Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, today was a hoot. Clay stayed home from work, worked on a website (he does websites on the side...why have I never said this? If you need a website built, Clay's the man- and no...I don't mean free labor...he charges moola to help us buy things like my saweet dishwasher and oven and an occasional Call of Duty (aka video game)) anyway- he worked on a website, and...........................PUT UP SHELVES IN MY SEWING ROOM! Yes! I was soooooo elated. I was actually worried at first. Cuz he sent me a picture message on the phone of his work, and it looked crooked. But, you know...I guess he mustve just taken a crooked picture because in person, they looked GREAT! Now I can finally organize and be happy. So I started...but realized that I am SO SLOW at organizing. If only I had Amy with me. She like...was queen of helping me clean my room growing up. What do I do when I go through things? I see an old picture and go, "awww...look at that! Oh that was so wonderful...blah balbhalh" and then I just sit and ponder on old times...or something. Or I see a piece of fabric and am like- OH MY that would make a great then I start planning the project. I get sidetracked like...SO easy. So I basically got my beads on the shelf...and my scrapbooking stuff sorted through. Which was pretty much 2 boxes out of a ton. Tomorrow will be better. It HAS to be. I have so much to do!

Rebecca came over to work on a present for Aliese's birthday. I went to get the fabric with her and we decided to get double the amount of fabric needed...actually a little more than double...just to be safe. Well, surprise surprise, GOOD thing we did:) Gracie came with her and watched High School Muscal 2 on my tv. Oh, how I love that movie. Anyway- it was fun. We talked about businesses we want to start...or books we want to write...we realized that both of us are quite the dreamers/entrepreneurs. I have a paticular idea that I'm not going to share quite yet. Stay tuned.

I made this salad for dinner with berries, pecans, and chicken. Clay came upstairs and looked at it and said, "Maybe don't try such risky meals for me" then he kind of stared at it and at me the rest of the meal while I gobbled mine up. It was good times.

My kitchen is clean. Have I told you the wonders of my dishwasher? I'm not joking. It is the bomb-dot-com. It's not the most expensive kind, but I bet you it works better than the most expensive kind. If you ever get a dishwasher, ask me first what kind I got, because I kid you dish comes out clean...EVERY time. It's the best. I know I'm a dork, and am blogging about a dishwasher, but this SERIOUSLY brings me GREAT joy in life.

I've been craving brownies lots lately. I'm just going to admit sucks. Big time. I sometimes wonder why I'm doing it. Then I remember that my life was dependent on chocolate after every meal. No lie. I thought of it all the time, and ate way too much of it. It's a good thing. I'm just sad. The other night Kurt and Lori were over, and the boys were eating cookies (nice, huh) and both Lori and I looked at each other at the very same moment with the saddest frowns on our faces...but then of course we bust up laughing because of how dorky we looked. Oh well.

I'm tiiiiiiiired. So...goodnight.

Oh. PS- That spoiler blog for the bachelor...said that Ella wouldn't get a rose on her one on one with her son at sea world because Jake thought she should be with her son, not I'm pretty sure we can't completely believe everything that blog says...cause he obviously wasn't right about even the early episodes! Ella got a rose, and a kiss! This gives me hope:)



oh my gosh, i bust out laughing when you were describing your organizing process because I can completely imagine you going through a box, picking up the first thing out of it, and being sidetracked for a long time, and start doing something else, haha. I'd LOVE to help you organize. I wish I had something to organize, I want to go to mom's to help, but I don't know if I have the energy right now. That is so exciting about the shelves. I'm so glad you like my desk! I don't think it's dorky to write about your dishwasher- let's face it- cleaning is a big role in our lives- so something that makes it easier, is exciting! I love it when other people make the plunge before me so I can just follow in their footsteps with no fear, that is so great you found a great dishwasher for much cheaper than the most expensive ones. Do you hae to clean them first though? or is it like mom's and you can just throw them in? I'm really curious about your business idea, unless it's the one you shared with me, which we forgot about at christmas time- we were going to go to the store and purchase some things.... and make some things..... I'm sorry about teh brownies. I haven't read the spoiler because I like to be surprised, but I'm glad that he's wrong because I don't want anyone to knwo what's going to happen. By the way- did it seem like to you that the girl at sea world was dissapointed that her son showed up? she didn't seem that excited- hahaha- I think she wnted to be alone with jake- ha. I think she's really nice, but I don't like her for jake and she has really bad hair. I am so glad that Elisabeth is off- oh my gosh I can't stand her. love you!


oh yeah- I couldn't take a front on pic of the desk because there is a wall right there- haha

Lizzie said...

Amy is SO good at that kind of stuff. She helped me do my junk room one time in my old house, a crazy room, with parts stacked super high past my waste full of stuff. She was so efficient, "Lizzie, you are not going to use this ever again," and she'd throw it into the give away pile.

I really want a second dishwasher (I know, very greedy of myself) and I will now know who to look to for advise. Did they have the same exact model but with the stainless steel look?

So glad to know about the spoiler being wrong. I did read that part about ella, but forgot ( I mainly just remembered the outcome). Anyhow, call me if you get bored some night after work. You probably never get bored, but thought I'd try. = )

Megan and Greg said...

You and Ames are just getting super organized with your shelves and desks. I'm happy about your dishwasher and when it's our turn to buy one, you'll definitley be getting a phone call.Don't feel bad about cravin brownies. It wo'nt last. Hold out.

Rebecca said...

I posted about my sewing experience and I totally forgot to tell everyone about all of the fabric I wasted on mistakes, and how lucky I was that we bought so much extra fabric. I'm jealous of your dishwasher, what a wonderful thing. Truly, I'm have for you though. Love you, thanks for all of your help last night.

Lori Killian said...

I miss chocolate. that was pretty funny the other night. I started cracking up again remembering it.

P.S. mario. this weekend. no excuses. we will beat that level.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love the post and I am happy you love your dishwasher, and it is great to have one. I pray you will always have one. It is hard to keep things clean without one. I am glad you are there to help Rebecca. It is wonderful to have sisters, there is nothing like them. I am sorry about the brownies it would be so hard, but as Megan says hang in there the craving will go away. LOL grams

Sharon/mom said...

loved the blog!!!Don't feel stupid about the DW I love mine and still think about it. It's great to have good tools. You are getting lots of stars in heaven for helping Rebecca like you did. You are such a good sister. I am glad you have each other. So you have the Park blood in you too. Your Dads mothers side of the family are all good business people. I don't know why I should be surprised, you are so much like Dad so its no wonder you would be thinking of businesses to start. I think you could write a great book. Another thing from your dad. I am so glad you got some shelves. What you said about Amy is so true and so funny. Amy has a whip I sware that doesn't hurt but sure keeps us all moving. My sister was just like you when she was younger when she would clean. Now she is a great organizer, so there is hope!! Oh I feel like Aliese, I wish I could aparate and see you more! Love and miss you!!!