Thursday, June 4, 2009


will be the death of me.
No...SCRATCH english class...will be the death of me. Now I know it wont physically kill me...but emotionally? mentally? mmmmmmmM...Yeah.

Robert Frost.

Why does everyone in my class heart him? His poems make no more sence to me than any other poem. I just finished reading...12 poems and think that I MIGHT understand one of them. And this is a HUGE attempt at understanding. I seem to understand them after my teacher tells us what it means...or what he THINKS it means...but before he breaks it down readers digest style, it is all like...OVER THE HEAD. I pray I pass this class.

Amy- I admire you. Your analytical skills must be sky high compared to mine. I can't believe you take these classes all the time!!!

P.S. Don't forget to check my last post- this is my second post today...the first one was way cooler.



hahah. That's funny. I'm sorry it's so hard for you and driving you crazy. You're almost done, and then you'll never have to take another english class again! Thanks for admiring me, this is going to sound really concieted, but I think alot of people under estimate my major, English is a lot of work, alot of reading, alot of dissecting the text. Thanks for appreciating me! I could never do your major! Yowsa! Isn't it wierd how we both are so different in school? we are really different in the mind- haha.


I've got to know, what poems are you reading of his? - love you-

Sharon/mom said...

that is so funny. I have never been a poetry person either. I have wanted to take poetry to see if I can get it. Love you!