the after the rose show. It's so awkward. And I feel so bad for Brad...he seems like a lost puppy that isn't sure what to do...so he just says things like "I'm so happy!" and "She takes my breath away!" and "I have a temper." whatev.

A few highlights of the show:

- Brad getting really awkward and weird when his bro asked about Rikki's dad...and him going "gUHHHH....well...UHHHH..."

- Speaking of Rikki's dad...the fact that everytime it comes up Emily has to start with the phrase "He was the love of my life". Seriously. And end with "The plane didn't get there" BLAH. It sucks. It does. I'm sad for her. But she is letting this story DEFINE her. It's annoying.

- Brad's sister-in-laws for some reason thinking that the decision really all came down to who they can relate to better. Since THEY are mom's, Emily is definitely the better choice for BRAD.

- Me looking at Brad's brother thinking, "Man you can definitely tell they are brothers...they look a LOT alike.." and then realizing they are twins :)

- Ashley is the bachelorette! I'm so excited. ONE- I love her new hair. TWO- she is cute and actually has a personality (unlike some people...).
Is she not the cutest?! I love this pic.

Well, that's pretty much it. I'm just waiting for the headlines, "Brad ends up alone...again". Really, I'd give it...1-2 months and we'll be watching Brad on every talk show telling us about his new therapy sessions and how he's an even more changed man. And poor Emily. POOR POOR Emily. Get over yourself.


Jenni said...

I was so excited for your post! Ok, so first of all, I was totally like- HOLY CRAP, that brother looks EXACTLY like brad! And then i found out they were twins and that made total sense hahaha!

Okay, I loved Emily during the show, but who was the girl at the After the Final Rose show???? That was NOT my emily!! I wish I would have stopped watching after he proposed because that show was SOOOO freaking awkward. I'm with you, it won't last, which is too bad. And I totally cried when he said goodbye to chantal because I really did love her. I would have been happy either way.

ASHLEY... that picture is adorable! But she drove me NUTS during the season! But then again, so did Ali, and then i loved her as the bachelorette, so I'm sure I"ll love it! Oh man, IT was a dramatic night that's for sure!


HAHHA I bust out laughing when you said he'll be on talk shows talking about his new therapy sessions and his new life- hahaha. It's so true though. I agree with everything you said!!!!!! AMEN. I think I need to just put a link to your blog saying "this is how i feel". I just still can't get over this Emily mess, and I just really hate her for it. And I feel really bad for Brad. i love you!

Kayleen said...

okay, I actually completely disagree with you about Emily. I thought she was adorable. I can totally empathize with her anxiety about the relationship after watching the show. However, I agree that Brad made the biggest mistake of his life. I hated the after the final rose ceremony. It was awful and ended the show with the worst feeling for faithful viewers. I really believe that Chantal did love him and she would've been so loyal. I just feel like it was a total waste of a season.

Ashley... James said in the beginning that he liked her because she reminded him of me. Then she started getting all emotional and I was like, "hey, this girl really is like me. How sad for her." haha.
thanks for you analysis. I, like many others, have been waiting for it!!

Megan and Greg said...

I agree with everything you said. I was SO SICK of her story. She said it atleast 5 times!!!! Why couldn't they just skip over it? So annoying. Yeah, I hate her now. And I never loved her either. I LOVE Ashley. Can't wait for the season to start. Yeah, I just can't say I agree with you enough. Loved the read.

Kristi M. said...

I was waiting for one of you to post about this. I actually liked Emily and pegged her at the very beginning of the season. I hate to say anything because I am not in their situation at all. Like some of the past couples said, things are so different during the show than they are afterwards/real life. I can't even imagine being in a relationship that has to be so secretive for several months. That would put tremendous stain on it. Also the show is edited to show good tv. Brad basically told Chantel that he kept her around because she was fun. Jeff and I laughed at that. He had to have two in the end and why not keep the fun girl around. Yes he probably had feelings for her but apparently nothing like Emily. We don't get to see nearly everything. To us it sounded like they each had major issues to work out. I can see the temper thing. We also could see that they both had a lot to work through after living on their own for so long. It would be hard. It drives me crazy when the girls come back on and are so hung up about being "dumped" but then you find out that they are dating someone else. Oh geez. Get over it. So I do have to laugh about thinking his brother and him looked so much a like. I forgot that he had a twin. Too funny.

Lori Killian said...

That's so funny that you hated Emily. I LOVED her. I thought she was awesome. I did not love Chantel so I was picking her apart the whole time probably like you were doing with Emily. I guess we see what we want to see.

True that the after the rose thing was awkward. But.... I can't blame Emily too much. She probably wants to see how there lives can really mesh before she totally commits because of her daughter. I think I would be the same way. This is why I never like that they propose. I think they should just be like "I choose you. Now lets go see if we still like each other when we aren't being dropped of on exotic Islands and having private concerts."

Anywho..... Ashley. Oh boy. I wasn't too excited about that one but I hated Jake and still watched. Ally drove me nuts and I still watched. So it's probably a good bet that I will watch Ashley.

Neal said...

Oh man, I am SO LATE at posting about this but I LOVE YOUR POST SO MUCH! It was a huge letdown that he picked Emily. UGH! I loved Chantal, and I loved the two of them together. I told Neal that I thought he'd pick Emily, but that would be a huge mistake. She beautiful, and seems sweet, but she did not open up, and she just seems like a snob to me! I liked Ashley sort of, but I wish Chantal was the bachelorette (even though she found someone) because I just love her personality! Oh well, good post!