Thursday, January 14, 2010

i stink at new years goals.

At least...I'm really stinkin up the one about blogging everyday. I am going to try to be better. Promise.

So I've decided that people generally like to see people fail. And I'm thinking it's to make themselves feel better about not being a certain way. I'm not pointing fingers because there's basically been like 3 people in my life that I can distinctly remember ACTUALLY rooting me on with the no sweets thing. Every other person has been like, "yeah RIGHT, like that'll happen" or, "You're crazy", know...whatever. Not only that, but have actually tried to get me to fail. One woman at work, who just started coming for tax season...knows I love Cadbury mini eggs. She BOUGHT me some and gave them to me today at work. I told her she was rude, and I told her I wasn't going to eat them. So my other coworker took them instead. Seriously? I mean...she even told me- "After you told me about your no sweets thing, and I saw these at the store, I remembered how much you loved them so I HAD to buy them for you" with a sneaky smirk. I don't get it. Why do people want to see people fail? I told them all they should do it with me, instead of being mean and trying to make me fail. Oh well...

Speaking of the no sweets. It's the 15th day with no sweets. No close calls, no nothing. The first few days I could think of NOTHING ELSE but chocolate. But, now I don't think of it as much. I do think it sounds really delicious, and I really would love a cookie right now, but it's not as important anymore. Also, BECAUSE people want me to fail so badly, or don't think I can, it just makes me want to succeed even more. I think that's kind of become my main motivation.

Next item of business: the headband. HA- okay- first off, there have got to be some of you not commenting because there were like...37 votes and the most comments I've EVER received is 16. If you read my blog, comment! I wont think your a stalker at all. Anyway- first of all, both Clay and I voted for the "Clay's right, you look like a fool!" I voted for it so that people wouldn't be afraid to vote for it (but apparently I really didn't need to be worried about that!!!) so I think it's only fair to take our votes off. Much to Clay's dismay. I know Mike (sister's husband) voted and she doesn't want that counted, but I'm going to count it...cause you know- he has an opinion, that's fine! The results as of Jan 15, 12:30 are as follows (taking out mine and clay's vote):
  • Clay's right, you look like a fool! 12 votes
  • I don't think you look like a fool, but agree that it would look better with a thicker band. 5 votes
  • Clay's the fool, you look HOTT! 5 votes
  • I like it. 8 votes
  • It's cute, but not for everyday ware. 5 votes
So the wonderful thing about this is....I kinda realized I don't care! It was pretty fun to see what everyone thought though. I realized that I freaking LOVE the headband. EXACTLY how it is! With the HUGE flower, the TINY TINY band, everything. I also realized, I have no idea why I put the option "It's cute, but not for everyday ware" cause why would I ever where ANYthing two days in a row? Dunno. Anyway- I've worn it once already, a little differently though. I had pigtail buns and so it wasn't across my forehead, and guess what? Clay actually liked it better like that. But I'm still gonna wear it across my forehead when my hair is down. Cuz I'm just like that.

I was gonna write other stuff...buuuuuuuuuuuuut I just don't feel like it or have time. I'll just say this about the bachelor: I SO CALLED THAT! Before entertainment tonight, before any spoilers, I just called it. I'm THAT good. She's such a bozo. You know she's denying it, right? Silly girl.


Megan and Greg said...

Dan, you're funny. I have faith in you and I can't believe your coworker. That is awful. Seriously, that was sinful what she did towards you. That is WAY impressive that you withstood, I don't know if I could have. I'm glad you said no. Wear your headband. I'm glad you like it. And I love the blog make over!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love you and hang in on the sweets! You can do it I know you can. I agree with Megan about the co-worker, she has a lot of NERVE! Hugs grams

Jenni said...

First of all- people don't want you to fail. People are just teasing and playing silly games. I seriously doubt anyone wants you to give up. I personally just think cutting out any food is silly :) moderation in all things. but I support you :)

Second, Rozlyn didn't do it. What happened WASSS the producer told her that the show was never planning on flying her son out to see her. And he got fired for sharing that info with her and she got the boot. And also, I know who wins.... was that even what you were talking about.

hahahahaha! I don't know! anyway- i'm a huge fan of the headband, you can totally rock it.

Sharon/mom said...

Loved the blog. I agree about people wanting you to fail. They think somehow that is going to make them a better person. Crazy! and I agree, rude! I am proud of you for doing what you want with the headband!!!! Love and miss you!!

Sharon/mom said...

oh, the purpose of goals is progress, not perfection!! love you!!


I totally agree on the people wanting you to fail, because it makes them feel better. And that is SO RUDE that that girl bought you those cadburries- that is so rude- I'm really impressed that you went that long without treats. Love you-

Rebecca said...

For the record everyone, I'm one of the three people that has been supportive from the beginning! I know, I'm wonderful. Danielle, love you, and you will show everyone.