Friday, January 1, 2010

Farewell 2009, Welcome 2010!

So first of all, I'd like to say farewell to 2009. This post would probably be better posted yesterday or something, but you know...there wasn't much time. 2009 was very kind to Clay and I. VERY kind. It wasn't so kind to others. It wasn't so kind to A LOT of others. But, like I said...2009 pretty much spoiled Clay and I. Let's recap.

  • Clay and I graduated! College has been the center of our lives for 3.5 full years. Yep, it was a happy say the least! We both graduated on the same day. They said my name, and then Clay's. It was great fun.
  • Before we graduated, Clay learned web-design. Why is this on the list?'s a pretty big deal. He has been making all sorts of websites and plans on continuing...and really, MY ideal goal, would be for him to eventually do it full time! This is one of the websites he built for the law firm his mom work's at. Puuuuuurty cool!
  • We both got jobs. For both of us to get jobs in 2009, is NUTS! Clay is a credit manager at Wells Fargo Financial, and I am an accountant. Yes, we sound boring...but I promise, we are actually pretty cool people:)
  • We bought a house! Pretty exciting. But you've heard plenty about that.
  • Got a dog- he is cute, smart, funny, crazy, annoying, huge, still growing, and loving.
  • Got addicted to Bachelor/Bachelorette. Yeah...I'm not gonna lie, I've probably mentioned the new season of the bachelor to Clay like...every day for the past week, since I saw a preview for it. Is it shallow? Yeah...Is it unrealistic? it OH so entertaining? Yeah. So, we watch it, and we love it!
  • We joined the massive cult following of the show Glee. Pretty fun. I'm going to confess something. Clay and I always watched it online with our friends days after...and sometimes it took a while for us to find time to get together to watch it. I was so friggin anxious to find out what happened, I would go online and read recaps, and totally know what was going to happen. Just one of those flaws I have...I am sooooo not opposed to spoilers.
  • Took sewing classes that boosted my sewing confidence 10 fold. I have made pants, dress, shirt, skirt, duvet cover, curtains, place mats, aprons, bags, and much much more. I've said it a billion times, and I'll probably say it a billion times more: the best decision I EVER made in college, was to take those stinkin sewing classes.Place Mats Collage
Like I said, 2009 was generous to us, and we are so grateful!

Now, I want to welcome 2010 by making some New Years Resolutions. I know a lot of people don't really believe in New Years Resolutions, but I for one- DO. First off, we were basically assigned that topic to talk about in church last Sunday. Being that Heavenly Father has told us in scriptures and through prophets that we can CONSTANTLY be improving...I think it's a pretty good idea to make some goals. I HONESTLY believe I can achieve all these goals. Here we go!

The following are daily feats I need to keep at:

  • Read the Book of Mormon RIGHT when I wake up. Directly after my morning prayer, I read 3 pages of the Book of Mormon. I don't care if I'm running late, or starving. This is just how it has to be for me.
  • Eat breakfast every day. This has been a struggle lately.
  • Write a blog post every day. Not a huge fatty one like this one, but just one. Every day.
  • 15 minutes of activity. Whether that's walking the dog, yoga, cardio, weights, etc. 15 minutes. I've read and been told that if you want to keep your heart healthy, 15 minutes is essential.
  • Here's the big one. My family will freak. Probably wont have faith in me. Probably doesn't think it's possible. BUT, I am so doing it. I have a friend doing it with me, who actually was the one who told me to do it. NO SWEETS! NONE! I thought about doing once a week, or something like that. But decided...the first time I eat them, I will just fall back into it. So, I am committing to a year with no sweets. I haven't quite decided what that means for birthdays and such...but I really believe I can do it. And I want to. I need to be healthier. I even have a bag of milk chocolate chips upstairs that I bought with some Christmas money, and some leftover DELICIOUS cookies I made for the new years eve party...and guess what? Not eatin-a-one of them. Anyone want to join the force of me and Lori (my friend who is also doing this...right Lori? You're still on?) and ban sweets? I want to go at least a year...and then after I know I can go a year, I figure I may just have enough discipline to control myself to a treat every once in a while. Anyway. I'm excited. And pathetic. It's only 11:51am and I've already thought about those chocolate chips like....three...four...a bazillion times.

Alright. Now for the resolutions that I simply have to do in 2010. It doesn't have to be a daily just has to be done! Here we go:

  • Start a business. It will probably be small. I know I'm a weirdo...but I just really want to do it.
  • Paint our bathroom cupboards and walls.
  • Paint our hall closet.
  • Pay off student loan.
  • Pay off Car.
  • Complete a years supply of food storage.

WOW! Okay- that all sounds like a lot. But you have to life doesn't involve kids, cancer, illness, or really much stress at all. Yeah, I get stressed...A LOT- but for no real reason at all. The past few months, I have felt like my life had NO PURPOSE. I'm not exaggerating. I bawled my eyes out to Clay telling him there's no point to my life. I feel like a Lamanite. Or Nephite. Depending on the time. You saw, 2009 was amazing for Clay and I. But I feel like emotionally and spiritually, I was worse than I've ever really been. How does that happen? I have no idea. I want to do these that I feel I have more purpose. Anyway...wish me luck! I already ate, read my scriptures, wrote a blog, haven't eaten sweets, and I'm planning on walking Dante later in the far, so good! I do understand that it is only January 1st though:)

I also feel like I should share this experience. When I prepared my talk, I found quotes that were like, always be prayerful when making goals...Heavenly Father may see a different path for you. Well...I had some other goals I thought would be pretty freakin saweet and awesome...but I got a distinct feeling that I shouldn't commit to that right now. Also, when I decided on the food storage, I got SO STINKIN scared. For some reason that is SUCH an intimidating thing for me. So, I said a little prayer asking if I should really make that a goal and INSTANTLY heard in my mind a capital YES. I was like...uhh...I don't know. And I kept hearing and thinking, Yes Yes Yes. You can do this, you have to do this. So, I'm doin it.

