Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm bored.

Here is a GREAT recipe. Gotta shout out to me dear sister Rebecca, who gave me her very own made cookbook, which had this recipe in it. LOVE IT! Way easy. Way yummy. As always...right? Recipe instructions to come on Chef Danielle.

Easy Parmesan Chicken

Well...what have we been up to? The norm. Boring ol' school. Let me give you the basic outline of my are thrilled, I know.

1. American Realism. Have any of you read "Travels with Charley"? If you haven't, PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! It is the most BORING book I've ever read in my LIFE! Seriously- if you've read it, and like it? Please, shed some light upon my almost dead mind as to WHY this book is considered "classic".

2. Accounting Information Systems. You are about as exciting as you sound. I can do your homework. I understand it. However, it is so freaking boring that I just can't bring myself to finish the assignment. I know I eventually will...but it is so BORING that I just don't WANT to.

3. Cost Accounting. Right now we are discussing process costing. Need I say more? The end.

4. Corporate Finance. Are you kidding me? Are you really attempting to challenge my mind (She says ever so humbly)? Professor that tries to be funny all the time and says and acts out the SAME jokes EVERY class, do you really expect any of us to continue the courteous laugh? It's getting OLD! Please stop making me feel awkward and secondhand embarrassed for you. And PLEASE stop pretending this class is interesting...because it is NOT! I don't think it ever will be.

5. Advanced Clothing Construction. Thank you for your existence. Without you, I'd be dead. Not really, but this semester would probably stink like rotten eggs without you. I just made pants in your class, and they rock.

6. Home Decor sew. I am learning a lot of things from you, but you take things a LITTLE too slow. No. More like A LOT too slow. I am bored.

I don't think I can explain in words QUITE how excited I am to GRADUATE! We only have like...a month and a half I think. I know that is SO CLOSE, but I know how many assignments, tests, and projects I have it kind of looks far to me. Ugh. The life of a student. Lovely. I know. I'm a whiny brat. Ungrateful. That's okay. I'll be grateful enough one of these days. I'm sure I'll write a big ol' post come July 23rd all about how grateful I am for my education. I AM grateful. I thank Heavenly Father ALL THE TIME for this. It is one of my greatest prides in life (I have no idea if that was grammatically correct...Dad?). I think I'm just tired. Ready to start a family and be a mom. Ready for life that isn't measured in semesters.

On a lighter and shallower note, we've sunk back to our sillier selves and cought up on the Bachelorette. Oh, this show is brilliant. Really, it is. They really know how to hook you. I was hemming my pants this weekend (catch-stitch), and they are a REALLY wide leg, so it was going to take a while. So as to not make myself insane, I wanted to watch something while doing it. I finally decided to watch the Bachelorette online. So you know, got hooked within the first...15 minutes probably? By the time I got to the 3rd episode, Clay had listened to enough that he was hooked too, so we watched the 3rd and 4th episodes together. It was fun. What can I say? We love shallow things. A few holla!'s to the bachelors:


You scare me. Really. You do. I am just kinda grateful that there are probably security guards around to keep you from bringing in a knife or a gun...otherwise, I think Juan would be dead. Really. I read an interview that you did, and I couldn't help but hear the song, "Blame it on the A-a-a-a-a-alchohol, blame it on the a-a-a-..." as else can I say it? Blamed it all on the alchohol. A bit of wisdom for you: all other men were in the same situation as you, and had the same access to the alcohol...please just get some help.

I'm not gonna lie, you've got a good voice...but I'm getting a little...or a LOT sick of the beginning of that nice lil romantic jig that goes, "And theyyy sayyy love, it don't come eeaassayyyy" there any more after that? I'm really starting to think there's not. Something about you makes me uneasy. For some reason Jillian is smitten, and I really hope the truth comes out, which it looks like it's gonna...because you are just shady. Clay and I BOTH feel it.

Tanner P.
I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The only reason Jillian kept you this week is because she wants a NAME. If it weren't for your little confession last week, I think Juan might still be there, and you not. Something about you reminds me of Andy Bernard off of the Office...and you really creep me out when you talk about feet. Which means you basically creep me out all the time, because that is ALL you talk about. I honest to goodness think you have mental issues that need to be sorted out. You must have something missing in your life, because you are obviously trying to fill it with feet...I don't have high hopes for you and Jillian.


Will you chill out? Please? All your obnoxious screaming is starting to make you look like you are 14. That's all.


Are you Denny Duquette? I think you are. But Denny is dead. Half of you don't know who Denny is.

Anyway- I just had to get that out of my system. Clay wont let me talk during the show...and he's not quite obsessed like I am enough to talk about it when we aren't watching.

I better do something before I go to bed. CYA!

PS. Did you guys hear about that blogger who faked this huge story about giving birth to a critically ill child and then it dying?'s crazy. Look here for story.


Megan and Greg said...

Hmmm . . . so you don't like ANY of the guys on bachelor? They're all too muscley. People don't really look like that. But I know, you can't watch those shows a second without getting hooked. I absolutely hate them, but if I watch one moment, suddenly I'm watchin' it every night. But I really do hate the concept. No one's going to find their true love in a group of 12. It has that one in a million chance, but c'mon, how often does that one in a million happen??? Just once, and this probly isn't it. It should be a dating show, not a "let's get engaged- or not show" that's just dumb to have the option.

Glad you're almost done with school. That will be great. Your school does sound boring, but atleast it's not that hard- right? That would be worse. It will soon be over. That's how I'm feeling about work. 3 more weeks and then I'm done. I am definitely counting down the days. Alright. Buh bye!

Kristi M. said...

That was just hilarious. The entire rundown of the show. I have yet to watch an episode. I usually tune in just for the entertainment factor but not this time. So what was the blog story all about. I didn't hear that one.

Chad and Jessica said...

Thanks for the actually really relaxed me. I loved how you wrote about your classes, as if you were talking about was so funny...and that teacher who tries too hard to be This may sound weird but the line you wrote, about a life not measured in semesters, is brilliant. It really got me thinking...what is my life measured days? Working for the weekend? However many days 'til vacation...or however many days til i'm done working I said, very thought provoking. Can you tell how much I love my job? LOL
Way to go with school, I'm really happy you have that sewing class too. : )

Patty said...

The chicken looks delicious. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the pants that you made. Great commentary on the classes that you are taking. You always put a smile on my face with your blog. have a great week. love you. bye now.

Lizzie said...

danielle I was laughing through this entire blog, (oh- this is Amy at Lizzie's) This blog just made me laugh so much, from your classes down to the bachelors- you are such a good writer. You are so talented, it's like- you have the right and left brain- and I only have the one- (whichever one it is?.....) I love you and miss you- oh and the interview- oh my gosh- was hilarious- what a fake- I think he is a creep with and without alcohol. WES- I totally think he is the one that has a girlfriend, and I think that he is just promoting his music, did you see the previews for next week? He admits that- he says "hey I figure, promote a little on tv" or something like that- Tanner- no need to say anything more. I love you! good luck in school- you're almost done!

Kami said...

Hey, are you guys both graduating? How have you been doing? I'm glad I'm not the only nerd who has HP and New Moon count downs on their blog! Yours are cooler than mine though! Well, good luck with the last bit of school!