Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bachelorette........what an idiot.

1. Jillian, I officially diagnose you with idiocy. Look it up. It's quite simple to understand. The definition may or may not go like this: YOU GAVE UP JAKE?! Seriously...what were you thinking?! I really hope that you come back to your senses and take him back next week...not to mention...believe HIM over that filth, Wes...which brings me to....

2. Wes, are you for reals? Did you really just admit on national television that you came on the show not to fall in love, but to fool an innocent nice girl like Jillian, and get publicity for your band? First, that is RUDE. Second, you are an IDIOT for admiting this to the world! Guess what? Clay and I would NEVER buy your cd, simply for the fact that you are a JERK and a FAKE! We really don't like you. I really hope Jillian isn't fooled until the end, where she will get her heart shattered to PIECES!

3. Jake, you are the bomb-dot-com. I see what you're planning to do next week, and that takes GUTS and MANLIHOOD! Just to show the love we have for you, I quote my dear husband who said , "Jillian just ruined the show, she is so stupid." when you got kicked off.

4. Michael, please don't cry. If you want to convince us that you aren't 15, which is really hard to believe sometimes, please don't cry when other MEN leave. Don't you realize this is a GOOD thing? Robbie wasn't even that cool.

5. Jesse, do you even exist? I'm not positive that you do. Every episode, I find myself saying to Clay, "Who is that guy?" Once he tells me you are Jesse, I say, "Oh yeah...what is he like again?" You just don't really do much. If you want to stick around, liven up please.

6. Kypton, unless you do something VERY wrong...I think you are a slam-dunk shot. She is obsessed with you. No complaints so far.

7. Reed. You are funny. I like that you are imperfect and picky. However, I see you leaving soon. You just don't fit much.

Again, reality tv is brilliant. Once you start, it is so hard to stop.

I am bored. The accounting lab is boring. My homework is boring. That's really all I have to say about that.

So...sad news. Michael Jackson is gone. As in...he is dead. This actually makes me slightly sad. I know he kinda acted like he was drinking crazy juice every day....but he was just one of those people I assumed would be around forever. Oh well...I am happy to know that hopefully he is working on being healthy and sane again. I'm wierd, I know. I just really do think about these things....you know...Michael Jackson in the after-life. I'm sure he's happier now...

Aight...lab is about closed. Hope you enjoyed all my rants on the entertainment/materialistic world.


Megan and Greg said...

MICHEAL JACKSON DIED?!!!!! I just looked on Youtube and there were all these videos of him featured, I thought that was random. I guess not. Crazy. I'm gonna have to look this up. Sad. I always loved him too.

Jenni said...

danielle you're freaking hilarious! And I must agree with you, I'm very sad about Michael Jackson! He was an icon for us music and dancing lovers!!!

AMEN SISTER... reality TV ROCKS!! And I love that you actually post about it! hahahaha!!

Love you!


danielle this post is hilarious! You sound like a review in a magazine- but a good one! i can't even telly ou what my favorite part is, because all of it was so good- jesse existing- michael crying- and jillian being idiodic. Michael jackson- first of all I have to say I laughed when I read megan's comment that she didnt' know- it just seems to fit, it seem slike she always finds everything otu last. And I totally agree. I have thought about how he is in the after life, and how I feel like the lord will be really merciful on him because he had an awful childhood. I'm glad he's free, and in a better place, even if he has to do some repenting, he has to be happier there than here. I love you!