Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quit Work...andddd other randomness

Well, I realized today it's been about 2 weeks since I've posted! That's probably a record for me! I'm sure you figured out that I quit work from the title! Well, it's true. It was Clay's idea actually. I really haven't been getting to work that much- we only get paid of there is work to do. It's not exactly hourly. We bill companies, so if we have no work from companies, I don't get paid. The thing is, we weren't getting any work! But I was still going to work, hanging around waiting to see if work would come, to just go home and have wasted a few hours doing nothing. Even with coming home early, I was majorly stressed because my life became: school, work, homework, bed. Over and over again. It was getting to be a little stressful. So, we decided the best thing would be for me to quit! I am so happy. Now I have time to really focus on school, AND have time to keep up the house and do some things for myself!

School: it's going great! I think. None of my teachers think that telling their students their grades is cool or something. I swear. I have no idea how I'm doing in most of my classes because my teachers have simply not let me know! Usually they have grades posted online, or hand back assignments or tests or whatever! But nothing! Oh well. I think I'm doing well. I am enjoying all my classes. I feel like I'm learning a LOT, which is good. I am loving my sewing class. All we've done is made a pillowcase and we are almost done with pajamas. But the thing I love is that it is distilling in me good habits that mom always taught me whenever we sewed something-but I was always too frustrated and never quite believed her that I had to iron everything, or had to pin everything before I sewed it. For some reason I believe it now, and I really really enjoy sewing! Sorry mom, I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings. I know your an amazing seamstress, and I've always known that- and my teacher is teaching me EVERYTHING the same exact way you taught me, but for some reason (probably because I was just a rushed teen, and you are my mom) I never really got it until now. But now I want a surger SO BAD! I am going to as my teacher how often they replace the surgers in the classroom (because they have really updated stuff I think) and see if they sell them when they replace them. Anyway, it's great fun.

So I've mentioned this before- but it's official. Both of our cameras DIED! At the exact same time! How do these things happen??!! They were both working absolutely fabulously, and then suddenly died when the batteries were fresh, or fully charged, and after we'd taken like 5 pictures. Seriously. So Clay, my tech mastermind husband that he is, found that Circuit City will buy electronics from you for the parts. So we wont be getting MUCH for them, but at least we wont be trashing them in the dumpster for NOTHING! I was so happy to hear that. BUT, my whole point here is to say- we have no camera! Which is very unfortunate because I need to show you guys so many things! My pillowcase I made, Bruce, and everything else in my life! Oh well. Someday we'll have one.


So Patty and Paul took some time off to go to this awesome cabin in Island Park, which I will discuss in a bit, for a few days. They didn't want to leave Makayla alone, so she came and spent the night with us! We showed her around campus (we showed her the little statutes where we officially became engaged and many other places), got pizza, and saw THE DARK KNIGHT! Yowsa. Was that a ride. So I was a little nervous to see it. Clay absolutely LOVED IT! Of course. Why would I ever think otherwise? I....well...lets just say, I'm not exactly looking to see it again. There's no doubt that the acting was absolutely SUPERB, and the action and actual movie was just plain well done. However, it was just kind of wierd. I'll put it this way- when i went to bed that night, and yesterday and today, I think about it alot, but I don't get scared. I'm not scared at all that the joker or two-face is going to come and kill me. I just keep thinking, what did all that mean? It was just a lot of random creepy/wierdness. I guess I'm still processing it. I would never recommend it to my sisters or my mom. Also, it wasn't so much disturbing images (don't get me wrong- there were some of those) but just disturbing dialogue. The theater was PACKED! It was friday night, and it was the first night it came to the cheap know, the college kids were all over that. In front of us were two girls that every time batman did something cool, they squeeled and clapped a couple times. It was kind of annoying. Then there was some guy pretty close to us, that was quite the opposite. Everytime the JOKER did something cruel and unusual, and killed a lot of innocent people, he yelled, "YEAH, THAT WAS AWESOME!" No joke. The entire crowd was silent everytime he did this. I wondered if he was some distant relative of the joker.

Anyway- the next day we went to the cabin that Patty and Paul were staying at with Patty's sister and husband. The cabin was crazy cool. The woman hand painted EVERYTHING! Walls, ceilings, toilets (yes, toilets), columns- it was awesome. There was so much detail- incredible. Words and pictures really can't describe it. While they played Wii, Makayla and I watched My best friends wedding in one of the bedrooms, and then we all watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Oh, how I love that movie. I've decided I need to rent and see all of those old timey musicals/dancing movies. I don't know how many of you know this, but I kid you not- White Christmas is probably in the top 5 for my all time favorite movies. I LOVE that kind of singing and dancing. By the way- AMY- the whole time we were watching 7 brides for 7brothers I kept thinking of you- especially the scene where the brothers are singing in the snow and that one brother is swinging around the axe almost chopping off is foot. I was laughing so much....Well, anyway- then we came home...hung out a bit, went to bed...and had a relaxing day. I made peanut butter swirl brownies, to die for.

