Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A request from Amy

Don't shave your head.

Amy is going to, but she doesn't want anyone else to. My mom informed me today that she really really doesn't want anyone to shave their head on behalf of her. I'm sure she really appreciates the thought and sacrifice some of you are willing to do, and it's completely understandable your MOTIVE in it, but right now, she really just doesn't want that.

That being said, I haven't talked to Amy yet today. But my mom told me that she will either start Chemo tomorrow or Thursday. This was a big shocker to all of us since we figured she'd be waiting until she was recovered from surgery. However, the doctor feels it's important to hop on right away! I'm incredibly sad and scared for Amy and all the pain she's going to go through these next few months, but I'm also happy that she has doctors who are looking out for her, and trying to get her health back as soon as possible!

Things my mom has requested is that if you do talk to Amy or visit her (for you lucky ducks in Oregon), talk to her about anything but the cancer. Not too surprising of a request considering that's all they probably talk about while in the hospital! Things Amy loves to talk about: Bachelorette, Celebrities, sewing, you know...really anything fun.

Also, as Amy's sister- I just really want to thank ALL of you for all the sweet comments you leave on her blog. I'm sure it makes her so happy. Our entire family really appreciates the love and support we are getting from everyone.

On a completely different note, I just have to say....THANK GOODNESS WES IS GONE! HOLY SMOKES! He is so STUPID! At least he went out strong...you know...saying retarded things like, "If I'm not here tomorrow, just know I'll be having lots of sex". Nice.

Anyway. Love to you all.


Patty said...

I am so sorry for all of the worry that your family has to go through for the next few months. We will keep Amy and the family in our prayers. I understand the need to start the chemo right away. Take care and have a great week. love you. bye now.


THANKYOU THANKYOU. I really needed that to be posted. Everything was prefect. I woud love to talk about wes with you!!!!!!!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I have only visited Amy once as I don't want to tire her, and I understand people wanting to shave their heads, but I understand why Amy would never want that. Besides Amy will be just fine without her hair. It DOES GROW BACK and it is only hair. Amy will still be the same wonderful funny loveable person that she always is. I am so grateful for having been a part of her life and her grams for all of these years. The great thing about getting more mature is that you only see the good in people especilly your grandchildren and then the great ones come and they are even more perfect. I know that Heavenly Father will be watching out for Amy and all of her loved ones. May He bless you for your love and prayers in her behalf.

Megan and Greg said...

That's nice of Amy. When I first found out about all of this, I thought it would be a good excuse to shave my head (because I used to want to really bad) but then I was sad and didn't want to because I'm growing it out and just plain don't want to shave my head anymore. So that's sweet of her. ANYWAY!!!!

I'm so glad about the computer! I figured it just depended what computer I was on. Like when I'm on a DELL it's 0 and when I'm on the Mac it was the actual number. WHO KNOWS!!! But I was so embarrassed when it just looked like I was crazy. I'm so excited to see you!!!

*Stephanie Lance* said...

Thats sweet of her! I'm pretty sure court was going to! Thanks for the update! I like to be updated since we can't be there! I can't imagine how you're feeling. Our hearts just break that we can't all be there to comfort amy and talk to her about all the celeb gossip and everything! Our prayers are with her and your family! love you!!!

Kristi M. said...

I am so glad that you posted about the Bachelorrette. Jeff and I went on a date because Gunnar was with my sister and her boyfriend for the night so I didn't know who left. I also love to read what you have to say. It just cracks me up. Your perspective is hilarious.

Jenni said...

oh my gosh danielle, you rock! I can't wait to be home so I can go see amy and chat with her! We can chat for hours about pretty much anything! So, that will not be a problem!!! haha!

And that is so tender of her not to want shaved heads. I love that Amy so so much and I'm thinking about her EVERYDAY.

love you!


Thanks for the update! I had no idea they were going to start her on chemo so soon! Jessica (Durfee) and I went to go visit this evening, not knowing where she would be. We tried their place but no one answered the door. We have some flowers to drop off but now we're not sure where to find her. Is she still in the hospital?