Things I'm not committing to:
  • Quit biting my nails
  • Quit watching trashy shows like the bachelor....grey's anatomy...private know, all of them.
  • Keep kitchen spotless
  • Keep floors mopped
  • Keep sewing room clean
  • Serve someone x times a week
  • Reach perfection
Yeah...there are a TON that I could do and I decided...nope! Not gonna commit to that. These are the important ones. For me. Right now.

My whole point is- if you get super inspired by my goals and decide to make some for yourself, my one piece of advice is: pray about it! Why would he lead you to make goals he doesn't think you could keep? Or doesn't think you need? Or should do? Ya know?

Aight, I better ACTUALLY get started on my day. I have some errands to run. Peace OUT. And Happy New Year!


Lori Killian said...

First of all I just want to say how incredibly disappointed in you I am..... You read recaps of the Glee episodes before we watched them!!!!! I can't believe you. You should probably go into acting cause I was fooled...

Secondly, of course I am doing no sweets. I'll tell you what: the first two months are the WORST. You will probably think of nothing else but after that it gets easy. We can do it...


Who is Lori? your new years resolutions sound great and if you do them it will be another great year! You ahve been really blessed. I have a hard time believing that you were able to accomplsih and recieve all that you did if you weren't so righteous.... just a thought. But Danielle I'm sorry to say- I do not think that you will be able to do the sweet thing- if you did, you wuold truly be perfect. But I guess if you prayed about it... it must be right for you. love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love you Danielle, and I think you can do it if you think you can. Keep praying for strength, and remember that Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be perfect, just working on it. I am glad last year was good for you and that you are so happy about the things you have accomplished. I don't think that you are a Lamanite or anything like that. There are just times when we all feel like we aren't as happy as we should be, or want to be, and that is when we have to trust in the Lord and lean upon him. It isn't easy and life gets to be confusing at times. Just remember that your grandma loves you and thinks your are almost perfect. Hugs grams

Lizzie said...

Thanks for reminding us to pray about it. So many times I make a ton of resolutions or even a few and don't pray about it. I LOVE food storage. If you ever want to talk about's one of my favorite things. I know I'm a nerd. = ) Love you!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, Dan. I'll be pretty impressed if you don't eat sweets. Word of the wise (ha, does that mean I'm the wise? Ha!) Don't have sweets around. Give them away, or if you're really desperate, have Clay hide them. But unless he's going to eat them, there's no point having them in the house. It's just temptation. When I have gone in and out of sweet control- my number one rule is not having it in the house. Because when I get really desperate- I'm not desperate enough to get in my car and drive to the store for a Caramello. And then I make it one more day. But that wouldn't work if the caramello was already there.

You are a really good semstress. I examined our aprons and they're amazing! I'll take a pic of us and post it. Really, I'm amazed. You have a talent. All you stuff is professional quality, but BETTER. Walmart professional- but what does that mean? You just sew things to the best they can be and beyond. Awesome.

So, YOU want to start a business? Or you and Clay? You should start a sewing business. Does anyone make aprons on Etsy? Or is there a Saturday market thing in Idaho? You're so good at stuff like that, you could market it. Or if you're really crazy, you could get a little shop and just sell all kinds of goodies. I wonder if you could sell your stuff to people that already have stores- and then they would sell it? Hmm . . . all kinds of possibilities!

Jenni said...

You are absolutely hilarious and I love this post! Forst of all.. no sweets? Danielleeeeee come onnnnn!!!!!!! that's just down right psycho. Second of all, I love all of your other goals... but that's a lot! you're super woman. I think I made one hahahaha- read more.

I love that picture of you and Clay with your doggie- you look so pretty. Congrats on graduating and the sweet jobs! That was also a cute picture!

and lastly, thank you for including glee. it is my passion these days. hahaha!!!

miss you! happy 2010!

Heidi said...

You should definitely take on the Christmas Eve Breakfast tradition! It's so yummy and from the Arnold side. I guess it was Grandpa's favorite meal so Grandma always cooked it for him that night. And we always cook plenty so that there are leftovers that we can eat Christmas morning after we open gifts.
Great goals! I think it really helps to write them all down...almost like your holding yourself accountable for them, I just might have to do that too. And once you get into food storage - I think you will really love it! I was overwhelmed this year too and this summer I decided to tackle it with the help of couponing and now I have a pantry FULL of stuff. Good luck!!

Sharon/mom said...

loved, loved that blog. I admire you very much. I have been trying to do that. I have also prayed so many times and I seem to not be listening or I haven't been obedient. I wouldn't be surprised if He was trying to talk to me and I just wanted what I wanted so badly that I didn't hear Him. Or maybe it was that I didn't pray about what they should be, just to help me with what I wanted....that makes a lot of sense. I wrote down that I wanted to get my 3 month supply of everything we use. And then make sure my long term storage is good enough. I am as impressed with what your goals aren't as well as with the ones you have made. I loved your rundown of the last year! It was great! I love you honesty! I miss you! Call me when you get a chance.