Well- if you've made it this far...I know it's not always easy or fun to read big long posts with no pictures. I don't expect you all to read. I love you all! I hope you had a good conference weekend. I didn't get a chance to hear the second session of saturday. I am going to watch it tomorrow. I am so excited. I don't know how many of you read my blog, and I know that I read many people's blogs that dont' know I read them (that may sound stockery- but I promise it isn't) so I wouldn't be surprised if some people read mine without my knowing it. That being said, I want everyone to know that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the truest church on this earth. I know it is Christ's church and I know it's teachings are true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true and living prophet and that he receives revelation from and speaks with God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and I know that if you read it, and follow Moroni's instructions at the end of the book, you will know it's true. I also know that the Bible is a true book. I know that prayer works and that Heavenly Father listens to everyone. I know that Christ lives and I know that He atoned for all of our sins, big and small, and that if we repent, and lean upon Him, we will be forgiven and feel of His love for us. I am imperfect and have so many things to work on in this life, but I know that as long as I keep trying, I will be okay. I do not say these things lightly, I really do know these things from many, many experiences that have shown me these things. I am not saying this to be preachy, or sound arrogant, or any of those things. Simply, I feel it would be selfish not to share what I know with anyone that reads this blog in case it could help them come to the same knowledge. If by any slight chance anyone reads this and has questions about any of it- go to You will find many answers there. I love you all! That is why I shared this. If anything has made me happy in life, it has been because of the gospel.



Sharon/mom said...

Well, to start with I laughed as soon as you talked about your sewing teacher and learning that what I taught you was important. It didn't hurt my feelings at all!! I thought it was sooooo funny!

Next I am glad you said what you did about the Black Knight. Amy basically said the same thing, except not about us not watching it. So now between the reaction of the two of you and my total lack of desire to watch any batman movie, I won't see it.

I'm glad you had fun at the cabin and got to see lots of great movies.

Last and most important, your testimony touched me deeply. someday when you have a daughter or son bear their testimony as strongly as you did you will know what I am feeling right now. It is truly the best gift you can give me! I love you sooo much and can't wait to see your projects.

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Glad to hear you had a good weekend. I enjoyed your testimony as well. I also love the old musical as Patty can attest to that is what I used to watch a kid all the time they are my favorites. ilove you guys, sorry to hear about your camera's that really stinks.

Lizzie said...

Thank you for your testimony. I loved reading it.

It sounded fun to watch those movies. I LOVE White Christmas. It's one of my favorites as well.

So sorry that both of your cameras broke. I would DIE! I'm sure Clay will find some great deal somewhere, don't you think? Or I guess Christmas is coming up.

Megan and Greg said...

Hey, I read just about everything, except I think you bore your testimony. I used to always skim your posts 'cause I didn't have the patience, which is ridiculous because we were long distance then, but now that I'm here I feel so much farther away from everybody so I always read everything of yours now. That is so funny about batman. In our crowd everyone was SO LOUD!!!!! We saw it opening week with a gift certificate. There were two guys next to us who would say, "That's so awesome" anytime batman did something cool. Yeah, it was awesome (the movie) but INTENSE and psycho- just a one time watch, if even that. Glad you quit your job. What a waste of time. That's the worst. Interesting cabin. Good idea about asking about sergers, don't forget to do that. LOVE YOU!!!! I'm glad you're getting a camera. I'm missing the pictures.


Oh Danyelli, that was so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your tesitmony since I never get to hear it. You have a very strong testimony, and you didn't sound preachy or arrogant or anything at all! OK- 7 brides for 7 brothers- that is so funny I started laughing when you talked about the snow seen hahhaaa. That's cool you got to stay in a cool cabin, I'd love to see all the painting the lady did, I bet it wsa so cool! I have to go now and get some things done! I love you!


hahhaha- I just read mom's comment- I haven't seen the black night- so I don't know what she's talking abouT! ha! but I'm glad you said what you said about it because I wondered if i tmight mess wiht my head- I know that THe Joker in real life wsa really depressed and really anxious in REAL LIFE while playing it, because he was trying to REALLY play the part well, sounds like it worked! I love you-

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, I loved the testimony, and I am grateful that yours is so strong. Not preachy at all. I love the rest of the blog also and especilly the part about sewing, the reason your mom laughed, is I don't know how many times I taught her something,before she was 16, she usually didn't pay a lot of attention, but after she went away to college, I became very smart. It is the way we are I think. Your mom like you was a very strong and obedient girl. It is funny!!! I am glad you quit your job, it is much more fun to have a little time to do some of the things we want to do. I am glad you are liking sewing, and do check into the serger, as it would be great to have one. I sometimes think of buying one myself. I love you so much grandma