Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, I've already failed...on 2 counts

Don't you jump to conclusions! I didn't cave on the sweets! This is officially my THIRD day sweets-FREE! More on that later.

The obvious one is- I didn't write a blog post yesterday! Woops. I kept saying I was going to- and I had it all planned out...but just never did it. Oh well, the great I can always do it from here on out. The second one is- I haven't done 15 minutes of activity! All three days! Nothin! I might drop that one. I don't know. We'll see.

So first off, let me tell you about yesterday! It was great. I ground wheat in my new wheat grinder, made whole wheat pancakes on my new griddle that I bought with Christmas money, and ate them with canned peaches (Clay with syrup) right on top of my homemade place-mats, along with my homemade napkins. I pretty much felt SUPER cool. I've decided I'm in-love with my wheat grinder, along with my griddle. I can't wait to make bacon on it.

Later that day we watched Star Trek.
And with that viewing, I decided that if Clay and I were living in the "Trekkie" time....oh BOY would we be Trekkie's. We LOVED it! And got it too. I for one, am a particular fan of Spock. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty much awesome.

I also made home-made-ish popcorn for everyone. It was classic. You pop kernals in a bag in the microwave. Put canola oil on it. Put popcorn seasoning on it. Mix with hands. Taste. Add accordingly. Final product: tasty. Are you wondering if this falls in the "sweets" category? Well, it doesn't. Popcorn is a snack in my eyes...especially when it's not coated with butter or caramel.

Today was our first day teaching the CTR 4 class. 4 year olds. Oh how I love them. Some of the things I particularly enjoyed were:
  • Closing prayer, where a girl said, "Please bless us that we wont trip today"
  • Middle of the lesson when a boy raises his hand and asks me if I've seen teenage mutant ninja turtles.
  • How a certain number of boys seriously had to go to the bathroom about 3 times in two hours, and we didn't feel like we could tell them no because we didn't want to experience the reality that they are at the age where peeing pants is kinda normal.
  • One boy who was so so so sweet. So quiet, so smiley and turned to me about every minute holding up his picture he was coloring to get my approval.
However, there are definitely a few problem children who need LOTS of attention. One boy wanted to tell stories THE WHOLE time...about basically everything and anything. One boy simply doesn't want to look at or acknowledge me at all. Either way, we are pretty pumped because they are just pretty funny. They asked me about 10 times if I brought a snack. I guess I didn't realize...but now I do. These kids need snacks!

So...this is my third day without sweets... third day without chocolate. How do I feel? Empty. I'm not joking you. I feel like something is missing. I am CONSTANTLY thinking about it...but I haven't come close to caving. I just don't really know...Lori, my friend who is doing it with me (who did it before for 6 months), said the first two months are the hardest. I believe her. But, I'm carrying on. It's really funny...every once in a while I get all worried that I'll forget that I'm doing this, and accidentally eat a treat. But I don't really know why I would forget. I dunno.

Alright...I'm off. There's a roast in the crockpot, Clay is sleeping (I already took my nap while we watched Transformers 2- talk about boring), Dante is wandering the house doing who knows what! And I want to watch some teli. Till next time!


Alisha and Braeden said...

haha your class sounds pretty fun! That age is so funny. We have taught that age before. Today was our first day teaching the 9 year old class. We have never taught a senior primary class before so it will be fun though I will miss all the little kids singing and saying random things! Good luck with not eating sweets! I could not do that so i am just working out more so I can eat sweets :)

Lizzie said...

You got a wheat grinder? Did you get it for graduation or for Christmas? Cool. Do you love it? I feel like there's so much we haven't talked about. Way to go with the treats. I think the first 3 days are the hardest, but I've never gone 6 months like your friend. Tanner is a CTR 4. = ) He is super super reverent though...for reals. It's just hard to get him to talk.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I think it is great that you are doing without sweets, I have been going without Choc and sweets for awhile cheese also. Not because I wanted to, but because I needed to. I am eating lots of yogurt to put the good bacteria back into my system, to cure the case of candida I have. We haven't seen Startrack, will order it and watch. I am so happy you have a wheat grinder, they are wonderful to have. Much love grams PS roast sounds good, maybe I could beam on over huh? 2nd PS 4 year olds are the best of all, as they want to please you, you are so fortunate to teach them.

Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

Hey! Guess what? I teach the CTR4 class in my ward. That age group is seriously so cute! Enjoy your calling, it's a blast! Have a good week!

Sharon/mom said...

Congrats on the sweets, I wish I could do that. I should netflix that movie. I am so excited about your class. That is a great age! I like your attitude on carrying on, that is the message of this earth life, its a journey, not a destination. I loved your pics from this blog and the other one. I'm glad you are loving your wheat grinder, it makes me smile! Oh and I think you are super cool also! love you!!!

Courtenay Beth said...

Wowza, where to begin, you are inspiring! Don't you think that it would be satisfying to go back to like little house on the prairie days when everything you had/ate/possessed/did was by the hard work of your own hands? Pioneers are awesome! So are you, good job grinding the wheat, the griddle, the feast, the handmade placemats and napkins etc:) Grinding wheat reminds me of the little red hen :)

Also, I LOVED star trek!!! I also loved spock, I was amazed at how much the real spock, like the old one from the original star trek, and the new one, and even the child one all looked SO much alike!

Also, in high school I went 3 months without chocolate...and I worked at the cookie shop at that time! I still had caramel and peanut butter to save me though...I finally caved on easter, I still remember eating a miniature mr goodbar in private because I didn't want my family to know I had broken my streak, and how good it tasted, but then I fell apart. So stay strong! Think about it like something totally forbidden, like I can't eat gluten, and even though I remember what pizza and cinnamon rolls taste like, and feel like in my mouth, they are off limits, so I still yearn for them, but then I eat something else, like popcorn :) Good job keep it up! Super long comment, but I had a lot to say :) Love ya! Keep it up!

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh I remembered one more thing, your four year olds, so cute! Think of teaching them as them going through training to learn how to behave like humans in a class...most of them haven't been to preschool yet probably and have zero exposure outside of church about what is acceptable behavior, like raising their hands, waiting till bathroom breaks, on-topic comments etc. you should reward them like crazy with treats (I'm talking like a single smartie at a time) for keeping their arms folded, for shairng a thought that was on topic, waiting till potty break time to use the toilet, and "trying to go" even if they don't think they need to :) that kind of thing etc. I bet they LOVE you guys!!! CUTE!

Megan and Greg said...

Star Trek was awesome. Way to go with wheat pancakes. Popcorn is so not a sweet. Good job for going on 3 days. I would drop goals that aren't working. I think there are times for everything in our lives. I don't really make new years resolutions, I can always tell when I'm ready to change, and know when I can't handle something yet. If you DO mess up on the sweets- not trying to not have faith in you or anything- just continue on. That's all you can do with goals. Loved the tid bits about sunbeams. It reminded me so much of my old class, even though everything you said was different than my stories. I could just picture it all.

Kristi M. said...

Gunnar is now in the CTR 4 class as of yesterday. He was sooooo excited. Oh how it would be fun to have you as teachers. That age group needs consistant, fun teachers. That age totally needs snacks still. If they just had birthdays in the last couple of months, the poor things are just babies and missing nursery. Gunnar's birthday is in April and he was so ready. Honestly I have no idea how Gunnar acted. I could see him being the neverending story teller. He did tell me he was upset because he didn't know the songs. That made me laugh.

Popcorn is so not a sweet. Without all the added stuff, it is considered a very healthy snack. I could never commit to something like that. I just know it would never work for me. I admire you for making the goal.


HAHAHA- My favorite is the boy saying in the middle of the lesson- "have you seen teen. mutant ninja turtles..." so funny. I don't have any advice for you on the 4 yr olds- only taught 7 and 8 yr olds. I think it would be really hard because they are so young- so it would be confusing how much discipline to inforce. I don't consider popcorn to be a treat- infact- whenenver people are like, "movie and popcorn!" I think- "why? when you could have cookies?" So- I don't think you're cheating. I'm very impressed, but I know what you mean abotu accidently eating some- sometimes when I fast- I'll go to the drinking fountain to get a drink of water- just because it's a natural instict, and chocolate is definetly a natural instict for us!- Love you-