Sunday, August 2, 2009

I guess it's that time has been CRAZY! But good.

This is pretty much how the past week went down.

Monday...start work.
Tuesday...decide to move in with Clay's parents.
Weds...put our house we are renting up on craigslist...get a billion people who want it, people decide that same day. I pack for a few hours.
Thurs...pack for a few hours after work again.
Fri...take a half day...pack pack pack with Patty, Makayla, and Clayton.
Saturday...move out completely, clean...and be done.
Sunday...last day in our ward.

So we are COMPLETELY moved out, keys given back, all of that and moved into Clay's parents. All our stuff/crap is in Patty and Paul's GINORMOUS garage. It still needs to be organized a bit. But they have a basement where we will be staying in Clay's old bedroom! Also, this entire week I have looked at DEFINITELY well over 100 houses online which have TONS of pics, stats, etc. We have decided on around 20 or so we definitely want to go look at this week if we can. We also want to talk to a building it's been pretty exciting..but we are SO READY to start actually getting IN these houses and seeing what they are REALLY like in person. I am so excited. Clay has been on another researching kick. Can you guess what? Well....Great Danes of course! You know the deal we had right? Once we get a house, we can get a dog. WELL, he has not taken ANY time in getting ready. For those who don't know what great danes are (some of my sisters=) they are mostly known for their ginormous size. This is a pic of one...

We are going to buy a purebreed puppy though, so when we get ours, it will look like this.
You canNOT deny that this dog is cute.
But to give you an idea of how big they can are some CRAZY sized ones I found online...

In the this totally the same area as Anne of Green Gables? Hello? Look at it!

HA! Don't worry...our dog will be trained not to do that to you.

But Clay DID say that all these HUGE ones are probably show dogs that are specifically bred to be big. Ours probably wont be quite as big. But still big. hehe. I am surprisingly SO EXCITED! as I type Clay is talking to a breeder from Utah...we found some that we really want because we REALLY like the way the breeder sounds and stuff. Anyway- Clay has done a TON of research and we pretty much think the Great Dane is the perfect dog for us. Great danes don't bark (unless danger is present), they aren't agressive, they are GREAT family dogs, they don't shed, and they don't need to be exercised a lot. We are so excited.

We have been house/dog sitting for these people. We will be done on Wednesday. They said that we can eat anything we can find. So...they had...key word: HAD, Betty Crocker brownie mixes, 3 to be exact...and we have officially made all 3 of them. Hope they don't mind! BUT, just know we always made them when friends or family were over.

My sister Amy shaved her head. You should look at her blog. I was really nervous for her...but she looks AMAZING! Seriuosly- not a problem. She still looks gorgeous. I am so happy. It was time. Her hair was falling out like crazy...and she couldn't take a shower until it was shaved because it would all fall out if she did. She has been SO brave, and SO positive. I'm pretty sure she has 10 chemo treatments keep prayin for her! She loves packages in the mail = )

so.....the Bachelorette. HELLO! I had no idea people liked my reviews. I LOVED writing them. But sometimes only like...Amy commented it seemed like. So anyway- Ed. Oh Ed. You dear short shorts, tank top wearin man. How I misread your relationship. I totally thought Jillian and Kypton were going to end up. But honestly? I'm really glad they didn't. Why? He NEVER COMMITTED! I feel like he was feeling FORCED to even say "I love you". Yes, he's good looking. Yes, he has a freakin billion pack or whatever. But...he kinda was also...blah. Too cookie cut. Ed, kinda wierd at times, but totally serious, committed, and responsible. I loved watching them. They were SO CUTE! I loved how they were kissing so much and just so happy. So, all in all- I am HAPPYwith the ending. I've always liked Ed. Never obsessed with Reid really. If he becomes the next Bachelor I might barf. But I'll still watch it anyway. I think Michael would be a GREAT bachelor. Not Jake either. That would get really boring, really fast. Speaking of guys who got kicked off...............guys tell all. I wanted to punch the tv in the face. Those guys that were kicked off on like...week two or something? Why were they even there? Better yet...why did they feel like they had to talk THE WHOLE TIME?! They were SO ANNOYING! They acted like they knew what was going on the whole time, which they DIDN'T because they LEFT so flippin EARLY! I just kept wanting to say...HUSH UP! I didn't though.

