Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good News

I am well again. Back to health.

Now I just need to clean our kitchen...

it is FILTH!

Also.....................I have officially decided I am FOR SURE going for the CPA License. It'll be a toughy...but I just know I can do it.

I'm hungry. I've eaten a few brownies...and a bannana....and a few chips today. It's a wonder how I got sick huh? Don't worry....I usually eat more- it's just that our kitchen is a STY, I haven't made bread since I've been sick so there just isn't anything I could whip up.....tomorrow's the day.

I read "Of Mice and Men" for the first time. Sad book. Good though. But tragic.

Aight. I'm off. Cya!

PS- did you notice my new countdown gadget? Now you will always know how many days until we graduate = ) I know you guys have been dying to know.


Megan and Greg said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I didn't realize, or just forgot, you were graduating so soon! Wow! All done! And you CPA! Wow. I guess another year for the babies, huh? It will go by fast. And it is wise. That way it's a done deal and you won't need to go back to school for it. I never noticed your graduation countdown. I noticed the others, and that your HP countdown is SO WRONG. What a wonderful day that WOULD be though. Graduate, go see HP. Couldn't be better than that, huh? Anyway. I'm glad your well. Now I'M sick. Have fun with Mom and Dad and graduation.

Sharon/mom said...

Dad is going to be sooooo excited he won't be able to contain himself! You can absolutely do it!!! You are one of the more capable people I know. I am glad you are getting better. The countdown is cool! :-) I love you!!!