Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well, we got a turtle! Or, more correctly, Clay got a turtle for his birthday:) We have 2 digital cameras, and of course, both of them don't work! SO- great. Anyway, she's pretty cool. You know what we named her? Rosemary. Sounds familiar? Yep, that's right- we named her after our beloved fish that died many moons ago. It's funny. We mentioned to each other Rosemary right when we got it, but were like...ohhhh we should name her something else...and we fought it and fought it, for DAYS! Saying: well...what should we name her? We tried many names...none fit. Finally we decided to let our gaurd down and simply let her be Rosemary. Both of us instantly knew it was the right thing! It's funny, it just feels right:) Anyway- she is half water, half land. So...we have ANOTHER tank in our tiny tiny apartment. I must admit, the turtle is very silly and very funny to watch. When we put her on the floor, she tries SO hard to escape to whatever we've blocked her out of. She is really shy so far. Everytime we walk up to the tank she hurries and swims under this piece of wood we have in there to hide. She's sruprisingly super fast. I told Clay she looks like a boy, but he said they all do.

Well...tomorrow I get to go back to work....lovely. Not. Weekends are so much more enjoyable now that I don't have HOMEWORK hanging over my head. It is just so much harder to go back to mondays because weekends are just so wonderful.

By the way- Clay went paintbaling, and didn't come back dead. I say that only slightly sarcastic. Paintballing involves running, jumping, crouching on the ground, constant movement (on uneven, rocky, woodsy ground). He came home with a HUGE smile on his face, telling me EVERY detail of EVERY situation, and when he got up to walk around the apartment, guess what? No limping. He simply looked like a 23 year old man that had just had the time of his life. The next day, no limping again. He said his muscles were a little sore, but joints...nope! I mean, he said he could feel it a little, but come on, do you remember what it was like? Probably not because you don't live with us-most of you. But I'll give you an example. This last new years eve, we went bowling with Clay's family- halfway through the game, he was limping to the bowling line to throw the ball. He stopped sitting down because getting up and getting down was too much effort for his body, so he just stood standing so he could get back up. BOWLING used to kill him. I'm NOT exaggerating. I used to feel guilty asking him to take the garbage out, because that meant him going all the way down the stairs, and all the way back up again- because that alone, caused him to have to rest and caused him pain. All I'm saying is: I am so grateful and still in awe, that just months ago- doing what Clay did- paintballing, would probably have him laying in bed all day the next day, but it didn't! He was happy, and completely able to walk, talk, and be SANE! How wonderful! We are truly blessed.

Well anyway. Our oven is broken. Surprised? I think not. I've lived in this apartment long enough to realize that EVERYTHING must break before we move out. Have no fear though, it's FIXABLE. Dangit. I wish it was broken for good, THEN we could get a new OVEN. No no. It's just the bottem element thing. Thank GOODNESS, our owner will be here TOMORROW to fix it. So unfortunate that I can't bake cookies tonight...

We only have 3 weeks left of break before we get to go back to school! I have a mix of emotions with that. 1) I will only work 3 days a week (still making 20 hours) BUT it will probably be harder because school+work=horociousness...soooo jury's out on how exactly I feel about THAT. 2) I am quite enjoying no homework and being able watch LOADS of LOST after work with Clay-guilt free. 3) I kind of just want to start school again simply because getting graduated is #1 priority right now and I CAN'T WAIT! till I have that diploma in my hand, and Clay's; and the sooner we are onto bigger and better things than COLLEGE LIFE, the better. 4) School is so so hard, and I really am not excited to face that. 5) BYU-Idaho is a great place, and the atmosphere is nice. 6) School=honor code=no flip flops or shorts or capries=kinda stinky.............................................................................................................................THAT, is where I'm at right now when it comes to only 3 weeks left of break:)

Speaking of LOST. It's so stinking crazy! We are on the 3rd season. I can't even believe some of the things they pull on this crazy show. We just can't figure it out!

I've had a great desire to dance lately. I decided I might look up all the NSYNC and Britney Spears old I did it again, Tearin up my heart, all the ones Jenni and I learned and RE-learn them. 1) I think it would be GREAT exercise:) 2) I think it would be GREAT fun! I know, I know, I am a COMPLETE dork. But...I've accepted it:)

Alright, love you all. BYE!


Paul & Patty said...

We had a great time with you going out to dinner for Clayton's Birthday and turtle shopping. I think that he always wants a new pet just because down deep he would love to have a dog which is impossible right now in this time of your life. I really think that Rosemary really fits the new turtle. She is pretty cool. I also love to see Clayton being able to do the activities of other people his age without all of the pain. There is an amazing difference in his health and he truly has received a miracle in his life with the discovery of his illness. Have a great week and I will see you on Friday. Love you both. bye now.


Happy birthday Clay! That is so cool you have a new turtle! And so interactive, not just sitting there like a statue. Awesome! I'm so glad Clay is doing better and can do teh things he loves to do. I am so happy for both of you. LOST: uhhhh we have 4 episodes left until the 3rd season. It is so crazy!!!! When will the madness stop! School, you are so close to being done I'm so happy for you!!!! That sucks you have to work and go to school but that's all the less debt you'll have so that's wonderful. You are an amzing worker. I love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Great post, and happy b-day to you Clay. I think it is great that Clay has been so blessed to have his body heal like that. What a wonderful thing the human body is and it it wonderful when we can have fun when we are only 23 and should be able to. I am glad you have a new pet, and that you can call her after the fish, I think that is a great name for a turtle. Much love grandma

Dad said...

I really enjoyed your visit out here. I'm happy Clay is feeling very much improved. That is wonderful. Congratulations on the addition of Rosemary to your family. By the sounds of things, you two are going to be the "pet" people of the family.
I love you guys.

Alisha and Braeden said...

Thats cool you got a turtle! I bet Clay was happy. Brittany said she was cute and its just a baby. Wish we were there to see it!

Sharon/mom said...

Great blog. I had a turtle once, they can crawl out of there bowls if you are not careful!!! That is funny about the naming thing. I am glad you are having a good time. When you get done with lost call me! So sad about your oven!

That is sooooo great about Clay. Miracles still exist!

WHat do you want me to do with all the cds you left? Do you want me to put them in with your stuff?
love you!!!!!