Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Alright....so a bit of an update.

  • We are graduated- YAY!
  • I am now working at the same accounting firm I did both my internships at. I have my own office, and am as busy as ever!
  • Clay got a job at Wells Fargo Financial. It is a great job! We are way excited. He starts on August 17th. (BTW- he wont be working at a BANK- it's like a financial services office...he'll be meeting with clients and stuff)
  • We are house sitting for a councilor in the bishopric in our ward. For 12 days. They have a dog, who we are tending to.
  • We are probably going to move this week. Clay showed our house to a bunch of people today, a lot of them wanted it...
  • We are going to move into Clay's parents house. Why?
  • We are house shopping! We are going to look at a ton of houses until we have seen them all, and then hopefully find a great one, and move in!
  • We both work in Idaho Falls (20-30 minutes away), and so it's kinda smart to move in with Clay's parents, who live in Idaho Falls- and save some extra money until we find a house...which hopefully won't be too long- because we are planning on getting it by November...so that we can get the 8000 tax credit!

THAT in a nutshell, is what we've been up to. I've felt a bit lost lately...knowing I'm done with school. It's been such a huge part of my life for so long...I kinda feel like I have no purpose now.

My mom and dad got me a wheat grinder for graduation- and wheat- I am SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! Clay's parents gave us money- we are looking for tires for our cars. That's the nice thing about living in Idaho- you CONSTANTLY have to be buying tires for winter and such. They're expensive- so it'll be a huge relief to not have to pay for them.

love you all!


Emily said...

That all sounds so exciting! Great jobs, house hunting...good for you guys. Good luck!

Megan and Greg said...

Holy camole. All the sudden you're more grown up than me. A house, real jobs? So cool. Smart moving in with Clay's parents. I can relate- though I wish it were 'cause we were house shopping! Holy cow! Real life! That's great!


Lots going on, and so exciting. I went house hunting with brooke and nate when they were looking and it was so much fun! I loved looking at the houses and imagining what I would do if it were mine. So exciting! I can't wait for you guys to buy ahouse and then we'll visit and stay. congrats on everything- and why haven't you blogged about the bachelorette yet? love you-

Lizzie said...

yeah, I'm with amy...i love your updates on the bachelorette.

So excited about your wheat grinder, but very bummed that you are spending your grad money on tires. I guess it's nice you have the money to pay for them. right?

love you both.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

So does this mean that you are staying in Idaho? I love you and I am so happy for you that things are coming together for you. I think it is a smart move to get a house and stay with Clay's folks for awhile. You will love having your own place. Take good care and we are thinking of you Love grams


Richard and Allison said...

Hey congrats on graduating. I bet it feels good to be done. Good luck house hunting.

Sharon/mom said...

Yea on all the above!! I am so happy you have your own office and can be a big shot now!! :-) I am glad you like your wheat grinder! The more houses you look at the sooner you will have a house. I love you!!