Thursday, August 6, 2009

CRAZY crazy crazy

First off, this is the very puppy we are getting sometime around August 23rd.

Isn't he cute?!?!?! We are so excited! We are going to name him "Leonidus". Can you guess who decided on that name? Yep, none other than the husband. We will call him "Leo" though. Clay wanted to name him Leonidus after the spartan king or something like that. Anyway- he's small right now, but don't you worry- he will grow fast! Clay's parents are cool with us bringing the puppy in their house until we move out! Clay was grinning...and absolutely ECSTATIC after we found out we were getting him. It's really cool- the breeders have this blog where they show the growth of the puppy from the time they are born so that the owners have picture from their whole life!

Well....we've been house shopping like CRAZY! So many houses. So many. So many that are nice, so many that smell like cat pee. So many that are built awesome, so many that are like...uh...what? You are pricing this at WHAT?! Yeah. Right. As of right now, I am pretty sure I am drop dead inlove with a house that was built in 1928, and is right down the street from Clay's parents =) it's so funny. We've been looking EVERYWHERE- but we keep finding houses by Clay's parents that we like. Anyway- it is just CHALK FULL of character, storage, loveliness. Everything. I just love it. Clay loved it and wanted to put an offer until we talked to a building development...where we would build BRAND NEW for titch more than the older house (Same size except bigger *unfinished* yard, and unfinished basement). Now he is all for new houses...but tomorrow he is going and looking at some "short sales" and maybe forclosures or something. Clay is in such a hurry, as always. At one point he even said, "Hun, I want us to have made a decision by the end of the week"...he just always does things so quickly. So do I...I guess. I mean, we both graduated in 3.5 years...we just like to get things going I guess. Anyway- we are still looking....still thinking...I don't know how much I like house looking. It is just a big stress to me. Plus I'm working full time, then doing houses all's tiring. Clay hasn't started his job yet, so he isn't really as affected I don't think. I can't wait till he starts working. Neither can he. August 17th.

So.....that's basically been our life. We are all moved out, all moved in to Clay's parents. Sleeping in the basement. Speaking of moved...I still need to change some addresses............ughhh. Sometimes it would just be SO nice to have a magic owl. You would never have to fill out change of address forms because the owl would just know where to go! If only we were all witches and wizards. Life could be so much easier. But, I'm sure there's a reason we aren't. = )

Uhmmmmmmmmmmm that's all I can think of for now. Sorry...pretty boring.



That is so exciting!Iw ant to see pics of teh house! The dog is so cute- I think that's exciting too. i love you and miss you.

Heidi said...

Your dog is so adorable, puppies are the best! Good luck on the house hunt -- I never really enjoyed it either and we pretty much ended up skipping the whole searching thing and ended up going straight to building. I love having a new home, but they definitely don't come with as much built in storage as older homes. Word of warning: an unfinished yard and a large breed dog equals LOTS of dust and dirt unless you keep them outside all of the time. Hurley gets to sleep inside, so I deal with a lot of dust and it's just starting to get a little better now that we have grass coming in.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I left my comment on the earlier blog. love grams

Alisha and Braeden said...

good choice on the great dane! we've been dreaming of getting one for a while now. now we have a reason to come visit! haha just kidding

Megan and Greg said...

Ok, Danny, where the heck are your grad pics?? HEllo???

Penny Cluff said...

I thought I could never live my life without a horse. I have managed, but I realized when I looked at your pics, I could have got a dog like yours. I think they are about the same size. Have fun and good luck on the new house. We still talk about our first house. You will always remember it no matter how fancy they get after that. Oh, yeah, cute dog and cute couple.