Anyway------any advice on buying houses? Clay is solely concerned about Square footage. He basically thinks...........the more the better! Obviously it has to be a decent nice house. He really wants a yard with a sprinkler system and a fence. My concerns are..............everything. Kitchen is pretty much top priority. Then everything else. We still havent' decided whether we are more NEW people, or OLD know? This week we will look at houses that were built early 1900's to the 80's to the past few years, to building from start. We'll see!

Well. I'm's time for bed. Till next time.


Kristi M. said...

Wow thing have been busy for you guys. Great Danes are known to be great family dogs. We had friends that had two. We have a lab/bloodhound mix that is pretty much that size. She is huge and fun. You guys will have fun. My dad promised Gunnar a puppy when he gets home since our one dogs dies a while ago. We are pretty sure we are going for a golden retriever. I really wanted a golden or labradoodle but Jeff says no. Anyway, I love your posted about the bachelorette. They had me laughing. I knew that she would go for Ed. Why would she let him come back and keep him around that long if she seriously was not that interested. We'll see if this one sticks. They all say that they are happy and in love and then split.

Jeff and I had one requirement for a house and that was acreage and we live in the city. So apparently that one did not work out. My mom told me, that your dad told her, that you have to at least look at 100 houses first before deciding. That could be on line, in person, drivebys, whatever. We did that. We looked at so many all of those ways. When we looked at our house, we knew instantly that it was the one. There was no question about it. The decision was easy. We had looked at so many, that when we found it, we knew that it had what we wanted. We did change our minds on the acreage finding that it was not necessary right now or ever. Our house was built in 1946. We love it. It has lots of character and lots of storage! Everyone always comments on both because you can't find those in newer houses. They just aren't built the same. Something with newer houses is that you also have to put in the landscaping yourself which could get costly. When looking at older homes, just look past the ugly (if that is what they look like) and imagine all of the possibilities. It is fun. Good luck in all of your searches. Can't wait to see what you find.

*Stephanie Lance* said...

THOSE DOGS ARE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh Danielle are you sure you want one? hahhaha How fun that you guys are looking for a house!!! That is SO cool! Wer're moving to Provo where we will live in our own apartment! I know, i know, it doesn't sounds too exciting but we are SO excited not to live in his parents motor home anymore!!!! I miss you and i love you so so much!!


This is Mike-

Big houses are great and all, but it's not the biggest factor for me. I love a house with a character more than the stale sq. footage. I'm also huge on doing things to the yard and landscape so yard size and workablity is also huge. If you don't like working in and rearranging a yard obviously don't look at one that needs constant maintainance like trees, shrubs, lots of grass unless you plan on cutting the trees down and ripping out the shrubs, but that's a lot of work. I think for me the biggest selling point of a house is the potencial of the yard. The character of the house is a close second.

Megan and Greg said...

My personal opinion is- newer house = newer plumbing and less problems. But that's my own conclusion, based on absolutely no facts at all. And I don't care about square footage. Greg's parents house is ginormous but it only has 2 SERIOUSLY TINY TINY TINY bedrooms. CRAZY. And it's all awkward shaped. I think their house is a RARITY, but my point is . . . it's all about how the space is used. The size and THE ACTUAL SHAPE of the rooms. If it's shaped wierd, it could make it more interesting, or more frustrating to arrange your furniture. Details like that. Think about your couches and desks and envision if it will work, first. I'm sure you're already doing that, but I could see how some people wouldn't think about it. Especially with so many other things to consider. I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking about it!!! Even though, I'm jealous- all the sudden I'm glad it's not me.

