Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love...ReCAP!


Remember that part? Yeah...I wasn't a fan either. There's nothing more awkward than those opening scenes where the girls are SCREAMING inside the limo, and Jake is awkwardly laughing- I swear he thinks it's stupid. Anyway, then the girls get out...stop before walking so they can do their "model pose", and cat walk towards him. Hmmmmmmmmm....well, let's get to it. I'm only gonna comment on some of the girls that actually got a rose... the ones that made a major impression on ME:) First up, TENLEY!
This girl is SO MY FAVORITE! She is super sweet, super cute, and super sincere. I'm pretty sure she's the one. I would've normally HATED any girl that went for a kiss the first night, but something about the way she did it and how innocent she was...I just loved it. She is DEFINITELY gonna be in the top 3. I also like that she's not sleezy...you know...like most of them:)

Next up, Ali!

I like her. I don't know if it was her sickly voice, but she seemed SO real. Not fake and psycho like most. She seemed really natural and easy going. I like that. And she is definitely in it for the long hawl because she shows up in a TON of clips in that last preview for the season.

Next up, Elizabeth from Nebraska!

I like her. She is pretty, and chill. Most girls, when they find out about a girl kissing Jake, will freak out. When she found out, she reacted just like I would expect myself to react. "Come on, really?" That's it. No freak out...no squealing...and she's spiritual and confident.

Now for the impressions that weren't so hot. Lets start with Vienna.

Ugh. First off, she's the one that's obsessed with her dog and a spoiled daddy's girl...right? Yeah. No thanks. Also, she like put Jake's hand on her chest...and pretty much seems very shallow. She's gone next week. Easy. Oh...and Vienna, if you're reading- will you please not let your tiny tiny dog lick you on the lips? On national television? Not. Appropriate.

Another gone next week, Rozlyn.
Did you not catch that she is the one having the affair? It is SO obvious! Both Clay and I agree. She's the one...thank goodness. I can't handle all that breastage hanging out all the time. Besides, she didn't seem to have a very developed personality...not too surprising. Like she said, she's used to using her body to get what she wants.

Overall, I'm intrigued. Jake isn't the most exciting guy...but I'm guessing it will get better. One thing I gotta give Jake props for is when asked what his top 3 priorities are, he said, "God, Family and Friends...in that order" I SO respect that.

Well...that's it for now. I would've had this up earlier, but I just finished it a minute ago! From now on, I'm definitely watching it the night it's on! Till next week....

Oh. PS- the references to pilots and flying is getting OLD! I really hope the girls all realize that ALL of them are saying the same things like, "I want to be your co-pilot". Gag. Me. I'm so done with that.

PPS- There's nothing that's more annoying on the bachelor than props/outfits. I can't stand the things people give him at the beginning or things they say...like, "My friend has a message for you- so you better come find me so I can show you". Yeah. I'm sure Jake instantly thought, "WOW- I CAN'T forget to find that woman...what could her friend have to say?!?! Do you think I should go get her now? It could be important..." Seriously. Or, say...give him a double headed coin and tell him to flip it for the rose...and then leave him the coin? Or better yet, "Do you have registration for those guns?" I felt REALLY awkward because Jake didn't even laugh and he just kinda...pushed her away. Actually, I felt happy because it made me laugh, and realize one of the many reasons I love this show.


Alisha and Braeden said...

Can I just say that I love that you are blogging everyday! It gives me a little something to do! :) I excited that the bachlor has started! Tenley, Ali and Elizabeth were definately in my top 3 too! I hope Ali wins! And Rozlyn needs to go.. I can't believe he kept her, like you said she really has no personality.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I think this whole thing is a little on the different side, although a lot of people are watching it. Love you lots

*Stephanie Lance* said...

Oh my gosh! I have the same feelings! I HATE the first introductions!! I almost hide my head because I am SO embarrassed for both of them because the girls are SO STUPID and it gets realllllly awkward! Some of my favorites were when the girls said "how does it feel to be talking to your future wife?" GAG ME!! But i reallly realllllly realllllly love Tenley too!! She is most def my favorite!!! I like Ali too but i really love tenley!! Jarom was just cracking up at the whole show, which makes it a little hard to take it seriously. But i can't wait for the rest of the season!!! I LOVE the bachelor!! One of my many guilty pleasures!!! Love you!!!

Sharon/mom said...



HA! I love mom's smiley face! We should have convinced her to watch it- cause I know we could :) Oh my gosh where to begin.- I think this will be easier if I just write my own blog on the bachelor- But I agree with everythign you said except on the brunette- SLUT- her boobs were hanging out on teh sides! spiritual? ....doubtful. ok- i'm going to get carried away- I need to blog about it- if only we could watch this together- love you