Sunday, July 5, 2009


Playing hard on the weekends really kicks my bum when it comes time to go back to school. I totally did NOT think about school more than once this entire break (we had thurs and fri off for the 4th----4 day weekend!). Which means I am up right now........on the computer......thinking- what am I going to do for this report? When will I find time for my quiz that's due by 12:30 tomorrow? When will I finish the spreadsheets? Where is the time? I figured all these questions could be solved by writing a blog. Okay. Not solved...but avoided.....

HELLO!? I totally had a bazillion minutes of time. However, I spent the weekend having a BLAST! Seriously? I don't regret it a bit. I think I would regret it if I did homework all weekend...because I would've missed out on all the fun! We went to Rigby Lake, we had a BBQ at Jed and Jills, we had a BBQ at Patty and Pauls, and we had a BBQ at Rebecca and Darins! Seriously- who could complain from having 3 BBQ'S IN ONE WEEKEND?!?! Oh, how I love a good BBQ. I only took pictures of Rigby Lake though. I will post those another time...

It has been SO FUN hanging out with Rebecca, Lizzie, and the kids. They are all soooooo cute. Aliese is growing up so fast and is SO PRETTY! I couldn't stop looking at her because she is just turning into a young woman who is so pretty. It has been GREAT because Kate has really warmed up to me this trip. Usually she prefers Clay or Paul, but she was sitting on my lap, Paul even OFFERED to hold her (that punk) and she said no! I think it's cause I played Dora with her, and jumped on the tramp with her. She is sooooooooo cute. Very demanding, but very cute. And SO busy. They are all so adorable. Gracie was SO cute at the lake. She kept running up to us, and saying "Momma! You shoulda seen it! You shoulda seen it! Watch me!" and then she would just go run to the water, and come back and say something cute again. All the kids are adorable. They all are obsessed with Clay, as usual. He is just one of those awesome uncles I guess. Watching him with them makes me soooooo excited to see him as a dad. I think he will be great. He loves teaching them things and helping them with things.

I have confirmed a job with the accounting firm I've worked for the past 2 tax seasons. So that is good. I am also going to be receiving an Accounting Department Award of Recognition...and have been invited to breakfast with the Accounting faculty on thursday mornin! 7am though. What were they thinking? I don't know. Either way, I'm super excited! I guess the faculty choose students...I don't know how special it really if everyone gets one, or if it's just a select few...or what. But I aim to ask them on Thursday morning what it's all about and why I got one. Clay has definitely whined about the time. (they said I coudl bring a guest:)

Clay has been looking and applying to some jobs. I am hoping that he gets one. That's really all there is to say about that!

I'm starting to get VERY excited to be done with school. I still need a few more credits to be a licenced CPA...but those can be taken online and slowly, or at night or whatever. They can be in anything. So I don't really count those. I guess what I'm really getting that I am SO excited to be going to work, coming home, and not doing homework. I suppose I will sorta be doing homework when I get in...studying for the CPA exam. That will be a blast. I'm just warning you guys right now- people fail this test ALL THE TIME. So just....don't think I'm a stupid-head if I fail. Cause I might! (I'm sure gonna try NOT to though:)'ll be nice to add to our bank account rather than constantly be lowering it.

I think Summer is FINALLY here. It's July...I should've been here ages ago. But I think it is actually here now. Thank GOODness.

This weekend WAS a bit stressful mentally just because we found out that Amy was getting her surgery on FRIDAY....and I was just so stressed. If you watch shows like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice you get a little freaked by surgery. At least I do. Either way...I was constantly thinking of her...calling my mom....asking the status...and it all turned out great! They still think it's Lymphoma...but won't have that confirmed for about another week. But the surgery was successful, she is just going to have some MAJOR recovery- the spleen was as big as a football, and so I'm sure you can imagine how big the cut was. Once she's done recovering from the surgery, she will probably have to have a round of Chemo for about 3 months... just typing this makes me exausted. I feel so bad for her. I hate that I can't be there right now just to hang out with her and distract her. Anyway- things are going well so we hare happy for that! My mom is there helping Mike take care of her.

Welllllllllllllllllll I guess I should take a stab at that report now. Clay and I are so happy to be citizens of the U.S.A.! We love our country and had a GREAT holiday. Hope you guys did too. Cya!


Megan and Greg said...

I'm glad you partied all weekend. It's not worth it to forsake life. It's hard to remember sometimes. I'm excited for you to graduate too. Getting paid and no homework will be SO much better. Greg's been waiting to write his paper 'till he gets in the U.S so when he comes home from his internship- he's just home- same for weekends. It's so much better! I'm glad everything's going so well for you! And Danielle, we didn't bring anything but clothes. We bought 4 forks, 4 knifes, 4 plates, etc. And our ONE cupboard is crammed full of stuff. There's no room for more! It has been such a pain, but there was no way around it. Our fridge is the size of your freezer. It's just the way it is here. I can't believe you live in a house. How nice. I feel like we're moving back to "Giant Ville." Everyone will have space- including us. Can't wait.

Patty said...

I agree the weekend was so much fun. We really enjoyed spending time with Rebecca and Lizzie. You have a great family. have a great day. love you. bye now.

Heidi said...

How exciting that you are SO close to being done! Glad you had a great's definitly worth getting a little behind on work to have a relaxing weekend with friends and family :)

Richard and Allison said...

hey my bother in law has been staying with us this summer so that he can study for the CPA and not work. Good luck to you.