Oh by the way Dan- I GOT APPROVED FOR INSURANCE!!! So I'm hoping I'll get pregnant like in 2 weeks! I'm only saying that because the last time it was pretty instant. So I'm just hopin' it will happen again. I guess I'm more excited to tell you because you'll be the other prego in the family this year??? And Lizzie. I keep forgetting.Anyway. I was just excited to tell you.

I can't believe you're making all these decisions! So all the sudden and all together! YIKES!!! But so exciting.

OH YEAH!!! Sorry, this is long. I should've just written an email. THE DOG. Oh man. When I saw a great Dane on your blog. I know how big those things are. Someone in our apts. at Belgium had TWO and the first time I saw them I freaked out inside and seriously felt like they were going to eat me!!! They are SO HUGE!!! But Greg didn't think they were big enough to be Danes. Anyway. Pretty cool for you guys, I guess. I'm glad it won't be dirty. Nothing is worse than a hairy house.



Danielle I'm so excited that your getting a house! I wish I could go looking with you! I love looking! I am like Clay- I like big houses- more room to have specific rooms like "toy room" "workout room" "sewing room" "guest room" etc. Kitchen needs to be huge! and what mike said about teh yard- for you guyts- if it's a big yard- you cuold build your animal house. I'm so excited! loved your bachelorette analysis. I agree, but I liked reid- he sold me when he came back, i wanted her to say yes. thanks for your compliments on my baldness. Really sweet and ncie. I lvoe you-


also- I think of decorating- like- if they have cool rounded entries- or cool molding- etc.

Richard and Allison said...

Hey! That is so exciting. Owning your own home is great. But I will tell you, you already know, the down fall is that when something breaks or goes wrong you have to fix it. There is so land lord. So anyway, big houses are nice, but remember the more you have the more you have to clean. Also I would go with what you like, sometime character. Also make sure you look at everything to make sure there isn't any problems. We love our house but since it was old we did have some plumbing issues. Well good luck!

Travis Wheelwright said...

Hey! Congrats on graduating to the both of you! Sounds like everything is going well. We are doing great here in St. George. We want to make a trip up to rexburg sometime soon so we will let you know. We are so jealous you guys are going to get a great dane! We wish we had a place so we could get one! Thats been braeden's dream dog since who knows when. How fun! Hope you guys are doing good!

Mindy said...

I am one who loved your bachellorette blogs. I didn't even watch it and felt left out that i couldn't comment on them. And houses, doesnt matter new or old because my house looks like it came out of the 70's and that is totally the new style now. And things can be easily changed to make it more you. I thought buy something nice that still has potential to be nicer. I love my old house for all the personal details it has that no other houses around us have. Good luck! It is way exciting and so nerve racking when signing the last papers!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, A new house is really better, as later you will sell this one and want another one, trust me you will, so the resale value on a new house is always better as you make improvements, like finish the basement and do a yard, and other things, so be sure to think about it. Appliances are another thing, as dishwashers and stoves get old and if they are in an old house you need to replace them. Also there are things like the electric wiring and plumbing, that need to get replaced, in an old house it will not appreciate much with the expense of doing these things, and trust me you will, where as in a new house all of the wiring and plumbing has been inspected along with everything else. Plus there is nothing like putting your own dirt in and germs in, instead of having to deal with other peoples. I have lived in lots of houses and I vote to buy a new one. The dog is HUGE and I think they are okay as a breed. They just have to be trained to live with humans. They can be gentle and they are really loving. I love that they don't shed, however they really eat a lot and they all have big vet bills. So be prepared. Your uncle Ed knows a lot about the care of dogs so if you run into a problem call him and he will help you. Also make good friends with the breeder as they are always a good source of advice. Hugs and kisses grams

Emily and Francisco said...

I just read a book about a great Dane so I am in love with them too! Congrats on the dog and the house! That is so exciting and such a big step in your lives! I want a dog too, but we got a baby instead. I suppose that is just as good! haha jk. It's definitely just as good.